Today is National Clean Up Your Room Day

Survey: “What’s the craziest or most unusual thing you found in your child’s room while cleaning it? What was their excuse for having it?”


Trending …
– ABC officially announced yesterday they are rebooting American Idol. The new show will premiere in 2018. A host and judges will be named later
– The trade publication inapub claims Budweiser is bringing back the Budweiser frogsto help launch Bud Light in the UK. The frogs now say : “Bud. Light. Beer.”
Chris Tucker is going to receive an honorary degree from Morris Brown College in Atlanta. The commencement is on May 20th

– Gossip Extra claims Tommy Hilfiger has purchased a Palm Beach estate for $34 million.
The house has 5 bedrooms and was originally listed for $47 million.
– A new survey by Ironmongery Direct reveals that 47% of people keep their snacking habits at work a secret. 21% of people have lied about eating healthy snacks

– The Daily Meal says 7-Eleven is now selling a Twix Donut.
The donut is topped with caramel, chocolates syrup and Twix pieces. It is available for a limited time

– Vegan News claims McDonald’s restaurants in Norway are selling a vegan burger called the Veggie McSpice.
It features a red kidney bean patty and removable condiments

– A new survey by Bankrate reveals that 42% of people won’t date someone with a poor credit score. 58% of people won’t marry someone with significant debt



Dog Saves 9 Kids From Fire: The Des Moines Register claims a miniature Pinscher-Chihuahua mix from Des Moines, Iowa is being hailed as a hero for saving his owner’s family. Capone started barking at 1:30 a.m. before his owner Angela woke up and followed him to the kitchen where she saw an electrical fire had started. She grabbed her baby and had her 8 other children follow her outside before firefighters arrived and tried to douse the flames. The fire destroyed Angela’s entire home. She and her husband are now living in a new home they recently bought. Capone now refuses to leave the side of Angela’s newborn.

Mom’s Day Survey

A new survey by Boston Market reveals that 49% of people say Mother’s Day is their favorite holiday. Other findings;

– 78% of people plan to give mom a gift on Mother’s Day.

– 60% of people will wish their mom a Happy Mother’s Day on social media.

– 80% of people will enjoy a special meal with their mother on Mother’s Day.

– 53% of people will dine out on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Gift Survey recently surveyed moms to find out what they want on Mother’s Day and then what they will really receive

What moms want on Mother’s Day

Massage or day spa – 22%
Personalized gift – 21%
Flowers – 18%
A meal – 14%
Homemade craft – 13%
Jewelry – 12%

What moms are getting on Mother’s Day

Personalized gift – 38%
Flowers – 25%
A meal – 13%
Jewelry – 9%
Massage or day spa – 8%







Liar Liar

A new survey by Old Spice reveals that 82% of men fib and exaggerate on social media. Other findings:

– 85% of men admit to talking up their career

– 82% of men embellish to make themselves seem more exciting and interesting

10 Highest Paid Summer Internships according to Glassdoor

1. Facebook $8,000
2. Microsoft $7,100
3. ExxonMobil $6,507
4. Salesforce $6,450
5. Amazon $6,400
6. Apple $6,400
7. Bloomberg $6,400
8. Yelp $6,400
9. Yahoo $6,080
10. VMware $6,080

Top Pet Names

The networking app Nextdoor has released their list of top pet names for 2017

1. Bella
2. Lucy
3. Max
4. Charlie
5. Daisy
6. Buddy
7. Molly
8. Bailey
9. Sophie
10. Maggie

Dear Fonseca:

My boyfriend and I are seniors in high school. We are both applying to different colleges. His grades aren’t as good as mine so he is going to have to stay at home and attend community college. I have the grades to get into several schools away from home. I am torn over what to do about my future. Do I stay home for the sake of our relationship or move away and take advantage of scholarships and the great education I will receive. Education or boyfriend? What would you do if you were me?

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