World’s Worst Toys: CBS claims Watch, or World Against Toys Causing Harm, has released their annual list of the world’s worst toys. They include …

fidget spinners

a Wonder Woman “battle sword”

a remote-controlled Spider-Man drone

a Disney-themed “stacking toy” for infants

Razor’s “Heel Wheels” which transform children’s shoes into roller skates

“Slackline,” a tightrope tied between two trees.

Survey: “Do you know an adult, who hilariously injured themselves while playing with a toy? If so, what funny thing happened?”



Trending …
– Screen Rant claims Taraji P Henson is going to star in the remake of Mel Gibson’s 2000 movie ”What Women Want.” Producers are flipping genders and calling the film ”What Men Want.” Mel’s movie made $400 million on a budget of $70 million.
– Gizmodo claims Microsoft is selling a limited edition gold Xbox Christmas tree ornament for $5,000. The ornament looks like a mini Xbox.
– The Star-Tribune claims Jimmy Fallon is going to host a special episode of The Tonight Show following the Super Bowl. The show will originate from Minneapolis where the Big Game is taking place.


Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving: PR Newswire claims 73,000 Cracker Barrel employees will serve dinner to customers on Thanksgiving Day. Cracker Barrel expects to serve 50,000 pounds of turkey, 7 million ounces of gravy, 1.6 million ounces of cranberry relish and 1 million slices of pie on Thanksgiving.

Homeless Man Returns $10K: WNTH claims a homeless man from New Haven, Connecticut is being hailed as a hero for returning $10,000. Elmer Alvarez found the check for $10,000 before he and a friend called the phone number on it. Elmer returned the money to Roberta Hoskie.

He tells the TV station; “I was just thinking about how that person was feeling by losing an amount of a check like that, an amount of money like that. I’d be feeling kind of desperate. Seeing her happy, seeing her appreciating it and all that made me feel good.”

Hoskie gave Elmer a cash reward and is helping him get an apartment and an education





Holiday Party Survey

A new survey by Instantprint reveals that 53% of holiday office party trysts do not turn into long-term relationships. Other findings:

– 24% of people have kissed a coworker at an office holiday party.

– 25% of people have been embarrassed to go into work following an office Christmas party.

– 33% of people say those who work in their company’s marketing and sales departments are the rowdiest at office holiday parties

– 17% of workers have a crush on a co-worker

Netflix Survey

A new survey by SurveyMonkey reveals that 60% of people watch Netflix in public. Other findings:

– 37% of people binge watch Netflix at work

– 27% of people have binge watched Netflix while in line

– 22% of people have cried while watching Netflix in public.

Fast Feasting

A new study from Hiroshima University in Japan reveals that eating food too quickly increases the risk of obesity, heart attack, and stroke. Other findings:

– fast eaters are five times more likely to develop symptoms leading to a heart attack, diabetes, and a stroke

– fast eaters are three times more likely to gain weight than slow eaters

– eating too fast prevents the brain from noticing when the body has taken in too many calories

– fast eating can cause blood sugar spikes

Gift Survey

A new survey by reveals that 75% of people pretend to like gifts they receive at Christmas. Other findings:

– 50% of people regift

– 50% of people say they always buy the perfect gift

– 40% of people create a Christmas wish list

– 24% of people say their partner is the toughest person to buy Christmas presents for

– 46% of people will spend the most on their spouse this holiday season

Job Survey

A new survey by Bankrate reveals that 52% of workers didn’t receive a raise in 2017. Other findings:

– 38% of workers got a pay raise in 2017

– 18% of workers got a better-paying job in 2017.





Dear Fonseca:

My co-workers and I played cards at our boss’s house on Saturday night. I won $470 while another co-worker won $285. When we got to work yesterday our boss asked us to return his money. I spent my winnings on Sunday on holiday gifts. My co-worker gave his money to his wife. After we told him we spent his money he told us that we have until the end of the week to pay him back. I have no plans to do so and think it’s wrong he is asking for our winnings. If you were me would you return his losses? Why or why not?

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