Captain America star Chris Evans tells USA Today that Tom Brady gets a pass for supporting Donald Trump. “Well, I tell you what. If anyone gets a pass it’s Tom Brady….I’m just going out of my way to give Tom Brady a pass. He gave me five rings. What am I supposed to do? He gets a pass.”

Radar Online claims Caitlyn Jenner dislikes OJ Simpson. They have published an excerpt from her upcoming book, Secrets of My Life. It reads … “I would’ve been okay with it if they had gotten him in the first trial. The implication was obvious that he believed O.J. was guilty. He was the most narcissistic, egocentric, neediest a**hole in the world of sports I had ever seen, and I had seen a lot of them. I believe he got away with two savage murders.”

Nikki Bella tells People magazine that she hopes John Cena changes his mind about having children. “Cena says it’s selfish but he knows that with his schedule he couldn’t be an incredible father and that’s why he chooses not to have kids and I actually respect that because that would be very hard to raise a kid on my own and the dad to always be gone and not see that kid.”

E! News claims Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are falling for one another. A source tells the site: “They can’t keep their hands off each other in public or amongst close friends. It got really hot and heavy and they want to see where this goes, but are hopeful it can lead into a future.”

People magazine claims David Letterman felt like he was in hell after news producer Robert Halderman attempted to blackmail him following his 2009 affair with his assistant Stephanie Birkett.

In his new biography, ”Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night”; Dave says; ”’I’m in hell. I will always be in hell until the day after, when I will go to hell’. ‘It was akin to having killed your family in a car crash. It was like that to me’. I was afraid my family was gone.’”

Heat magazine claims Jessica Simpson is open to doing another reality series. A source tells the mag: ”This is something Jessica never thought she would do again but her life couldn’t be more different than it was on ‘Newlyweds’. She figures she’s got a lot more to offer than she did back in her embarrassing ‘chicken or tuna’ days. Every time she posts on social media, her fans go wild and a reality show is just an extension of that. Jess is getting bored and needs a new challenge. Her clothing range is making her rich and she has no interest in music or acting any more. She doesn’t want it to be identical to ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, though. It’ll be about her home life and will show how hard she works. She’s considering holding auditions for an apprenticeship and mentoring someone the public has chosen.”

Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are going to renew their wedding vows. A source tells the magazine: “After the last few years that they’ve had, Jen is ready for a celebration. Ben has completely turned his life around. Not only is he sober, he’s attending marriage counseling sessions and goes to church with Jen every Sunday. Jen and Ben have both worked so hard to get to this point, and they’re ready to show their kids, their family and their friends that they’re stronger than ever.”

OK! magazine claims Nick Viall’s fiance Vanessa Grimaldi has become a nightmare on the set of Dancing With the Stars. A source tells Radar Online: “Vanessa has become a complete nuisance and no one on set can even stomach her anymore. Nick was instructed not to bring her, but she refused to listen. She is so insecure that she feels like she needs to be there to monitor him, and it is starting to cause a lot of issues between Nick and [his dancing partner], Peta [Murgatroyd.”

WWE star Kane is running for Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. He says; “As Knox County mayor I promise to keep taxes low and make Knox County a place everyone can be proud of. I see my role as that of a facilitator among the different communities in our area. And also I think that Mayor Burchett has done a very good job with transparency in government and I would continue along those lines.”

Forbes Magazine is out with their list of the highest paid WWE wrestlers

10. Randy Orton — $1.9 million

9 (tied). Seth Rollins — $2 million

9 (tied). The Undertaker — $2 million

7. Shane McMahon — $2.2 million

6. AJ Styles — $2.4 million

5. Dean Ambrose — $2.7 million

4. Roman Reigns — $3.5 million

3. Triple H — $3.8 million

2. John Cena — $8 million

1. Brock Lesnar — $12 million

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