Mediaite claims Donald Trump’s longtime bodyguard and former White House aide Keith Schiller went on McDonald’s runs when the White House kitchen staff couldn’t replicate McDonald’s Quarter Pounders with cheese. Trump requests his burgers with no pickles and extra ketchup. He likes fried apple pie for dessert.

Survey: “What’s the worst thing your boss has ever made you do even though it wasn’t part of your job description?”



Will Ferrell’s new movie ”Daddy’s Home 2” opens tomorrow. During an interview with ABC, Will said his kids call him “The Velvet Hammer’ for the way he disciplines them.

Survey: “What funny or weird nickname have your kids given you for the way you discipline them?

Survey: “What funny or weird nickname did you give your parents for the way they disciplined you?



Trending …
– Mashable claims Twitter has doubled their character limit from 140 to 280.
– Reuters claims it costs Apple $357.50 to make the new $999 iPhone X. That’s a gross margin of 64%
– Page Six claims the Manhattan District Attorney will seek an indictment against Harvey Weinstein next week for allegedly assaulting Boardwalk Empire star Paz de la Huerta in 2010.
– Suntory Magazine claims Pepsi is releasing a Christmas cola in Japan that has a sweet and sour strawberry taste. The drink is supposed to taste like Christmas cake
– People magazine claims Taylor Swift has recorded a new song with Ed Sheeran and rapper Future titled “End Game.” The track will appear on her new CD ”Reputation”


Holiday Shopping Trending …
– The National Retail Federation claims consumers plan to send $6.6 billion on Cyber Monday. That’s up 16.5% from last year.
– A new survey by Coinstar reveals that 77% of holiday shoppers are planning to go over budget this year
– Business Insider claims Sears and Kmart are kicking off their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving. Sears will open at 6 p.m. while Kmart will open at 6 a.m.



Kansas Woman Wins Lottery On Sick Day: Louisa Dowling, of Concordia, Kansas, recently won the lottery during a sick day from work. She bought several scratch off tickets to cheer herself up. One ticket was worth $50,000.

Louisa tells the lottery; “When I was double checking my ticket, I noticed my mailman was coming to our house, so I stepped out to ask him if he would look at my ticket. When he agreed it appeared my ticket was worth $50,000, I still had a hard time believing it. Before calling the Kansas Lottery to have the ticket verified, I had at least five people look at it. I was so afraid I had made a mistake or something. I was relieved when it was verified by the Lottery.”





Holiday Spending Survey

A new survey by Go Banking Rates reveals that 57% of people plan to spend an entire paycheck on holiday gifts this year. Other findings:

– 22% of people plan to spend two full paychecks on holiday gifts this year

– 6% of people plan to spend three full paychecks on holiday gifts this year

– 9% of people plan to spend six full paychecks on holiday gifts this year

Healthy Living Survey

A new survey by POM Wonderful reveals that 29% of people have managed to achieve a healthy living goal this year. Other findings:

– 91% of people want to live a healthier lifestyle

– 71% of people would like to have better eating habits

– 25% of people find it challenging to incorporate healthy food into their diet.

– 48% of people say they lack the motivation to incorporate healthy foods into their diet

Thanksgiving Shopping Survey

A new survey by SurveyMonkey reveals that 57% of people don’t think stores should open on Thanksgiving. That’s up from 54% last year. 12% of people, who complain about stores being open on Thanksgiving, still shop after Thanksgiving dinner

Beard Survey

A new survey by the dating site reveals that 62% of women like facial hair. Other findings:

– 43% of women like beards on men

– 6% of women like mustaches

– 50% of women like both mustaches and beards on men

Female Survey: “Are beards sexy? Are hipster beards still hip? Why or why not? Do you know a man, who got something stuck in his beard? If so, what (funny thing) happened?”





Dear Fonseca:

I recently divorced and started dating again. I had a fantastic date last Saturday before the woman I took out asked me if I would like to come back to her house. I froze for a second and didn’t know what to say. I thought she was trying to test me. If I said YES then she may have thought I was only interested in a hookup. If I said NO then she may have thought I was rejecting her or being a gentleman. I’m new to the dating scene after 12 years and had no idea how I should have answered that question. I declined and now my date is acting frosty. Was that a test or not?

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