Andy Grammer tells Entertainment Tonight that he is seeking advice on how to be the best father for his soon-to-be-born daughter. “I’m really, genuinely excited. And I’ve been asking, like, just before we started, I ask every woman I meet, ‘Tell me one thing that your dad did awesome, one thing he could have done […]

FONSECA MUSIC NEWS 06/06/17 claims Taylor Swift is falling for her new boyfriend Joe Alwyn.A source tells the site: “She loves how laid back and non-Hollywood Joe is, how chill and cool — even though he’s an actor, he’s totally not into ‘the scene.’ Taylor also loves his sense of humor, and she’s a sucker for a British […]


The Huffington Post claims Alec Baldwin Tweeted advice to Kathy Griffin on Friday. He wrote: “No 1 believes u meant 2 threaten Trump. Trump is such a senile idiot, all he has is Twitter fights. ignore him. Like the leaders of all the other countries in the world. Ignore him. Roseanne Barr went nuclear on […]

FONSECA MUSIC NEWS 06/02/17 claims Fergie has left the Black Eyed Peas. Perez Hilton quotes him as saying: “As for replacing, what people know The Black Eyed Peas to be, nobody is replacing Fergie. She’s working on her solo project at the moment, we’re on this brand-new experience, celebrating 20 years of Black Eyed Peas putting out music. […]


E! News claims Selena Gomez is in love with The Weeknd. A source tells the site: “She is head over heels in love with Abel. This relationship is very different than the one she had with [Justin] Bieber. This love is very mature and she is in a different head space now. She has really […]