Brooke Shields tells Bravo that Donald Trump once used a cheesy pickup line on her. “I didn’t go out with him; he called me. I was on location doing a movie, and he called me right after he had gotten a divorce from Marla Maples. He said, ‘I really think we should date, because you’re America’s sweetheart, and I’m America’s richest man, and the people would love it.'”

What are  best and worst pickup lines they’ve heard

Female Survey: “Did you agree to go out with a man because he used a hilariously bad pickup line? If so, what happened?”

The sequel to “Blade Runner”, ”Blade Runner 2049”, is drawing rave reviews

Survey: “What movie shouldn’t have gotten a sequel? What made the sequel so bad? Did you ask for your money back?”

Vegas Shooting Trending …
– Inside Edition claims Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock hung a Do Not Disturb sign on his hotel room door to hide his arsenal
– Raw Story claims Stephen Paddock shot two aviation fuel tanks near the Route 91 Harvest Festival. The bullets didn’t penetrate the tanks and thus a massive explosion was avoided.
– A new survey by Rasmussen Reports reveals that 32% of people are less likely to go to concerts and large outdoor events following the Las Vegas massacre
– Perez Hilton claims MGM Resorts is donating $3 million to the victims of the Las Vegas massacre
– The NY Daily News claims the University of Nevada Las Vegas will honor the victims of Sunday’s Las Vegas massacre by wearing special black helmets during their game against San Diego State on Saturday


Trending …
– The Hollywood Reporter claims TV networks are scared of interviewing OJ Simpson because they’re worried advertisers may cancel.

– CNN claims Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico have resorted to eating dog food because human food is scarce
– Business Insider claims the release of the ninth Fast and the Furious movie has been pushed back to April 10, 2020.
– Broadway World claims Jimmy Kimmel is going to tape his show in New York next week. Guests will include Billy Joel, David Letterman, Tracy Morgan and Amy Schumer.
– claims Kevin Hart recently sent his pregnant wife Eniko 145 red and pink roses that spelled out “I (heart) U”.
– Brobible claims Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid has promised his players Totino’s Pizza Rolls if they win. Chiefs center Zach Fulton says the team is 4-0 because they love the rolls.
– Calvin Klein has chosen Jake Gyllenhaal to front their new ad campaign for Eternity cologne.


New Movies Opening Tonight

Blade Runner 2049 (Rated R) … STARRING: Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford … a new blade runner, LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling), seeks out an old blade runner in an attempt to save humanity

My Little Pony: The Movie (Rated PG) … STARRING: Kristin Chenoweth, Emily Blunt, Zoe Saldana, Taye Diggs, Liev Schreiber .. Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rarity save Ponyville from evil forces

The Mountain Between Us (Rated PG13) .. Starring:Kate Winslet, Idris Elba, Beau Bridges, Dermot Mulroney … two strangers try and survive a plane crash on a remote, snow covered mountain.

Brawl in Cell Block 99 (Rated R) … STARRING: Vince Vaughn, Don Johnson … a former boxer (Vaughn) loses his job as an auto mechanic before getting busted for selling drugs. He goes to prison where he causes chaos

Cinema Scoop: Blade Runner 2049

Jared Leto plays a visually impaired character named Niander Wallace. IMDB claims Jared blinded himself by wearing opaque contact lenses.

Leto filmed his scenes for the movie in Hungary in two weeks.

Contact Music claims Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve wanted David Bowie to star in the movie as the replicant maker. ”Our first thought [for the character] had been David Bowie, who had influenced ‘Blade Runner’ in many ways. When we learned the sad news, we looked around for someone like that.”

The movie cost $185 million to produce

Two Year-Old Found Safe And Sound With Dog: People magazine claims two year-old William Holden of Saucier, Missouri recently wandered away from his home. His family, his neighbors and the police went looking for him. They found William sleeping in a truck a quarter mile from his home. His dog was right next to him. Cops found William by following his and his dog’s tracks. William’s dog never left his side

Baby Love: Newser claims a man and woman born on the exact same day at the exact same Massachusetts hospital recently got married. Jessica Gomes and Aaron Bairos were both born on April 28, 1990, at a hospital 40 miles south of Boston. They met in high school through mutual friends. Jessica discovered the coincidence when she saw Aaron’s birthday printed on his learner’s permit in driver’s ed class. The couple later realized that they were both born in the same hospital. Jessica says it was love at first sight.

Most Popular 2017 Pet Costumes according to the National Retail Federation

Hot dog
Dog, lion or pirate
Batman character
Star Wars character

Pizza Survey

A new survey by California Pizza Kitchen reveals that if people could only eat one food for the rest of their lives 20% would eat pizza. Other findings:

– 36% of people would give up bacon for a year in exchange for free pizza on demand

– 33% of people would give up coffee for a year in exchange for free pizza on demand

– 25% of people would give up an hour of sleep a night for free pizza on demand

– 50% of people eat pizza while watching sports

– The average person spends $570 a year on pizza

– 48% of people say eating pizza brings them pleasure

Facebook Facelifts: The Sun claims women are undergoing ‘Facebook facelifts’ in order to resemble Rihanna, Megan Fox and Kate Middleton. The paper claims 30% of women and 20% of men feel pressure to look good on social media.

A London plastic surgeon named Julian de Silva tells the paper; “Megan Fox is one of the great screen beauties of her age and she has a symmetrically perfect diamond-shaped face. More women covet this shape than any other. Another beautifully elegant face shape that many women desire is an oval. Rihanna is a great example of a striking woman with a gorgeous oval face Facebook facelifts are on the rise as social media creates new pressures on people to look good, particularly in their public profiles and the pictures they share with friends.”

Spider Survey

A new survey by Insight Pest Solutions reveals that 33% of people would live in a house full of spiders if their rent or mortgage was paid for a year. Other findings:

– three most frightening pests: snakes followed by spiders and wasps.

– men are 20% more likely than women to fear snakes

– women are 40% more likely than men to fear spiders

– 40% of people would consider moving if they had a spider problem in their home

Beer For Menopausal Women: The Drinks Business website claims the Portsmouth Brewery in New Hampshire has created a beer for menopausal women called Libeeration

Brewery co-owner Joanne Francis tells the site; “It’s taken years to bring this idea to market. After consulting with women health practitioners and herbalists, our team came up with ingredients believed to relieve symptoms like sleeplessness, hot flashes, and mood swings. And, we want to shift the mentality from focusing on the negative aspects of this stage in life, to celebrating the liberating aspects! Fun, crazy, wildly different: that was our goal to reach women who truly know what it means to be hot!”

Dear Fonseca,

My girlfriend wants me to take her to see Blade Runner 2049. The only reason she wants to see the movie is because she is in love with Ryan Gosling. When I jokingly asked if she thinks about him when we’re making love she refused to answer. This started a fight because I wanted to know if it was true or not. She told me that some thoughts are meant to be kept private. I disagree. I think I have a right to know if she’s thinking about other men when she’s with me. She doesn’t think she has to divulge. Who’s right – me or her?

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