Survey: Ask those, who work in retail, “What is the rudest thing a customer has done or said to you?”


Morrison’s department stores in London have banned the following holiday songs from being played in their stores

The Christmas Song – Alvin and the Chipmunks

I’m The Christmas Queen – Miss Piggy

The Christmas Song – David Hasselhoff

Christmas Wrapping – The Spice Girls

Holy Night – Celine Dion

Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas) – John Denver

Christmas Tree – Lady Gaga

Christmas Conga – Cyndi Lauper

Santa Baby – Madonna

Survey: “What’s the worst holiday song of all-time? What makes it so bad?” Have listeners sing the hooks of their worst holiday songs


Ugly Sweater: A London grandmother has created a line of ugly sweaters that show reindeers humping. Jen Barrett got the idea for her line from watching the reindeers near her home. She tells the Daily Mirror, ”We live in a rural location and were inspired by the animals we see in the fields near here. We know reindeer designs are popular at Christmas so we decided to go for something along those lines, but just a little bit different. We hope they will be very popular.”

Jen’s grandson Ben helped her and says, ”The results were impressive and created a stir at festive events in the local village. I thought it would be a good idea to keep up the family Christmas tradition and try to take it a bit further. I founded a company called Woopwoo Christmas Jumpers. The designs include the cheeky reindeer Christmas jumper, which has proved very popular online already. Other designs feature more common Christmas characters such as Rudolph, Christmas trees and snowmen.”

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According to a survey, 66% of singles have stayed in a doomed relationship just to avoid being alone during the holidays.


The Claus Family: Canadians John and Gary Claus say their phone rings nonstop during the holidays. John’s father used to play Santa when people called. He says, “My dad played well with it. He had fun with that. At times, they couldn’t believe they reached Santa Claus. You’d hear them say, ‘It’s him, it’s him.’ You’d have the inebriated ones call. Dad would pick up on that. They’d say, ‘Is Santa there?’ He’d say, ‘Sure,’ put the phone down and walk away.”

S***** Present: A company called S****Express allows you to send horse manure and other animal waste anonymously for Christmas. The company delivers to those, who are disliked. S***Express only accepts Bitcoin payments making it nearly impossible to trace the sender. Deliveries cost $15 and can be gift wrapped.


Bait and Switch: Consumers are being warned about an old bait-and-switch scam that’s making a comeback. Law enforcement officials say scammers are baiting people by placing ads on eBay that show pictures and a description of video game consoles.Gamers, who are anxious to purchase the hard-to-find units, are ignoring the fine print and buying the units based on the pictures. The fine print says the seller is purchasing the aforementioned description and not an actual unit.

Thanks, But No Thanks

A survey by Consumer Reports reveals that liquor is the least desirable holiday gift to receive (23%). Other findings:

– 13% of people don’t want candles, picture frames, and other home décor items this holiday season

– 6% of people don’t want wine this holiday season

– 3% of people don’t want gift cards this holiday season


Shop Til Ya Drop

According to research by YouGov, the average person will walk just under 20 miles to complete their Christmas shopping. The shopping burns an average of 1,572 calories.


Family Feud

A survey by Voucher Codes reveals that 10% of families will argue before breakfast on Christmas. Other findings:

– 3:18pm on Christmas Day is the peak time for family feuds

– 14% of people find preparing Christmas dinner the most stressful part of Christmas Day

– 17% of families will fight over the remote and what to watch on Christmas Day

– too much booze sparks 10% of family feuds

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