AAA says 44.2 million Americans will travel for Independence Day. That’s up 1.25 million from last year

“Where is the strangest or funniest place you’ve run out of gas while traveling? What strange or funny people did you encounter? What strange or funny things did you see?”


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– Alec Baldwin tells CNN that he is returning to Saturday Night Live to impersonate Donald Trump. “Yea, we’re going to fit that in. I think people have enjoyed it.”

– Variety magazine claims Bill Clinton recently told Alec Baldwin that he should run for office
. “Now that we know it works the other way around, you should run again. You’ll probably win this time.”

– TMZ claims Barack Obama and his family recently went white water rafting in Bali.
– claims Disney World’s Hall of Presidents is going to feature a family-friendly Donald Trump robot called Robo Trump.

– Contact Music claims Rebel Wilson is launching her own plus-size fashion line.
The line should hit stores later this summer
– The Observer claims Walt Disney’s first ever Disneyland map recently sold for $708,000. The buyer was not identified
People magazine claims Charlie Sheen is selling Babe Ruth’s 1927 World Series ring. Bidding on the ring has surpassed $600,000
– AV Club claims Ben Affleck has signed on for a sequel to ”The Accountant”

– The Farm Bureau says the average cost for a July 4th barbecue for 10 people is $55.70 or $5.57 per person.
That’s down 1% from last year


World’s Largest Fidget Spinner: LiveLeak claims Tony Fisher, of Ipswich, England, recently built the world’s largest fidget spinner. The spinner is 9 feet tall with a radius of 5.5 feet. The spinner is 10 feet in diameter. It took Tony 40 hours to build the homemade spinner.

July 4th Fireworks Destroy And Damage Six Homes: CBS claims three New York City men were recently arrested for engaging in a fireworks fight that destroyed two Bronx homes and damaged four others. The men were shooting July 4th fireworks at each other when the explosives ignited a home. Nine pople were injured in the blaze. The men were charged with arson, reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and illegal possession of fireworks. The families of the three men admit they engaged in the fireworks fight, but say they left for work before the blaze started.



Mom Gives Birth On Side Of Road: KARE claims Janelle Peterson recently gave birth on the side of the road in Baldwin, Wisconsin. She was driving to the hospital to give birth when she realized she was not going to make it and was going to have to deliver in her car. Peterson called 911 before a dispatcher coached her through her delivery. First Responders quickly arrived and helped deliver the baby.

Medic Joe Meyer tells the TV station: “She said that the baby was coming and I literally put my hands out and the baby was out. That quick. It was maybe a minute.”

Janelle and her son are doing well.

Office Affairs

A new survey by Printerland reveals that 11% of workers have fantasized about sleeping with their boss. Other findings:

– 42% of workers have fantasized about having an affair with a co-worker or client.

– 30% of workers have had some sort of an affair with a co-worker.

– 40% of workers suspect their colleagues are cheating with someone else in the office.

– 43% of people have kept an office tryst quiet for fear of getting fired.

– 39% of people, who have had an office affair have gone on to marry their co-worker.

– men (48%) are more likely than women (39%) to keep their office affair a secret.

Tattoo Survey

A new survey by Statista reveals that 40% of adults have at least one tattoo. Other findings:

– 25% of people have multiple tattoos

– 19% of people are considering getting a tattoo.

– 38% of people got a tattoo to express their style and opinion

– 34% of people have gotten a tattoo to pay tribute to their children.

Makeup Survey

A new survey by Superdrug reveals that the average woman spends 29 minutes a day applying makeup. Other findings:

– the average woman uses 10 makeup products in order to look flawless

33% of women watch online tutorials in order to achieve a flawless look.

– 29% of women use double the amount of mascara on their lashes

– 6% of women will not allow their partner to see their au natural look

– 14% of women wake up early and apply makeup so their partner sees them looking their best

Pets And Dating

A new survey by PlayBuzz reveals that 20% of people prefer to date someone with a pet. Other findings:

– 12% of people would dump a lover if they didn’t like their pet.

– 55% of people won’t date someone, who owns a tarantula

– 8% of people started dating someone as a result of a chance meeting of two pets

– 30% of people would rather kiss a dog owner than a non-dog owner

– 25% of women would be more likely to date someone if they owned a pet. 15% of men said the same thing

Deodorizing Hanger

Panasonic has created a new deodorizing hanger. The hangar’s “nanoe” technology electrifies water particles from the air and then uses them to deodorize fabric. The $180 hangar will be out in September


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