The Source claims Dave Chappelle is going to host Rihanna’s 3rd annual Diamond Ball. Kendrick Lamar will perform at the fundraiser designed at raising cash for education projects and scholarships around the world.

Rihanna released a statement saying; ”I’m thrilled that the incomparable Dave Chappelle will kick things off as the official host of this year’s Diamond Ball and Kendrick Lamar will take the stage for an unforgettable performance. I’m proud of the Clara Lionel Foundation’s significant impact in the world over the years and deeply grateful for the continued support and commitment to advancing our mission”

James Arthur tells the Sunday World newspaper that he is blown away by his success in America. “It’s wild, that’s the only way to describe it. It’s out of control in a good way. I hear so many good things. . I’m an artist and I’ve made something that people love. That’s the goal.”

OK! magazine claims The Weeknd is against Selena Gomez having any type of plastic surgery. A source tells the mag: “He told her he’s totally 100 per cent against her having any kind of surgery and insists he’s not a fan of big Kardashian style booties. She’s devastated he’s against it as it’s one of her big body hangups – but judging from his angry reaction it looks like she’s going to have to live with it if she wants to stay with him.”

Contact Music claims Adele recently visited the firefighters, who battled last week’s blaze at the Grenfell Tower in Kensington, England. She hugged the firefighters and took pictures during her visit.

Shawn Mendes tells The Sun newspaper that he plans to explore on his next CD.“I’ve been listening to some old school rockers; I’ve listened to a lot of Michael Jackson, and just [am] trying to explore a little bit. I think the album is gonna be not just one particular thing – it’s gonna be a kind of exploration of music.”

The Daily Mail claims Taylor Swift flew to London to spend Father’s Day with Joe Alwyn and his family. A source tells the Sun: ‘Taylor and Joe flew into London on Friday afternoon so they could spend Father’s Day with his dad and picked the most inconspicuous car they could get their hands on to avoid being noticed — a Fiat 500. After spending the weekend together, Taylor offered to host Father’s Day at her place with Joe’s mum and dad treating her to a classic Sunday roast to show her how the Brits do it. Taylor is loving being an honorary Londoner and wants things to stay as normal as possible – things are going amazingly well.”

Naughty Gossip, citing The National Enquirer, claims Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have discussed starting a clothing line together. A source tells the site: “Gwen wants to create comfortable and casual men’s clothes that are cut really well – no dad jeans. He’s letting her take the lead and will just weigh in on what guys will and won’t wear.” claims Gwen Stefani has changed Blake Shelton. A source tells the site: “Friends of both Blake and Gwen feel that she has changed him and has given him some structure and actually is the one in control when it comes to their relationship. She definitely wears the pants and he pretty much follows what she wants to do and he is totally cool with it. He sees Gwen not only as a romantic partner in his life but she kind of is a Mom to him as well. He really looks up to her and is happy that she is this kind of person in his life, it works for him.”

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