Ten Things Grown Men Should Never Wear

According to, here are ten things grown men should never wear.  Most guys have at least one of these in their closet . . .

1.  Anything with flames on it.


2.  Really wide ties.  They haven’t been fashionable since the mid-’90s.  Thinner ties are more in fashion now.


3.  Tie-dye shirts.


4.  Cargo pants or shorts.  Which is debatable, since a LOT of guys still wear them.


5.  Jeans with a ton of embroidery on the back.


6.  Belts with metal studs.  They’re for angry teenagers and punk rockers, sorry.


7.  Shirts you’d ONLY wear to a club.  If you’re a grown man, your REGULAR dress shirts should be good enough to go out in.


8.  Fedoras.  Only skinny hipsters can pull it off.


9.  Wearing sandals all the time.  Adidas flip flops, Tevas . . . it doesn’t matter.


10.  Anything with a huge Abercrombie & Fitch logo on it.  You shouldn’t still be dressing like you did in 1998.



81% of People Think They’re the Most Productive Person at Their Office

Well this math doesn’t quite add up . . . but the self-centered, delusional logic behind it sure does. A new study found 81% of people believe they’re the most productive person in their office.  That means four out of five of your coworkers are walking around thinking THEY’RE the best employee in the company. Here are a few more results from the study . . .

89% of people say there are unnecessary distractions at work.  The top four are useless meetings, excessive emails, unexpected phone calls, and their boss micromanaging them.

33% of people take a half hour lunch break . . . 26% take a full hour . . . and 13% don’t take one at all. And more than half of people have held out on going to the bathroom to hit a deadline in the past week.

Are You Friends With Your Boss?

Are you friends with your boss?  It’s a tough dilemma and always a tricky situation . . . so this makes sense. According to a new survey, Americans are basically split right down the middle.  49% say they consider their boss a friend . . . 51% don’t. But maybe you SHOULD.  Three out of five people say they’re pretty sure people who are friends with the boss get special treatment at work. The survey also found 18% of people are friends with their boss on Facebook or other social media.



A Zoo’s Meerkat Expert Attacked the Monkey Handler . . . Because of a Love Triangle With the Llama Keeper

You know a zoo is terrible when the staff is more out-of-control than the animals.  Or maybe that means the zoo is AMAZING. 30-year-old Caroline Westlake was the meerkat expert at the London Zoo in England.  And last year she dated Adam Davies, who worked there as the llama keeper. But Adam had ALSO dated Kate Sanders, the zoo’s MONKEY handler.  And their dirty, sexy, meerkat expert-llama keeper-monkey handler love triangle boiled over at the zoo’s Christmas party. Caroline said she heard Kate insult her looks, so they got into a fight . . . and Caroline hit Kate in the face with a WINE glass.  It left a permanent scar on Kate’s cheek. So Caroline was fired, and just got sentenced to 80 hours of community service for assault.  She also has to pay Kate $1,235 in compensation.


59% of People Think Black Cats Are Actually Good Luck?

If a black cat crosses your path, it’s supposed to be bad luck.  SOOOO racist, am I right?  Fortunately, it looks like that superstition is dead.  And not only dead . . . FLIPPED.

According to a new survey, 59% of people actually think black cats are GOOD LUCK.  Here’s more . . .

46% of people who’ve owned a black cat say they won a contest or the lottery.

63% of the people who say black cats are unlucky also believe in ghosts.

And 35% of women have dressed up as a black cat for Halloween.

Our Five Most Common Fears

Chapman University in California asked people what they’re most afraid of.  There were 88 choices . . . here are five most common fears. Government corruption . . . cyber terrorism . . . companies tracking your personal info . . . terrorist attacks . . . and the government tracking your personal info.  But some of the OTHER stuff we’re afraid of is WAY more entertaining.

Snakes . . . 33% of people are afraid.


A robot taking your job, 29%.


Public speaking, 28%.


Heights, 27%.


Needles, 19%.


White people no longer being the majority, 18%.  Wow, guys.


Spontaneously dropping dead, 17%.


People making fun of your weight, 11%.


Ghosts, 10%.


Zombies, 9%.


Clowns, 7%.


People making fun of how you dress, 4%.

Men Will Choose Sex Over Food . . . Women Pick Food

There’s an old cliché that the road to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  And that might be true.  But if you want a shortcut, take the off ramp to his genitals and save yourself a TON of cooking. A new study found that if men have the choice between FOOD or SEX, they’ll pick sex. And it’s not even really a “choice.”  Male brains are hardwired to prioritize sex over everything, even a desire to eat. Women don’t have that same wiring.  The researchers say they’ll probably go for the food. It isn’t just restricted to humans either.  The researchers found the same sex-over-food phenomenon in the male species of a BUNCH of animals . . . even things as unsophisticated as worms.


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