EMS1, citing First Coast News, claims a Jacksonville, Florida man recently hit five cars in the same day. The man dropped his grandmother off at a FEMA assistance location before hitting five cars and then fleeing on foot. A K-9 unit could not find the man. The man called medics to a Walmart where he was treated for injuries he suffered in the crash. Cops found the man and charged him with reckless driving and five counts of hit-and-run

“Do you know someone, who hit more than one car in the same day? If so, what funny or lamebrain thing happened? What was their excuse?”



Trending …

– Biggest DVD Releases This Week:
Spider-Man: Homecoming, The House and Girls Trip

– Biggest iTunes Streaming Releases This Week:
The Dark Tower
– Breitbart claims Harvey Weinstein donated $10,000 to Bill Clinton’s legal fund during the Monica Lewinsky scandal
– claims Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his wife Amy are expecting a baby. They posted: “Excited to share the wonderful news that @mrsamyearnhardt and I are expecting our first child. A little girl!!!! We are both thrilled and can’t wait to meet her.”

– Donald Trump Tweet of the Day:
”I was recently asked if Crooked Hillary Clinton is going to run in 2020? My answer was, “I hope so!””
– The NY Post claims Cher is going to sing in ”Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again.”
– The NY Post claims NBC is rebooting the Nancy Drew TV series. CBS cancelled it last year. The show is about a teenage detective
– TMZ claims Conor McGregor baptized his son Connor Jr over the weekend before fire dancers, fireworks and a loud party ensued to celebrate the christening.
– The Impulsive Buy website claims Cinnamon Vanilla Lucky Charms have hit store shelves. They are available for a limited time
– NJArts.Net claims Jon Bon Jovi finally joined Twitter yesterday with a tweet that read: “Jon Bon Jovi || Singer || Songwriter || Last guy to use social media. Hello world. Is this thing on? #BetterLateThanNever“.



6 Year-Old Sets Up Donut Stand For Cops: Inside Edition claims 6 year-old Oliver Davis of Leawood, Kansas recently set up a lemonade and donut stand for local police officers.

His mother Brandi tells the show; “They’ve been so nice to him. We got about 120 doughnuts and we had lemonade and water for them. We had at least 100 officers come out. They loved it. I had one officer after say that it made his day. Oliver was in heaven just being able to talk to all the officers because he really does believe he is part of a police team. He thought it was awesome. He won’t play with any superhero stuff. He said, ‘I don’t need Batman, Spider-Man or Superman. I just need these guys.’ So they are his superheroes.”

Pet Costume Survey

A new survey by the National Retail Federation reveals that consumers will spend $440 million on Halloween costumes for their pets this year. Other findings:

– 28 million people will dress their pet in a Halloween costume this year

– most popular pet costumes: pumpkins, hot dogs, lions, pirates and bumblebees

Boss Survey

A new survey by OfficeTeam reveals that 82% of people would be okay working for someone who’s younger than they are. Other findings:

– 91% of people are okay with a boss who is older than they are

– 19% of people say the biggest challenge in working for a younger boss is different communication styles

– 26% of people say the biggest challenge in working for a younger boss is different work ethics and values

– 25% of people say the biggest challenge in working for an older boss is different ways of using technology.

– 17% of people say the biggest challenge in working for an older boss is different communication styles

Breast Cancer Hair Dye Study

A new study by Princess Grace Hospital in London reveals that women should dye their hair no more than six times a year in order to cut breast cancer risk.

Professor Kefah Mokbel Tweeted that women who color their hair are 14% more likely to suffer from breast cancer. “Although further work is required to confirm our results, our findings suggest that exposure to hair dyes may contribute to breast cancer risk. Women are advised to reduce exposure to synthetic hair dyes to two to six times per year and undergo regular breast screening from the age of 40. Further research is required to clarify the relationship between hair dies and breast cancer risk in order to better inform women. It is reasonable to assume that hair dyes that consist of natural herbal ingredients such as rose hip, rhubarb etc are safe. There is no evidence that hair relaxers increase breast cancer risk.”

Top Rat Cities … Orkin has released their new list of the top 50 American cities with the most rats

1. Chicago
2. New York
3. Los Angeles
4. San Francisco – Oakland
5. Washington, DC
6. Philadelphia
7. Detroit
8. Baltimore
9. Seattle – Tacoma
10. Dallas – Ft. Worth
11. Denver
12. Minneapolis – St. Paul
13. Cleveland – Akron
14. Atlanta
15. Boston
16. Hartford – New Haven
17. Portland, OR
18. Miami – Ft. Lauderdale
19. Indianapolis
20. Houston
21. Milwaukee
22. Pittsburgh
23. New Orleans
24. Cincinnati
25. Richmond – Petersburg
26. Sacramento – Stockton
27. Kansas City
28. Charlotte
29. Norfolk – Portsmouth – Newport News
30. Buffalo
31. Columbus, OH
32. St. Louis
33. Raleigh – Durham
34. Grand Rapids – Kalamazoo
35. San Diego
36. Albany – Schenectady
37. San Antonio
38. Tampa – St. Petersburg
39. Rochester, NY
40. Nashville
41. Champaign – Springfield – Decatur
42. Greenville – Spartanburg
43. Memphis
44. Phoenix
45. Syracuse
46. West Palm Beach
47. Orlando – Daytona Beach
48. Madison
49. Flint – Saginaw
50. Green Bay – Appleton

Dear Fonseca:

My wife and I have been arguing as of late over how to reward our son. He is 9 years-old and doing well in school. I believe we should reward him with whatever he wants within reason. He loves chocolate and wants that as a reward. My wife is a health nut and doesn’t believe in rewarding our son with sweets. She says it’s a bad habit. I think it’s fine because we only reward him when he does something special in school. Is chocolate as a reward a bad thing? Who do you side with – my wife or I?

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