INSTANT PHONER: Labor Day Weekend is here.

Survey: Ask your audience to call with funny stories about the worst (summer) jobs they have held


Hurricane Harvey Trending …

– Donald Trump
plans to donate $1 million in personal funds to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.
– Breitbart claims Donald and Melania Trump will most likely visit Texas and Lake Charles, Louisiana on Saturday. They will be there to survey Hurricane Harvey damage
– CNN claims gas prices have risen by 10 cents a gallon since Hurricane Harvey struck Texas
– PR Newswire claims Tempur-Sealy is donating $1 million in beds to Hurricane Harvey victims.
– claims Nestle is donating 1.3 million bottles of water to Hurricane Harvey relief
– Fox Business claims Hurricane Harvey could cost 1 million people their jobs
People magazine claims Tyler Perry has donated $1 million to Hurricane Harvey relief


Trending …
– Raw Story claims the city of Los Angeles has become the latest city to announce they will be celebrating Indigenous People’s Day instead of Columbus Day.
– Elite Daily claims Pillsbury Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Rolls have hit store shelves ahead of Halloween.
– Popsugar claims Ben & Jerry’s Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream has hit store shelves ahead of Halloween

– Competitive eater Matt Stonie recently devoured 100 barbecue pork spare ribs
. During this quest to eat the ribs, he downed 15, 395 calories
– Ace Showbiz claims former Lakers star and Knicks coach Derek Fisher may compete on Dancing With the Stars. Frankie Munoz from Malcolm in the Middle is also rumored to be competing on the show


No Selfies With Hurricane Harvey Gators And Snakes: Law enforcement officials are warning people in flooded areas of Texas not to take selfies with crocodiles, alligators and snakes. The aforementioned wildlife are floating in residential areas because of Hurricane Harvey flood waters. Residents are also being warned not to wakeboard in ditches because crocs, gators and snakes could be wading in the water.



Boy’s Lemonade Stand Raises $400 For Hurricane Harvey Victims: The NY Daily News claims a 5 year-old Philadelphia boy is being hailed as a hero for raising $400 for Hurricane Harvey victims with his lemonade stand.

The boy’s mother, Margaret Brown, tells Fox News; “Jett’s grandparents are down there and we’ve been talking to them for the past few days and so, of course, Jett was concerned and we wanted to do something to help out. It was something we could do to get Jett involved. We are just amazed with the outpouring of support from Philadelphians and people around the country. What started out as a simple lemonade stand really has grown and we just want to help anyway we can the people down in Houston and all over Texas.”





Naughty Pets Survey

A new survey by Pets At Home reveals that 10% of pet owners have been forced to miss work because of a mess caused by their misbehaving pet. Other findings:

– 66% of pet owners say their pet has eaten something they shouldn’t have

– 40% of pet owners have returned home to find pet waste in their house.

– 25% of pet owners say their pet has chewed on their furniture


Fatigue Survey

A new survey by the National Safety Council reveals that 76% of people say they feel tired at work. Other findings;

– 53% of people are less productive at work when they are tired

– 44% of people have trouble focusing on a regular basis because they are tired

– 27% of people have trouble making decisions at work because of fatigue.

– 10% of workers don’t take regular rest breaks

Financial Secrets

A new survey by TD Bank reveals that 13% of people keep financial secrets from their partner. Other findings:

– 15% of people keep child support or alimony secrets from their partner.

– 8% of people lie about their poor finances.

– 45% of people say credit card debt makes them less likely to date someone

Labor Day (Weekend)

Labor Day Trending …

– 10% of men are more likely to change jobs before tossing out their underwear for a new pair. (Tommy John Mens Underwear)
– 7.5% of people have had to change jobs because an office fling ended bad (Eventa)
– 5% of millenials look for other jobs while at work (
– 10% of employees eat lunch out of a vending machine at least once a week (Careerbuilder)
– 50% of people have a co-worker who eats stinky food for lunch (Lovin Dublin)
– 28% of men and 20% of women have had a co-worker that was their friend with benefits (LoveHoney)
– A survey by Careerbuilder reveals that 25% of employees are late to work at least once a month.
– A survey by the ink-cartridge firm reveals that 20% of employees confide in a co-worker before they do their partner.
– Nuts magazine reports that 21% of people would sleep with their boss in order to get a promotion at work.
– A survey by the online beauty retailer reveals that 50% of women wear scarlet lipstick to impress a male employer.
– the average employer loses $3,596 a year in lost productivity for each Millennial they hire (the recruitment firm Ajilon)
– 13% of people have covered up tattoos with make-up because they didn’t want an employer to see them. (






Dear Fonseca:

I have a date with a new man named Craig on Saturday. The girls and I in the office got into a bit of a heated discussion on Wednesday about whether or not men should still open car doors for women. Some of the girls in the office love the chivalry and a man with good manners. The rest of us could care less if a man opens a door. I can open my own door and think it shows weakness if I allow a man to do it. Some of the women in the office say when a man opens a door for a woman it makes her look inferior and that she is below him. What do you and the rest of the show think? Can you ask other women and listeners what they think?

