ENJOY YOUR THURSDAY: ON THE SHOW WE TALKED GOERGE CLOONEY, TOP STORIES AND THE HEAT!! claims George Clooney’s twins have made him emotional. A source tells the site: “George would seriously lay down his life in a heartbeat for Alexander and Ella, and even now, when he looks at them snuggled up, he is overcome with emotion and brought to the verge of tears. George feels this overwhelming sense of comfort and joy whenever he holds the twins, and he can seriously spend hours just watching them sleep. When George talks about the twins he always has this huge beaming smile, and even sounds a little choked-up at times.”

Survey: “Do you know a rough and tumble man that had kids and then became a softie? If so, describe the hilarious transformation? What silly things or moments make him cry?”


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– claims ”Jerry Springer: The Opera’‘ is set for an Off-Broadway debut later this year. The show will include ballads and guest fights
– TMZ claims Corinne Olympios’ boyfriend Jordan has no plans to break up with her even though she allegedly had relations with DeMario Jackson on the set of Bachelor in Paradise. He does not believe she cheated

– The NY Post claims Donald Trump’s net worth has fallen from $3 billion to $2.9 billion in the past year.
The $100 million loss is being blamed on three Manhattan skyscrapers that are not generating as much money as Donald would like.



Woman Wins Lottery Helps Hubby Retire: A Michigan woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was recently out running errands when she purchased a scratch-off lottery ticket. The ticket was a $300,000 winner.

The woman tells the Michigan Lottery that her 61 year-old husband will be able to retire sooner than he planned. “My husband works very hard and every day he asks me: ‘Do I have to go to work today? I’m going to surprise him when he gets home today and tell him he’ll be able to retire sooner now that I’ve won this big prize.”

What Constitutes Cheating

A new survey by Superdrug Online reveals that 84% of people say kissing someone other than your partner is cheating. Other findings:

– 66% of people say spooning with someone other than your partner is cheating

– 64% of people say cuddling with someone other than your partner is cheating

– 61% of people say getting emotionally close to someone other than your partner is cheating

– 48% of people say hand-holding with someone other than your partner is cheating

– 56% of people say sleeping in the same bed with someone other than your partner is cheating

Selfie Survey

A new survey by CyberLink reveals that 61% of people take three or more selfies before posting the right one on social media. Other findings:

– 2% of people take 25 or more selfies before posting the right one on social media

– 51% of people have taken a bathroom mirror selfie

– 25% of people have taken a selfie while on the toilet







Alone Time

A new survey by Dairy Queen reveals that 70% of parents say they prefer a sweet treat when they are stressed out. Other findings:

– 50% of parents feel half of every day belongs to someone else

– dad’s are slightly more stressed than moms

– 37% of parents have hid in their closet so they could have some alone time for themselves

Phone Use Annoying

A new survey by Grazia magazine reveals that 95% of women get annoyed when somebody answers a phone during a meal. Other findings:

– 64% of women get annoyed when a friend or partner answers the phone during a night out

– 68% of women say smartphone use has ruined quality time with family and friends.

Dear Fonseca:

My boyfriend recently proposed. We have started discussing our wedding plans and are talking about having a cash bar. He wants to pocket the money from the bar and use it for our honeymoon and home repairs. I told him having a cash bar is tacky. He disagrees and says it’s good business even if it’s our wedding. My boyfriend’s brother thinks the cash bar is a brilliant idea. Can you ask your audience who they side with – me or him?


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