E! News claims Ralph Macchio is reprising his Karate Kid character Daniel LaRusso in a new YouTube Red series called ”Cobra Kai”. His blonde-haired arch-nemesis from the movie, William Zabka, will also star in the new TV series. The show takes place 31 years after Ralph and William’s fight. William reopens his Cobra dojo before reigniting his rivalry with Ralph.

Survey: “Are you going to watch the new Karate Kid TV show? Does the show’s storyline sound like a winner? Is Hollywood fresh out of new ideas? Does the show tarnish the original film? Do you know someone, who performed Daniel’s crane move and failed? What funny thing happened?”

Trending …
– says no one won Friday’s Mega Millions lottery jackpot.Tuesday’s drawing is worth $346 million. Friday’s numbers were 9, 17, 25, 63, 71 and 04.

– No one won Saturday’s Powerball jackpot.
The estimated jackpot for Wednesday is $307 million. The lump sum cash payout is $193.2 million. Saturday’s winning numbers were: 11, 21, 28, 33, 45 and 11

– US Weekly claims Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are splitting after eight years of marriage.
They said; “We are sad to announce we are legally separating. We tried really hard for a long time, and we’re really disappointed. Our son has two parents who love him very much and for his sake we want to keep the situation as private as possible moving forward. We still love each other and will always cherish our time together.”
– BroBible claims hackers posted last night’s episode of Game of Thrones on the Internet on Friday. HBO is continuing to investigate.

– Techspot claims Google tried to buy Snapchat for $30 billion.
The site claims Snapchat is worth $14 billion. Snapchat reportedly rejected the offer
– The NY Post claims Whoopi Goldberg has signed on to return for a 10th season of The View.
– The NY Daily News claims White House aide Kellyanne Conway says the White House may start using lie detectors on staffers in order to stop leaks. ”Well, they may, they may not.”
– Breitbart, citing The Wall Street Journal, claims Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixonmay run for Governor of New York against Andrew Cuomo.
– claims Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spent $16 million on his Hall of Fame party. Justin Timberlake performed for two hours on Saturday
– The Sun claims Donald Trump crashed a wedding at his New Jersey golf club on Saturday. He congratulated the bride and groom following a round of golf. Raw Story quotes one guest as saying; “The president was ‘less orange than expected.”


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend’s box office results.

1. “The Dark Tower,” $19.5 million ($8 million international) (Cinema Scoop .. The movie cost $60 million to produce)

2. “Dunkirk,” $17.6 million

3. “The Emoji Movie,” $12.4 million

4. “Girls Trip,” $11.4 million

5. “Kidnap,” $10.2 million.

6. “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” $8.8 million

7. “Atomic Blonde,” $8.2 million

8. “Detroit,” $7.3 million.

9. “War for the Planet of the Apes,” $6 million

10. “Despicable Me 3,” $5.3 million









Dog Is Couple’s Ring Bearer: Inside Edition claims Sheri Atchison and Sean McCrory recently used their dog Alfie as their ring bearer. The couple attached their wedding rings to the back of his collar before he walked down the aisle and handed them off.

Sean tells the TV show; “He’s such an important part of our family that it only made sense he’d be the one to carry the symbols of our bond. He’s the glue that holds us together….plus he looks great in a suit.”

Post Fight Gifts Survey

A new study posted in the Evolutionary Psychological Science Journal reveals the top gifts men and women give following a fight.

Men give ..

Say yes to anything/ give in
Give each other space
Spend time together
Wait for partner to apologize
Make them laugh
Sex/sexual favors
Drink alcohol
Take the blame

Women give …

Forgive partner
Ignore or avoid
Pretend that nothing
Involve a friend
Cook or bake
for partner
Show affection

Older Men, Younger Women

A new study by the University of Colorado reveals that the bigger the age difference among married couples, the bigger the let down afterwards.

Researcher Tara McKinnish. tells the South China Morning Post; “We find that men who are married to younger wives are the most satisfied, and men who are married to older wives are the least satisfied. Women actually are also particularly dissatisfied when they’re married to older husbands and particularly satisfied if they’re married to younger husbands. People who are married to much older or younger spouses tend to have larger declines in marital satisfaction compared to those who are married to spouses who are similar in age. Couples with a large age gap usually see a decline in satisfaction after six to 10 years of marriage. When couples have a large age difference, then they tend to have a much larger decline in marital satisfaction when faced with an economic shock than couples that have a very small age difference.”

You’ll love these callers:

Tattoo Survey

A new survey by reveals that 14% of women regret tattooing someone’s name on their body. Other findings:

– 13% of women regret getting an animal-themed tattoo

– 13% of women regret getting a tribal-themed tattoo

– 3% of women regret getting tattoos of Chinese characters

– 10% of women regret getting religious-themed tatts

– 21% of men regret getting tribal-themed tattoos

– 18% of men regret getting a tattoo of someone’s name

– most regretted tattoo locations for women: upper back followed by feet, chest and stomach

– most regretted tattoo locations for men: biceps followed by arms and shoulders

Hair Survey

A new survey by the beauty retailer Look Fantastic reveals that the average woman spends 6 full days a year doing her hair. Other findings:

– 49% of women wash and dry their hair on a daily basis

– 66% of women have limp hair

– 89% of women color their hair in order to look more attractive

– 40% of women have highlights in their hair

Dear Fonseca:

On Saturday, I was doing some landscaping and gardening in my backyard when I heard my neighbors laughing and splashing around in their pool. After several minutes, I realized I recognized the female voice as my neighbor Gail, but not the male voice. I started to get curious so I went out front and saw that’s Gail’s husband’s F-150 wasn’t in the driveway. I returned to my backyard. This time, I heard Gail giggling and other noises (wink wink) coming from her pool. A six-foot privacy fence divides our homes so she has no idea I was listening in.
Yesterday, I asked Gail where her husband was. She said he was out of town. I am sure she and the guy in the pool were cheating. Gail’s husband is the nicest guy in the world. As a good neighbor I believe I should tell him what I heard. My mother says I should keep my mouth shut. What would you do if you were me?

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