The New College Football Season

Kicks Off In Earnest This Weekend

Luxury Tailgating Suites:

The University of Kentucky is offering luxury tailgating suites. Each unit is available for season and single game rentals and features a kitchen, a full size fridge, heating and air conditioning, a bathroom and four televisions. Single game rentals cost $5,000 while full season rentals cost $30,000.

The cost does not include game tickets.

$200,000 Tailgating Van: Mercedes Benz and Alabama coach Nick Saban designed a $200,000 tailgating van. The nine-passenger van features three TVs, hi-tech audio and video systems and a premium cooler. The van also has hardwood flooring, leather seats with Saban’s autograph stitched in and massage chairs.

Football 101: Presbyterian College is famous for a one-credit course titled “The Religion of SEC Football’.

The class description reads: “Woo Pig Sooie!? Roll Tide!? Go Cocks!? What is it about college football that turns otherwise sane people into raving lunatics? Why is it that each fall millions of people schedule their lives around SEC football, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for RV’s and tailgating for days prior to a game? Why do fans often hate another school — such as the ‘Bama fan who poisoned 130-year old trees at Auburn? This class will attempt to answer these sorts of questions by exploring the ‘religion’ of Southeastern Conference football and how each of us fit into that faith.”

Gridiron Now claims tuition at Presbyterian College costs over $47,186 a year

Master Chef

With the college football season here, a Weber Grill survey reveals that 50% of tailgaters classify themselves as “gourmet” grillers. Other findings:

– gourmet tailgaters spend an average of $165 per tailgate while regular tailgaters spend an average of $106

– gourmet grillers rank their favorite parking lot foods as: chicken (43%), ribs (39%), brats (37%), and steak (33%)

– basic grillers rank their favorite foods as: hamburgers (70%), brats (45%), chicken (42%), and hot dogs (42%).

– the average tailgate party involves 20 people

– 58% of tailgaters use charcoal grills followed by gas grills (48%), smokers (10%), and electric grills (7%).
What fans tailgate …

– 54% tailgate for NCAA Football
– 54% tailgate at NFL games
– 28% tailgate at NASCAR events
– 22% tailgate before Major League Baseball games
– 20% tailgate for Concerts
– 19% tailgate for High School Sports

Tailgate Party

A tailgating survey by Weber Grills reveals that only 50% of people consider tickets to the game a must-have item for their tailgating party. Other findings:

– 20% of people have tailgated in the past year

– the average tailgater spends $122 on their party
Top 5 Tailgating Must-Haves

1. grill (82%)

2. food (80%)

3. a cooler (80%)

4. chairs (76%)

5. alcoholic beverages (68%)

Drive Time

A survey by Enterprise Rent-A-Car reveals that college football fans are willing to drive more than 230 miles to see their favorite team play. Other findings:

– hockey fans are willing to drive more than 185 miles to see their favorite team play

– pro football fans are willing to drive more than 165 miles to see their favorite team play

– baseball fans are willing to drive more than 164 miles to see their favorite team play

– pro basketball fans are willing to drive more than 112 miles to see their favorite team play

– people are willing to drive 150 miles to see their favorite band or artist play

– people would drive two hours to eat at their favorite restaurant

Football Or Bust

A survey by Dave & Buster’s reveals that 50% of football fans would cancel a date to watch their favorite team play. Other findings:

– 50% of fans would miss work and almost 17% would ditch a family wedding to watch their favorite football team play.

– 25% of fans would ditch a friend’s birthday party to watch their favorite football team play.

– other than watching a game at the stadium, a restaurant/bar is the top spot to watch a game.

Tight Ends

A survey published by Metro reveals that 40% of men would rather watch football than make love. Other findings:

– 14% of men are open to a quickie during a football game

– sales of adult toys rise during football season

Tailgate Survey

A survey by You Gov reveals that 27% of fans tailgate before college football games. Other findings:

– 77% of tailgaters drink alcohol during their tailgate event

– 21% of fans tailgate sober

– 33% of people drink booze every time they attend a tailgate party.

– top tailgate beers …. Bud Light, Sam Adams, Blue Moon and Corona

– 33% of tailgaters have gotten so drunk during a tailgate party that they didn’t make it to the game.

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