The Huffington Post claims a car thief from Palm Beach County, Florida almost knocked himself out following a robbery. The thief took coins, a phone charger and a stethoscope from a car in Wellington before running off. The thief’s pants fell down causing him to trip and crash head-first into the door of his getaway car. He was stunned for several seconds before crawling into the car and driving off. Cops have released surveillance video of the crime in hopes someone will identify the thief.

“We Asked your audience to call with their funny stories about guys and their baggy pants. How did they trip and embarrass themselves? Did something else funny happened? Did an elderly person scold them about their low-riders?”


Trending …
– People magazine claims Erin Andrews and Jarret Stoll married on Saturday in Montana. Family and friends attended the nuptials. Stoll is a hockey player
– Raw Story claims North Korean leader Kim Jong un likes having his ears Photoshoped to make himself appear more handsome. He uses several filters to delete ear acne
– ABC claims a Phoenix, Arizona couple recently visited Harrah’s Casino in Las Vegas where they won $944,337.37 on a Willy Wonka penny slot machine.
– The Pro Wrestling Sheet claims the WWE is trying to get LaVar Ball to make an appearance on Raw when the show comes to Los Angeles.
– The Charlotte Observer claims the University of Nevada recently offered a college football scholarship to 9 year old Havon Finney Jr. The grade schooler is currently being trained by a former Louisville football player.
– Mashable claims Heritage Auctions is selling a diamond encrusted Yoda pendentfor $3,500.


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend’s box office results.

1 – Transformers: Last Knight – $45.3 million (Cinema Scoop … the movie cost $260 million to produce. It is the most expensive Transformers film ever. The film had the lowest domestic opening of any Transformers movie yet … $265 million worldwide)

2 – Cars 3 – $25.2 million

2 – Wonder Woman – $25.2 million

3 – 47 Meters Down – $7.43 million

4 – All Eyez On Me – $5.85 million

5 – The Mummy – $5.83 million

6 – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – $5.24 million

7 – Rough Night – $4.7 million

8 – Captain Underpants – $4.28 million

9 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – $3 million

10 – Beatriz At Dinner – $1.8 million









Grocery Store Places Scooby Snacks Next To Children’s Snacks: A New Zealand grocery store chain has apologized for placing Scooby Snacks next to children’s snacks on store shelves. Many parents fed the dog snacks to their children without realizing they were dog food.

A representative from the Foodstuffs NZ grocery store chain tells the New Zealand Herald; “The store relocated the product to the pet food aisle, and has since decided to withdraw the product from sale and return it to the supplier. On reflection, we can see how the cartoon characters on the packaging might be confusing. We apologize for any distress this has caused to anyone who bought the product by mistake and will happily offer a refund to any customer in this position.”

Parents react ….

“I wondered why my boy didn’t like the taste of them”

“I got these today not knowing they were dog food [and] tried giving one to my 1 year old. Lucky he wasnt hungry and I ended up eating one and spitting it back out followed by reading the packet more”

“I was absolutely mortified when I gave them to my daughter. She took one bite and said, ‘this is rubbish’. I looked at the packet closely and gasped, ‘Oh no, I am so sorry. I just fed you dog food’.”


92 Year-Old Walmart Greeter Retiring: The Daily News Online claims 92 year-old Rosalyn Sharp is retiring after spending the last 22 years working as a Walmart greeter. She only called in sick once during her time as a greeter. When asked what she plans to do in the future, Roz said, “I’m going to clean the house and stay out of trouble. Cook a lot too. Walmart has always been so nice to me. My happiest memory is being here and enjoying the people.”

What Men Want

A new survey by Elite Singles reveals that 30% of men say the most attractive trait a woman can have is a good sense of humor. Other findings:

– 25% of single men seek a woman who is kind

– 24% of single men seek a woman who is reliable

– 21% of single men seek a woman who is open-minded

– 15% of single men seek a woman who is passionate

– 6% of single men seek a woman who is flirty

Naughty Dog Breeds

A new survey by Pets at Home reveals that 66% of pet owners say their dog has eaten something they shouldn’t have. Other findings:

– 40% of pet owners have returned home to find an ‘unwelcome present’ (dog waste) in their house.

– 25% of pet owners have returned home to find furniture chewed and ruined

– Top 10 Worst Behaved Dog Breeds

1. Labrador

2. Jack Russell

3. Cocker Spaniel

4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

5. Border Collie

6. Golden Retriever

7. Labrador Retriever

8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

9. German Shepherd

10. Yorkshire Terrier

Bedtime Routine Survey

A new survey by Better Bathrooms reveals that the average parent spends 90 minutes putting their kids to bed. Other findings:

– 15% of dads work late to avoid their children’s bedtime routine.

– 45% of parents say it takes two parents to get their children to sleep.

– the average bedtime story lasts 22 minutes

– 14% of parents regularly give in and allow their child to sleep in their bed with them

Hair Survey

A new survey by reveals that the average woman spends $55,000 on grooming and styling duringher lifetime. Other findings:

– the state of California has the most fake blondes

– the state of Kentucky has the most women with frizzy hair

– the average Florida woman spends 45 minutes blow drying her hair each day

– the state of Pennsylvania has the most natural blondes

– the state of Ohio has the most amount of redheads

– the average California woman spends $150 on her hair each month

– the average North Carolina woman spends $20 on her hair each month

– the average Tennessee woman only washes her hair once a week

– 50% of women have never bought a hair coloring product

– 4% of women are natural redheads

– 40% of women have bleached and highlighted their hair

Dear Fonseca:

Two Fridays ago I met a woman, who is 21 years younger than me at Happy Hour. She and I were both alone and started chatting. Several drinks later, we agreed to go out. The next night, we had dinner. We’ve been on several dates since. Everything was going perfect until Saturday. A friend from high school is in town. We met for lunch before he started talking about how happy he is that he and his daughter have reconciled after years of not talking. I crapped my pants when he showed me a picture of her. His daughter is the younger woman I am dating from Happy Hour. What do I do? Tell him? Tell her? Say nothing?

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