FONSECA SHOW MUSIC NEWS 01/08/18 claims Justin Timberlake is determined to put on an outstanding Super Bowl halftime show. A source tells the site; “Its hard for him not to read the negative comments about him doing the half time show and he is disappointed that people are trying to tear down what he plans to be an amazing show. He feels like he is going to give 110% and that the past incidents with Janet shouldn’t be attacked. He plans to prove everyone wrong and make all the detractors eat their words!”

Pink tells Female First that she was allegedly uninvited to her high school reunion. “I dropped out so I was uninvited to my 10-year reunion. They contacted me to let me know I wasn’t invited! They hated me. When we signed our record deal in Choice, the girls went back to their school in New Jersey and I went back to my school in Pennsylvania. They were given cupcakes and I was escorted off the premises. What did I do at school? I was just very anti-authority.”

The Daily Star claims Niall Horan is starting to write riffs and new music for his second solo CD, which he expects to have out in late 2018.

People magazine claims Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom recently met up in the Maldives. A source tells the magazine; “Orlando and Katy were traveling separately over the holidays and met up in the Maldives after. They have fun and love seeing each other, but it’s nothing serious. They are not officially back together.”

The Sun claims Ed Sheeran has his assistants carry ketchup with them at all times. A source tells the paper; “Ed’s made no secret of his Heinz Ketchup obsession and has run out of patience with going to places that don’t serve it while he’s touring. He’s made it a duty of key members of his entourage to carry a bottle wherever he goes so he can have it with everything from his morning sausage butty to upmarket dinners.”

The Sun claims Beyonce and Elton John are going to record songs together for The Lion King remake. A source tells the paper; “She was the one who reached out to him last year. The finer details of Elton’s contract are being worked out, then they plan to enter the studio together in the US. He is a big fan of hers and shares her vision of what they could do together. Circle Of Life and Can You Feel The Love Tonight are such classics, but they want to add new songs which will become classics in their own right. It was really important to Beyonce that she was heavily involved in creating the soundtrack. She is putting a lot of time and effort into the film and she is confident it will be huge.”

WXYZ claims Kid Rock has donated $25,000 to food banks in West Michigan and Middle Tennessee. He Tweeted; ”I wanted to start 2018 off on a positive note, hoping to influence others who have been as blessed as me, by donating 50k to The Second Harvest Food Banks of West Michigan and Middle Tennessee (25k each – the checks will go out today).”

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