The NY Post claims it costs over $40,000 to prepare an actress for the Golden Globes. Estimated costs ….

Dress … $12,500

Hair … $6,000

Makeup …. $5,000

Nails … $300

Jewelry … $20,000

This year’s Golden Globe attendees are going to dine on salad, Chilean sea bass, beats, a mushroom risotto, roasted tomatoes, hazelnut desserts, espresso biscuits and chocolate globes filled with sea salt caramel.

The Golden Globes air Sunday om NBC

Naughty Gossip claims Kate Middleton has no plans to share any Royal jewelry with Meghan Markle. A source tells the site; “Kate has been wearing a lot of the Royal jewels recently, sending a message to Meghan that they are hers. Princess Diana left her personal jewelry collection to both her sons but it has basically not been touched since her death. Now, Kate has cracked open the Diana vault and put those diamonds on. She wants to make it clear that they belong to her and she will not be sharing.”

Elite Daily claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding will bring in $680 million for the UK economy. 350,000 people are expected to visit London when Harry and Meghan marry. $202 million is expected to be spent on parties celebrating the newlyweds.

Contact Music, citing the Sun, claims Jamie Dornan won’t be doing any full frontal nudity in the next Fifty Shades movie, ”Fifty Shades Freed”. A source tells the sites; ”There was hope that he would go all the way for the finale to encourage greater audiences, but it’s gone the other way. He will bare his bum but editors made sure Jamie doesn’t show a millimeter of his privates.”

Renee Zellweger tells the Daily Record that she wants to do another Bridget Jones movie. ”I really hope so. I do. I love her. She’s so much fun. I really like the place she is at in her life, but it’s Bridget and there’s always going to be some drama. She’s so perfectly imperfect.”

Mama June tells US Weekly that she and her new boyfriend may marry. ”If I’m having a bad day, he will go get a candle. It’s been a good, probably, 15 years since I’ve been happy. He’s one of a kind I have to say. I think it’s crazy for people to spend 50, 60, $70,000 on a wedding just for one day.”

TMZ claims a Hollywood actor named Daniel Thomas Trump is changing his name because of Donald Trump. He petitioned a judge and wrote; “It’s the name of a president who is the living representation of everything I stand against.” Daniel also goes by the stage name Daniel van Thomas

Seth Meyers tells People magazine that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are helping him write his Golden Globes monologue. “I’m constantly talking to them. I’m going to see Amy today and going to run through stuff with her. She’s long been my spirit animal and continues to be to this day.”

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