A new survey by Team Sport reveals that 60% of people have called in sick the day after a holiday office party because they were hungover. Other findings:

– 12% of women have called in sick the day after an office holiday party because they embarrassed themselves at the bash

– 6% of men have called in sick the day after an office holiday party because they embarrassed themselves at the bash

– 8% of people have called in sick the day after an office holiday party because they argued or fought with a colleague at the bash

– top sick day excuses following an office holiday party

food poisoning (16%)

feeling sick (11%)

stomach bug (5%)

broken down car (3%).

Survey: ”What’s the wildest or funniest thing you’ve seen at a holiday office party?”


Justice League star Jason ”Aquaman” Momoa tells CBS that he fell in love with his wife Lisa Bonet after she ordered a Guinness beer on their first date. ” I convinced her to take me home because I was living in a hotel… we went to Cafe 101 and sat down and she ordered a Guinness. And that was it. I love Guinness. She ordered Guinness and I ordered grits and the rest is history.”

Justice League opens Thursday

Survey: “What one specific funny, weird, or unusual thing did your partner do that made you fall in love with them?”


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– Biggest DVD Releases This Week: Atomic Blonde

– Biggest iTunes Streaming Releases This Week:
Amityville: The Awakening, In This Corner of the World and Unlocked
– The Miami Herald claims GQ Magazine has named Colin Kaepernick as their Citizen of the Year for his activism. Kaepernick says he’s honored by the award
– Mashable claims Bill Murray and his brother Brian are going to star in a new Facebook series called ”Bill Murray and Brian Doyle-Murray’s Extra Innings”. The show will follow the brothers as they visit minor league ballparks and the local communities that surround them
– A new survey by reveals that 70% of people will shop on Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday. 49% of people plan to shop on Thanksgiving.
– TV Guide claims Fuller House is returning to Netflix on December 22nd. The second half of the third season will feature nine new episodes


Sixth Woman Accuses Bush Of Groping: Uproxx, citing Time Magazine, claims former President George H.W. Bush allegedly groped a 16 year-old girl. Rosalyn Corrigan was just a teen when she attended a Presidential event in Texas. Her father worked for the CIA at the time.

Rosalyn claims Bush grabbed her butt during a photoshoot. She tells the magazine; “My initial action was absolute horror. I was really, really confused. The first thing I did was look at my mom and, while he was still standing there, I didn’t say anything. What does a teenager say to the ex-president of the United States? Like, ‘Hey dude, you shouldn’t have touched me like that?’”

Roslyn is the sixth woman to accuse Bush of inappropriate behavior

Woman Wins $50,000 After Mysterious Lottery “Urge”: Rosa Moran of Maryland recently won a $50,000 lottery jackpot after a “mysterious urge” led her to purchase a scratch-off ticket during her lunch break. She says she usually buys one ticket at a time, but felt compelled for some reason to buy three tickets. “I was just sitting at the table having lunch, when I had an urge to go out and get a scratch-off. I’ve never won this big, just small amounts like $25 to $50. I was very happy and even cried a little bit. I was so excited that when I got home, I missed the entrance to my house!”

Survey: ”Has your intuition ever led to something funny, weird or crazy happening? If so, what did your intuition tell you? What happened?”





Broken Heart Syndrome

A new study by the University of Aberdeen reveals that a broken heart is just as bad as a person having a heart attack.

Lead researcher Dr. Dana Dawson says broken heart syndrome or ‘takotsubo’ is real. ”It is becoming increasingly recognized that takotsubo is more common than we originally thought. This is the longest follow up study looking at the long term effects of takotsubo, and it clearly shows permanent ill-effects on the hearts of those who suffer from it. These patients are unable to perform physical exercise as well and fatigue more easily. Our research shows that takotsubo needs to be treated with same urgency as any other heart problem, and that patients may need ongoing treatment for these long term effects.”

Black Friday Survey

A new survey by Ebates reveals that 79% of people plan to shop on Black Friday. Other findings:

– 44% of Black Friday shoppers plan to camp out for deals.

– 22% of Black Friday shoppers plan to start shopping after Thanksgiving dinner

– 25% of Black Friday shoppers will shop exclusively online while 20% will shop exclusively in stores.

– 51% of women want clothes and footwear this holiday season

Gift Survey

A new survey by Wallet Hub reveals that 33% of consumers plan to spend $500 or more on holiday gifts. That’s down 4% from last year. Other findings:

– 9% of people will spend $1,000 or more on their holiday gifts

24% of people will spend between $500 and $1,000 on their holiday gifts

– 13% of people will spend $100 or less on their holiday gifts
– most wanted holiday gifts

gift card 41%

clothes 15%

electronics 15%

ebooks 10%

furniture 9%

toys 5%

jewelry 5%

Job Survey

A new survey by the job site CV Library reveals that 40% of professionals are unhappy with their current job. 97% of these workers are looking for a new gig. Other findings:

– 42% of people are bored by their job

– 26% of people say their job makes them sad

– 69% of people have had a job that has made them miserable
– industries with the lowest job satisfaction

1.Marketing – 57.1%
2.Legal – 54.5%
3.Hospitality – 53.3%
4.Accounting – 50%
5.IT – 50%
6.Recruitment – 46.2%
7.Engineering – 44.8%
8.Charity – 43.8%
9.Agriculture – 42.9%
10.Retail – 42.1%





Dear Fonseca:

I started my holiday shopping over the weekend at the mall. As I was browsing I came across a mom-and-pop kiosk that was selling ugly Christmas sweaters. I noticed the sweaters for plus size women and large men cost more than the sweaters for petite women and regular size men. When I questioned the couple that owned the kiosk about the difference in price they said they charge more for larger clothing because they use more material for them. I’m curvy and was outraged. I told them that no one should buy their clothing because they are discriminating. They disagreed and said their price is strictly based on the cost of their materials. What do you think? Are they discriminating or not?

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