INSTANT PHONER: Yahoo News claims an Amtrak train recently stalled on its way from New York to Washington. Dom’s Pizza in Newport. Delaware got a phone call from a passenger, who wanted a pizza. The pizzeria filled the order by having their deliveryman walk through a backyard, climb down a steep embankment and navigate a water-filled ditch.

Survey: “Where is the funniest or weirdest place you’ve heard of a pizza being delivered? What happened? What challenges did the delivery person face?”

National Piercing Day

Today is International Body Piercing Day

A survey by Skinfo reveals that 30% of HR managers feel that bad breath and piercings are bigger red flags than tattoos.

A survey published in Working World reveals that 60% of employers are less likely to hire a candidate with piercings

A survey by Avant Resources reveals that 50% of workplaces employ people with “excessive” piercings.

The dating site Gorgeous Networks asked men and women what turns them ‘on’ and ‘off’. 25% of men say facial piercings on a woman are a turn-off.

A survey by OfficeTeam reveals that 15% of managers think visible piercings are a dress code violation

10% of men are turned off by excessive piercings (Source:

16% of women are turned off by xcessive piercings (Source:

6% of managers say employees show too many tattoos and piercings (Office Team)

Corset Piercing: ‘Corset piercing’ has become the latest craze in Britain. The process involves implanting metal rings into the skin and then joining them together with a ribbon to give a corset effect. The $450 piercing can be applied to any area of the body where the skin is loose enough to pinch in order to thread a needle. Many choose to pierce their back. The corset lasts for a month and leaves tiny red scars

Trending …

– Us Weekly claims
Chris Daughtry may join American Idol as a judge. He finished fourth on the show in 2006

– McDonald’s restaurants in Japan have added curly fries to their menu
. The ‘Twister Fries’ are also being sold in the Philippines
– OnCars claims Harley-Davidson is planning to sell an electric motorcycle. It will be able to travel 46 miles on a single charge.
– Contact Music claims actor Powers Boothe has died at the age of 68. He passed from natural causes and is best known for starring in Sin City and Deadwood
– The Wrap claims CBS has cancelled Matthew Perry’s sitcom The Odd Couple. It aired for three seasons
– IndyStar claims Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeff Bauman, the man he portrays in an upcoming movie about the Boston Marathon bombing, are going to wave the green flag at this year’s Indianapolis 500.

– Wetpaint claims Barack and Michelle Obama are currently staying in a 14th century village in Tuscany, Italy. Their accommodations cost $15,000 a night
– The Impulsive Buy website claims limited edition Mississippi Mud Pie Oreo cookies have hit store shelves. They feature a chocolate and whipped cream filling


Siri Saves Man’s Life: The Miami Herald claims Christopher Beaucher, of Wilmot, New Hampshire, is crediting Apple’s Siri with saving his life. He was checking on his mother’s vacant cottage when the home blew up after he switched on a light. Christopher’s burnt face and hands prevented him from dialing 911. He was able to activate Siri with his voice and call for help through her. Christopher is now recovering .


Man Listens To Wife; Wins $5 Million: WWWN claims Richard Britt, of Temple, Georgia, recently won $5 million because he listened to his wife. She asked him to get her a corn dog from a local grocery store. While there, Richard purchased a lottery ticket and ended up winning $5 million. The site quotes him as saying; “My wife asked me to go and pick up a corn dog. I bought a ticket since I was already there. Neither one of us could believe it. I’m still surprised that I won.”

Kiwi Makes You Sleep Better

A new study by Taiwan’s Taipei Medical University reveals that eating kiwi before bed helps you sleep more soundly. Volunteers, who ate two kiwi fruits before bed slept 13% longer than those who didn’t. Volunteers, who ate two kiwi fruits before bed fell asleep 35% faster than those who didn’t

Pets Before Partners

A new survey by claims 94% of people say their dog is a family member. Other findings:

– 65% of people feature their pets on their social media profiles.

– 29% of people have more pictures of their pet than family or friends on their social media profiles.

– 54% of dog owners would consider ending a relationship if their partner and pup did not get along

– 47% of people say it’s harder to leave their pet than their partner for a week

Survey: “Have you ever had a pet that sensed that someone was no good? If so, what happened? Are pets good at sensing this? Have you ever had a pet that sensed that your boyfriend or girlfriend was no good? If so, what happened?”


Bucket List Adventure

A new survey by reveals that 85% of singles say adventure is an attractive quality. Other findings:

– 62% of singles have a bucket list.

– 75% of singles conquer their bucket list during the summer.

– Top 10 bucket list items ….

1. Fall in love – 83%
2. Go on a wine tour in Napa – 53%
3. Change someone’s life for the better – 52%
4. Get to my ideal weight – 47%
5. Go on a safari – 45%
6. Ride a hot air balloon – 45%
7. See the Northern Lights – 45%
8. Go to the Super Bowl – 43%
9. Swim with dolphins – 39%
10. Travel through Europe – 38%

No Dishes

National Today is out with their list of the top five foods people eat when they don’t want to do dishes.

1 pizza

2 French fries

3 chicken wings

4 tacos

5 hamburgers

Nap Time

A new study by the University of Hertfordshire reveals that power nappers (67%) are more happy in life than long nappers (56%) and non-nappers (60%)

Professor Richard Wiseman tells Red Online: “Previous research has shown that naps of under 30 minutes make you more focused, productive and creative, and these new findings suggest the tantalizing possibility that you can also become happier by just taking a short nap.
Similarly longer napping is associated with several health risks and again, this is in line with our results. A large body of research shows that short naps boost performance. Many highly successful companies, such as Ben & Jerry’s and Google, have installed dedicated nap spaces, and employees need to wake up to the upside of napping at work.”

Dear Fonseca:

I moved into a new apartment in March. Lately, it feels like things are out of sort when I return home from work. Like someone has been inside my place. I suspect it may be my creepy maintenance man although I have no proof. I think some of my things have been moved! I have no money for a security camera and tenants aren’t allowed to buy a service like ADT. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to bust my creeper? Can you ask your audience if they have ever experienced this. Did they use a sneaky method to bust someone?

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