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Halloween is 20 days away. A new survey by Mumsnet reveals that 31% of parents would be happy if Halloween didn’t exist. 27% of parents dislike Halloween because of the pranks associated with it

calls with their scariest and funniest Halloween pranks:

Trending …
– Reuters claims Donald Trump may change tax laws for the NFL because of their National Anthem protests. He Tweeted: “Why is the NFL getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our Anthem, Flag and Country? Change tax law!”
– A new survey by Adobe reveals that 5% of consumers will start their holiday shopping before November 1st.
– The Blast claims Muhammad Ali’s company is suing Fox because they used his likeness in a Super Bowl tribute without permission. Ali passed away 8 months before the tribute aired
– The NY Post claims Jennifer Lopez recently wore a $3,400 Gucci leopard print dress while on a date with Alex Rodriguez. Her sunglasses cost $29
– The Blast claims Floyd Mayweather has sold his Las Vegas condo for $1.7 million. Located on the 55th floor of the Palms Casino Resort, it features a billiards room, a fireplace and an infinity edge spa on a private balcony.
– claims a movie about the life of legendary street brawler Kimbo Sliceis in the works. ”Kimbo” will chronicle Kevin Ferguson’s life from the time he started fighting until his death at age 42 from heart failure.
– Men’s Fitness claims Sly Stallone is going to direct and produce ”Creed 2” starring Michael B Jordan


Food Trending …
– Food + Wine magazine claims KFC restaurants in Australia are now selling deep fried mashed potato balls. Each Gravy Mashie Ball is filled with warm gravy.
– Elite Daily claims Oreo fans say the new mystery Oreo flavor tastes like Fruit Loops
– CNBC claims Pizza Hut is promising to deliver warmer pizzas. They’re using new insulation boxes with thicker sides. The boxes will increase pizza temperatures by 15 degrees


Hotel Hires Dog As Concierge: Mashable claims the Park Hyatt in Melbourne, Australia has hired a former guide dog to be their new concierge. Mr. Walker is an 18 month-old Golden Labrador. He greets guests in the lobby and attends client meetings. Guests can also take Mr. Walker for walks in nearby parks and gardens

Holiday Shopping Survey

A new survey by Coinstar reveals that 65% of people will set a holiday shopping budget this year. Other findings:

– 25% of people will buy all of their holiday gifts when they are on sale.

– 14% of people are last minute shoppers

– 7% of people complete the bulk of their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving.

– 39% of people cash in spare change so they will have extra money for holiday presents

– 23% of people will take money out of savings to pay for their holiday presents

– 68% of people would like to give coal to someone this holiday season

Apple Survey

A new survey by CNBC reveals that 64% of Americans now own an Apple product. Other findings:

– the average American household owns 2.6 Apple products.

– 27% of people say their time on their smartphone is mostly unproductive

Chocolate Pasta

Mashable claims the Carosello Italian restaurant in Victoria, Australia is serving Nutella pasta. The dessert dish features chocolate pasta covered in Nutella sauce, white chocolate parmesan cheese, raspberries, almond flakes, mint and Frangelico. The restaurant created the dish in honor of World Pasta Day on October 25th

Money Survey

A new survey by TD Bank reveals that 58% of people say it’s harder to find true love than financial success. Other findings:

– 37% of people are living paycheck-to-paycheck

– 26% of people are stressed because they are repaying a debt.

– the average person believes you should spend $2,000 on an engagement ring.

– 59% of couples believe families should split the cost of a wedding.

– 33% of couples argue about money at least once a week

– 15% of happy couples only argue about money once a week

13% of people are keeping a financial secret from their partner

– 35% of people have a secret bank account

– 8% of people have a bad credit score

Dear Fonseca:

My 13 year-old son has started off the school year by doing poorly in class. His grades are far below average. My husband and I are trying to think of ways to motivate him. I think we should reward our son with a new game console if he maintains a B average for the rest of the semester. My husband disagrees and says it’s his responsibility to maintain a B average and that we shouldn’t have to bribe him to get him to perform well in school. Do you think it’s wrong to offer a game console as a reward or is this positive motivation? My husband says bribes are illegal so bribing our son will make him believe it’s ok to buy people.

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