People magazine claims Katy Perry officially joined American Idol yesterday as a judge. She said; “I am honored and thrilled to be the first judge bringing back the American Idol tradition of making dreams come true for incredible talents with authentic personalities and real stories. I’m always listening to new music, and love discovering diamonds in the rough – from mentoring young artists on my label, or highlighting new artists on my tours, I want to bring it back to the music.”

The NY Daily News claims Taylor Hicks doesn’t think Chris Daughtry should judge American Idol. The paper quotes Hicks as saying; “I think a winner should be [a judge], personally. What you go through to win the show is a lot different than what you go through when you’re third or fourth, or fifth or 10th. If they were going to have a judge from the show who was actually a contestant, I would feel like a winner would be the best suited.”

Entertainment Tonight claims Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are talking marriage. A source tells the site; “J.Lo and A-Rod are getting very serious and talking marriage. J.Lo wants a future with A-Rod. J.Lo would marry A-Rod if he asked. She is head over heals for him. They get each other in so many ways. They are perfect for each other. Their families love how they are together.”

The Inquisitor claims fans of The Voice are planning to boycott the show because Miley Cyrus is returning as a judge next season.

Fans react

“Looks like The Voice [is] going for another BOYCOTT next year – Miley Cyrus coming back. Too bad”

“Will be nice to see Kelly on The Voice. Please for the love of music, no Miley. Hate to have to boycott the show for another season.”

“Boycott The Voice if they bring back Miley Cyrus. That season was a disaster”

Mashable claims the Las Vegas sportsbook Bovada is offering odds on the 2020 Presidential election. The odds of The Rock becoming President have been listed at 66-1. Jeb Bush is listed at 80-1. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is listed at 33-1. A new poll shows The Rock would beat Donald Trump in a head-to-head battle for President (42% to 37%)

The Rock tells Entertainment Tonight that he would not make a good President.”I think anything’s possible, right? This is America. What has been so flattering over the past week – and really humbling and very eye-opening – is the amount of American people who actually want to see this happen. [However], I don’t think I would be a great president. Politics is not my business and I’m not a politician.”

Gossip Cop claims a judge has denied Chris Soules’ motion to dismiss the felony hit-and-run charges against him. The former Bachelor star crashed into a man on a tractor sending him into a ditch and ultimately to his death. Chris’ lawyers say he left the scene after calling 911 and trying to help the man. Chris is facing up to five years in prison, if convicted of felony hit-and-run. Us Weekly claims Chris pled not guilty yesterday to leaving the scene of an accident.

E! News claims ABC is going to reboot Rosanne. They will air new episodes starting in 2018. Roseanne, John Goodman and Sara Gilbert are all expected to return

ABC is launching a new show called ”The Bachelor: Winter Games”. It will feature former participants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette competing in Olympic-style events at a luxurious Winter resort.

ABC is launching a new show called ”Dancing with the Stars Junior”. It will feature celebrity kids and the sons and daughters of celebrities competing against one another like their parents do on Dancing With the Stars

BroBible claims Matthew McConaughey recently attended a Cleveland Indians-Tampa Rays baseball game while wearing a hat that said ‘alright’. The hat was a reference to Matthew’s famous line in Dazed and Confused “Alright. Alright. Alright.”

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