Naughty Gossip, citing Radar Online, claims Kevin Hart’s wife Eniko has given him a curfew because of his infidelity. A source tells the sites; “He can’t party and let his hair down like he used to because Eniko tracks his every move and makes him 100 percent accountable for wherever he’s been.”

Survey: “Do you know a husband, who was placed on curfew? If so, what happened? What time was his curfew? What did he have to do to get out of the doghouse?”


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– Naughty Gossip, citing The Daily Telegraph, claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle want a banana wedding cake
– ESPN claims the Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing keg has sold out. It was selling for $50
– TMZ claims Russia has been banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics for doping.Russian athletes who can prove they are not doping are allowed to compete under a neutral flag.
– Business Wire claims Krispy Kreme plans to celebrate National Gingerbread House Day on December 12th by selling their first-ever gingerbread glazed donut. The donut is available at participating Krispy Kreme donut shops.
– Brand Eating claims Einstein Bros Bagels is selling a Snickerdoodle bagel during the holidays



Kind Woman Donates Kidney To Complete Stranger: The NY Post claims Leslie Tietz of Ohio donated a kidney to a complete stranger after reading the man’s Facebook post. Joe Dorsey was in his second year of college when he wrote that he needed a kidney because he was diagnosed with kidney disease.

Leslie tells the paper that she reached out and donated. “When I read it, I just felt I wanted to do it. I really felt right then that it was the right thing that was supposed to happen and everything from the first step all the way to the end went so easily that you couldn’t argue with it.”

Joe is now recovering.

Holiday Stress Survey

A new survey by Groupon reveals that 71% of people get stressed by the holidays. Other findings:

– 80% of people are annoyed by Christmas.

– 20% of people start stressing about Christmas as early as September.

– 43% of people stress about finding the perfect present.

– 29% of people eat decadent foods to help them deal with holiday stress

Holiday Shopping Survey

A new survey by the payment provider Klarna reveals that 20% of people get stressed trying to find the perfect holiday gift for someone. Other findings:

– 30% of consumers have walked out of a store because they got frustrated with holiday shopping

– the average person spends 7.2 hours holiday shopping.

– 57% of people have been stuck with unwanted gifts they can’t return

Christmas Card Survey

A new survey from An Post reveals that 75% of people say sending Christmas cards is an important and worthwhile tradition. Other findings:

– 68% of people prefer handwritten Christmas cards

– 5% of people prefer to receive a holiday greeting in a text or social media message.

Smartphone Survey

A new survey by the online casino Casumo reveals that the average person unlocks their smartphone 10,000 times a year or 28 times a day. Other findings:

– 33% of people believe they are addicted to their smartphone

– 40% of people say Facebook is their favorite social app followed by Instagram and Twitter.

– the average smartphone user accesses their favorite app 12 times a day

– Google Maps is the most useful app according to smartphone users

Dear Fonseca:

I have been dating my boyfriend for a little less than a year. My birthday is December 22nd. We got into a fight on Sunday because he is planning to buy me one set of gifts for my birthday AND Christmas. I got mad and called him cheap because those are two separate occasions. He disagrees and says they can be combined. Should I get two sets of gifts or one?


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