INSTANT PHONER: With students starting their summer break, some malls have instituted a new rule that calls for those under 17 to be accompanied by an adult when in the mall after 6:00 p.m.. Mall security guards plan to randomly check IDs. Unaccompanied, underage teens will be be asked to leave the mall.

One mall spokesman says, “I really do respect that there are parents who may not agree with us completely. I can tell you that we’ve also spoken with all of the merchants and they think this a very good idea.”

Survey: “Are mall curfews for teens a good or bad idea? Are mall curfews for teens a form of discrimination? What’s the funniest or strangest thing you’ve seen a teen do at the mall?”

– Biggest DVD Releases This Week: Beauty and the Beast, Fist Fight and Aftermath

– Biggest iTunes Streaming Releases This Week:
Beauty and the Beast

– Breitbart claims drivers in 21 states have applied for vanity plates that read COVFEFE.
Donald Trump’s new word was the top trending story on Twitter for a day.
– Us Weekly claims Caitlyn Jenner has adopted a two month-old Labrador named Bertha.
– The NY Post claims Harley-Davidson is recalling 57,000 motorcycles because of an oil line that can come loose and spray oil onto the rear tire
– Jimmie Johnson underwent surgery yesterday to have some skin cancer removed. He Tweeted: ”Wear sunblock kids. I’ve spent the morning on a table having Basal Cell Carcinoma cut out of my shoulder.”

– Tom Cruise
tells Extra that he is developing a TV series based on ”Interview with the Vampire”
– The Wrap claims Al Pacino is going to play Joe Paterno in a new HBO movie about the Penn State sexual abuse scandal.
– ESPN claims the Buffalo Bisons baseball team recently wore Star Wars jerseys that featured Jabba the Hutt’s face

– The Daily Star claims online bookies have placed Simon Cowell’s odds of receiving a knighthood at 11-8

– The San Diego Times claims competitive eater Joey Chestnut won the World Ice Cream Sandwich eating championship this past Sunday. He downed 25 chocolate chip cookie and vanilla ice cream sandwiches in six minutes. Joey took home a $2,000 grand prize
– Nashville beat Pittsburgh in Game Four of the Stanley Cup Finals 4-1. The series is now tied 2-2



Mom Spends $25K On Son’s Prom: The Star Tribune claims Saudia Shuler, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, recently spent $25,000 on her son’s prom. She rented a camel, trucked in three tons of sand and leased a Rolls-Royce and a Lamborghini for the night. Johnny Eden Jr. took three young women to prom in custom-made gowns. He wore three different outfits during the dance. Saudia splurged because she beat cancer and a stroke and wanted to make sure her son had an unforgettable prom.

Sleep Survey

A new survey by the Jury’s Inn hotel chain reveals that 50% of people hit their snooze button in the morning. Other findings:

– the average person spends 4 days a year snoozing.

– 38% of snooze button pushers stay in bed for an extra 15 minutes

– 12% of snooze button pushers stay in bed for 30 minutes or more

– 25% of people say their partner steals the covers

– 70% of people favor sleep over cuddling

– 68% of people kiss their partner goodnight


Making Love At Work

A new survey by the Australian gadget company Yellow Octopus reveals that 11% of people have had relations with a co-worker. Other findings:

– 4% of people have gotten naughty in the office with a non-employee.

– 15% of people have had relations in the workplace

Father’s Day Survey

A new survey by the National Retail Federation reveals that consumers will spend $15.5 billion on Father’s Day this year. Other findings:

– the average consumer will spend $134 on Father’s Day this year. That’s up from $125 last year.

– 27% of fathers would like to receive a gift of experience for Father’s Day.

– 25% of children plan to give their father tickets to a concert or a sporting event for Father’s Day
… Top Father’s Day gifts …

home improvement supplies (16%)

consumer electronics (21%)

cologne (21%)

gift cards (43%)

clothing (46%)

Phone Addiction

A new survey by YouGov reveals that 38% of teens don’t think they could last a day without their smartphone. Other findings:

– 16% of teens don’t think they could last a day without their laptop.

– 12% of teens believe they could last one month or more without their smartphone.

– 25% of teens believe they could last one month or more without their laptop.

Dear Fonseca:

I am upset with my husband because of how close he has become with his work spouse. The two are inseparable at work and often text and call one another at all hours of the night. They gossip, tell jokes and now have begun to secretly confide in one another. I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t jealous. When I confronted my husband he admitted that he has begun to confide in his work spouse. He says if she was a man it wouldn’t be an issue. I told him that having an emotional relationship with his work spouse is like cheating. He disagrees. Who’s right – me or him?

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