The Daily Star claims Beyonce is in talks to record the next Bond theme. A source tells the paper that Adele and Beyonce recently spoke. “The two spoke before Bey’s first meeting with film bosses and Adele told her how co-writing and performing a Bond theme gave her an amazing career hike. Not many of the themes have been as successful – but there are tens of millions of Beyoncé fans out there. To tie-up a deal with Beyoncé for a theme song for Daniel’s fifth appearance as 007 would really be the icing on the cake. It’s very likely that shooting for Bond 25 will begin at the end of this year or early next year. To tie-up a deal with Beyoncé for a theme song for Daniel’s fifth appearance as 007 would really be the icing on the cake.”

The NY Daily News claims a Game of Thrones musical parody is coming to Off Broadway. “Game of Thrones: The Rock Musical — An Unauthorized Parody” will feature 13 parodies about characters Ned Stark, Khal Drogo and his Khaleesi and Daenerys

Mashable claims a new housing development in Australia is naming their streets after Game of Thrones characters. Snow, Stannis, Greyjoy and Tywin are all part of the new community. Lannister Road was nixed because character Cersei Lannister has a relationship with his brother on the show. Developers think the name is offensive

Time Magazine claims Stephen King doesn’t want Donald Trump seeing his new movies. He tweeted; ”Donald Trump blocked me on Twitter. I am hereby blocking him from seeing IT or MR. MERCEDES. No clowns for you, Donald. Go float yourself.”

.Ace Showbiz, cuting RADAR Online. claims last week’s America’s Got Talent fight where Mel B dumped water on Simon Cowell for an inappropriate comment about her marriage was staged. A source tells the sites: “Mel knew the ‘wedding night’ comment was coming which is why her sponsored Dunkin’ Donuts cup was filled with water and not coffee. Simon is up for everything when it comes to getting attention for the show. He’s a genius at publicity and this show is his baby. Expect lots and lots more fights. Especially when the cameras are rolling. After the show Mel did the press so she couldn’t have been that upset. Simon skipped the press, adding more drama to the fight!”

Entertainment Tonight claims Bachelor stars Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi have split up. A source tells the show; “Vanessa is extremely close to her family in Montreal [Canada] and is very connected to her community and her work there. Moving to Los Angeles or elsewhere long term was never really on the table for her. And, unfortunately, it seems as though Nick never had any intention of moving to Montreal. Vanessa’s not really into the whole fame thing. She’s had some fun with it, but that’s not what she’s about. Ultimately, they want different things.

Jennifer Aniston tells Glamour magazine that she is looking forward to turning 50 in two years. “I don’t think that life stops after 50 years – in any case, it becomes more and more exciting. For some reason, we do not honor or do not respect the aging. This is something that we view as negative, and yet, each person of this planet is aging. I don’t understand why it is not more celebrated, why there is a sort of expiration date on what you are as a person. Just because you can’t lose your stomach as easily as when you were 22 or 32 years old !? This should not be what makes you relevant or interesting.”

Gossip Cop claims Russell Crowe recently ripped Woman’s Day magazine for claiming he and Steve Irwin’s widow Terri are dating.

Russell tweeted: “Um… am I living in a parallel universe? Why keep doing this @WomansDayAus?” He continued, “@TerriIrwin & I have publicly called your bs. R u ok?”

Women’s Day published a headline that read; “Terri & Russell At Breaking Point: Secrets, Lies And Betrayal!”

Bachelor star Corinne Olympios tells The Hollywood Reporter that she is working on two new television shows. ”I do have a [reality] show in the works, and I’m also working on a scripted show with one of my favorite producers. I’ve had many different experiences with The Bachelor, all positive. There was a setback, but everything just comes from me and how I’m feeling, and I always try to come out being the best that I can be — the best Corinne that I can be. I really just follow my heart and not let anything else get in the way.” claims Corrine and her boyfriend Jordan have split up. A source tells the site: ”The whole fallout from the Demario incident took its toll on her relationship [with Jordan]. They are now broken up and she is OK with that. She is actually very happy and is looking at the bright side of things. She’s looking to get into a new relationship very soon. She is looking to date again immediately. She is officially on the prowl.”

Kate Winslet tells Glamour magazine that she and Leonardo DiCaprio sometimes recite Titanic lines to one another. “We’re very, very close and sometimes we do quote the odd Titanic line back and forth to each other. Because only we can, and we find it really funny. You don’t even want to know the last conversation we had, because it was so funny and made me laugh so much. We found ourselves saying to each other, ‘Can you imagine if the world really knew the stupid things we say?’ I’m not going to tell you what we actually talk about, but yeah.”

The Sun Sentinel claims Matthew McConaughey is heading to Miami to film a new movie called The Beach Bum. The IMDb synopsis reads; ”The movie follows a rebellious stoner named Moondog who lives life by his own rules.’’

Director James Cameron tells the Guardian newspaper that studio execs wanted OJ Simpson to play the Terminator. ”Mike Medavoy at Orion called me up one night and said, ‘I just went to this party and I got the movie cast!’ Now, of course, every filmmaker loves to hear that some douche executive has cast your movie for you. And he said, ‘OK, O. J. Simpson for the Terminator.’ I was like, ‘Hey Mike, Bad idea! You’re going to have this black athlete chasing this white girl around LA with a fricking knife and a gun? We’re not doing that.’ Which was fortunate, but also unfortunate in that life ended up imitating art there.”

The National Enquirer claims Brad Pitt and Demi Moore have allegedly been taking intimate yoga classes. A source tells the tabloid; “Demi and Brad are getting close over intimate sober yoga sessions. It’s incredibly intense and sensual and has led to some electric encounters. Brad has been raving about the chemistry between them. They are sharing a passion for yoga and each other. It’s a perfect combo! They’re both at a point in their lives where they aren’t interested in meaningless flings. It’s possible that Brad and Demi could go the distance.”

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