The Daily Mail claims the World Clown Association is upset with Stephen King saying his new movie “It” is hurting business. The WCA says clowns are losing gigs at schools and libraries because Pennywise is scaring people.”It” opens on September 8th

The NY Post claims OJ Simpson will have to take a pre-release class before being paroled from prison. A source tells the paper; “They are as simple as learning how to balance a checkbook. Some of the classes don’t apply to him — some do. There’s no pay phones anymore. Here’s how to get a phone if you don’t have credit. You don’t have much credit when you’ve been gone for nine years. They are mandatory and if you don’t complete them you don’t get released.”

Radar Online claims Amy Schumer and John Mayer are growing close. A source tells the site; “Amy and John have surprised everyone with how close they’ve become. They’ve been posting openly flirty comments on each other’s Instagram pictures. John is a serious womanizer, and Amy seemed pretty shaken from her recent break-up, so friends are understandably concerned.”

Former Bachelor star Sean Lowe recently used his boat to rescue Hurricane Harvey victims. He Instagrammed: ”Today I had the chance to do what I could to help some people in the Houston area. I couldn’t believe the devastation. My heart broke for all the elderly who are immobile and the mothers trapped in their homes with young babies. But I was encouraged by the selflessness of so many Texans who came to help where they could. Definitely a day I’ll never forget.”

Sean tells Entertainment Tonight that he assisted firefighters as they were tending to a man in cardiac arrest. “I don’t know if he survived, I doubt that he did. We had to pull him from a canoe that he was being drug in to our boat, where firefighters were giving him CPR for about 15 to 20 minutes before we could get him to an ambulance. It took about three of us, and I was holding a dead mans. His heart was not beating and his face was as blue as blue gets. To just be involved with that, to see it, it really shook me up. That’s something I’ll take to my grave remembering.”

The Boston Herald claims Amy Schumer recently dined at the Union Oyster House in Boston. She ordered steamers and oysters before leaving a $500 tip on an $80 bill. Amy used to be a server.

The NY Post claims Johnny Depp’s Kentucky horse farm is going to be auctioned off next month. The 41-acre Lexington property has a brick house, a guest house and three barns. County officials say the farm is worth $2.3 million

Cindy Crawford tells InStyle magazine that she takes pole dancing classes to stay fit. ”S Factor pole-dancing class in L.A. is so much fun to do with a group of friends. They keep it really dark, so it’s almost impossible to feel embarrassed.”

Contact Music claims Jack Osbourne and his wife Lisa are expecting their third child together. They posed in front of a mirror before she captioned the shot with: ”Literally ate the biggest burrito ever.”

BroBible, citing OK! magazine, claims Olivia Munn still has feelings for Aaron Rodgers even though he is dating soccer player Mair Margulius. A source tells the site; “Aaron told Olivia he was in love with her but that he needed some space; he promised to stay friends and said they would reevaluate things down the line. But instead he started dating and left Olivia feeling played. To see him move on with someone else in such a public fashion is like a knife through the heart. She’s trying to play it cool, but it’s obvious she’s still in love with him.”

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