Many fine stores are once again limiting the number of gift boxes they’re giving out this holiday season because people are placing them up for sale on eBay. High-end retailers say cheap people place inexpensive gifts inside their bags and boxes. Neiman Marcus says the real problems begin when consumers want to return a discount gift they don’t sell.

Survey: “Do you know someone, who places inexpensive gifts inside fine department store bags and boxes? If so, who? How did you bust them? What was their excuse?”


Trending …
– Perez Hilton claims Prince Harry’s fiance Meghan Markle can no longer take selfies because it is frowned upon by the Royal Family.
– The Inquisitor claims OJ Simpson recently received a $50 million offer to do a reality TV series. He rejected the deal because he would be forced to give the money to Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson’s familes
– ESPN claims Joey Chestnut recently won the World Shrimp Cocktail Eating Championship by devouring 10.6 pounds of shrimp cocktail in eight minutes.
– Netflix claims the most watched show for families in 2017 was “Stranger Things”while the most binge-watched show of 2017 was the drama series Greenleaf.
– The Hollywood Reporter claims Netflix is rebooting Sabrina the Teenage Witch.The 1990’s show starred Melissa Joan Hart.

– Former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush
is going to be a guest on Stephen Colbert’s late night talk show tonight. It’s Bush’s first late night appearance since his and Donald Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood video surfaced.
– Refinery29 claims Taco Bell is testing a new burrito that is loaded with French fries. It costs $1.99 at select California Taco Bell restaurants


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend’s box office results.

1. “Coco,” $26.1 million ($69 million international).

2. “Justice League,” $16.6 million.

3. “Wonder,” $12.5 million.

4. “Thor: Ragnarok,” $9.7 million.

5. “Daddy’s Home 2,” $7.5 million.

6. “Murder on the Orient Express,” $6.7 million.

7. “Lady Bird,” $4.5 million.

8. “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” $4.5 million.

9. “The Star,” $4 million.

10. A Bad Moms Christmas,” $3.5 million.

Lauer Thought He Was Superman: People magazine claims Matt Lauer is devastated by the sexual harassment allegations against him. A source tells the mag; “He was totally devastated. He never thought it would get to this level. He never expected this. He had felt like he was invulnerable — like Superman… People who worked with him found him to be flirtatious, but that doesn’t mean he was necessarily inappropriate.”

Secret Santa Pays Off Walmart Layaways: News On 6 claims an anonymous Secret Santa recently paid off $5,000 worth of layaways at a Walmart in Poteau, Oklahoma. Customer Britney Rothermel tells the TV station; “Then I got an email saying I could pick up my layaway, my balance would be 18 cents. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh. There is good people out there.”

Man Proposes With Xmas Lights: USA Today claims Cody Shugart, of Addison, Texas, recently used Christmas lights to ask his high school sweetheart, Ashley Halladay, to marry him. The couple drove from their home in Paris, Texas to Dallas where they boarded a plane for an aerial tour of holiday displays. At one point, Cody and Ashley flew over a field with Christmas lights that read: ”MARRY ME”. She accepted his proposal.





Hangry Survey

A new study by Snickers reveals that women are more likely than men to become angry when they get hungry (70% to 52%.) Other findings:

– 63% of men have done something regretful after they became hangry

– 54% of women have done something regretful after they became hangry

– 26% of people have cried because they were hangry

– 22% of people have thrown a temper tantrum because they were hangry.

– New York is the hangriest state while Idaho is the least hangry state

Sexiest Accents according to a new survey by the travel site

top five sexiest accents for men …

1. British
2. Scottish
3. Spanish
4. Australian
5. Southern
top five sexiest accents for women …

1. Israeli
2. Colombian
3. Australian
4. French
5. Southern

Gift Survey

A new survey by the online lender reveals that 50% of people ‘panic buy’ holiday presents for family and friends. Other findings:

– just 20% of people plan exactly what they are going to buy for Christmas every year.

– 33% of people are last minute holiday shoppers.

– 33% of people worry about how much they spend on family and friends during the holidays

– 37% of people have received a thoughtless holiday gift

Pet Present Survey

A new survey by The Insurance Emporium reveals that 70% of pet owners plan to buy holiday gifts for their pets this Christmas. Other findings:

– 11% of animal owners will spend $50 or more on holiday gifts for their pets

– 8% of animal owners will spend $75 or more on holiday gifts for their pets

Lying Survey

A new study by PlayStation reveals that men lie twice as often as women. Other findings:

– 90% of people believe they can easily spot a lie

– men lie once every four days while women lie once every eight days.

– 71% of people say politicians have hidden agendas

– 64% of people say lack of eye contact tells them someone is lying

– 38% of people say fidgeting tells them someone is lying.





Dear Fonseca:

I was holiday shopping on Friday night when I came across a pair of $25 earrings that had been reduced to $5 and then $2.50. I loved the earrings so I bought them. When I was checking out, the earrings rang up as $5 instead of $2.50. The cashier told me the earrings cost $5 not $2.50 even though the tag said $2.50. I demanded the earrings for $2.50. The cashier got mad and asked if I wanted a manager. He called one over the loudspeaker as the growing line of people behind me became impatient and started grumbling. One woman offered to give me $2.50 to cover the difference while another yelled at me and called me cheap. The manager and I argued for several minutes before she finally gave in and sold me the earrings for $2.50. The man behind me told me I was selfish and wrong for protesting the price and holding up a line of 14 other holiday shoppers. Was he right? Was I in the wrong?

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