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Today is Valentine’s Day. CBS once reported that 74% of kids, between the ages of eight and 11, believe they have been in love.

 Ask children, between the ages of eight and 11, to call if they believe they are in love. Ask them, “What is the name of the person you are in love with? How do you know you are in love? What do you like most about them?”


Today is Valentine’s Day. A survey by Ebates reveals that 24% of women don’t want lingerie for

Valentine’s Day Survey: “What’s the worst Valentine’s Day gift you’ve received? Who gave it to you? What was their excuse?”


Time Out magazine claims singles around the country are heading to Anti-Valentine’s Day parties tonight. Several of the largest parties will be held in London and Los Angeles.

Survey:  ”How do you plan to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day? What are you buying yourself? What have you bought yourself in the past on Valentine’s Day?”


Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Trending

– Open Table claims hotel rooms cost an average of 25% more on Valentine’s Day. Hotel rooms in large cities cost 70% more. Reservations skyrocket by 520% on Valentine’s Day. 44% of lovebirds order pricier menu items on Valentine’s Day.
– According to a Valentine’s Day survey by the American Kennel Club (AKC), 34% of women would date their dog if he were a man. 90% of female dog owners say their pup has one endearing quality they’d like to see their mate possess.

– Valentine’s Day
is the busiest day of the year for texting. Providers expect to see a 33% rise in messaging

– Florists say Valentine’s Day accounts for 12% of their annual sales
– A Valentine’s Day survey by reveals that 78% of women prefer a trip to a romantic destination over diamond earrings, a new purse, or a private dinner

– Valentine’s Day
is celebrated primarily in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Denmark, Italy and Japan.

– According to Wallet Hub, 53% of women would end a relationship over no Valentine’s Day gift


Dear Fonseca,

My wife flipped out on me last night after she found out I bought a Valentine’s Day gift for my ‘work spouse’. I am not nor have I ever had an affair with my work spouse. We are good friends, have great chemistry, and work well together for the benefit of our company. My wife says buying my work spouse a Valentine’s Day gift constitutes cheating. I disagree and say it constitutes appreciation. Who’s right – me or my wife? I bought my work spouse a dozen red roses and her favorite perfume! Should I have not purchased the gifts?

Trending …
– The National Retail Federation claims UPS will deliver 88 million flowers today for Valentine’s Day.
– A new survey by the National Retail Federation reveals that 21% of people plan to buy their pet a Valentine’s Day gift.
– Variety magazine claims Black Panther is expected to earn $170 million during its opening weekend
– claims Netflix will begin airing Chris Rock’s new comedy special, “Chris Rock: Tambourine”, today. Rock was reportedly paid $40 million for two stand-up comedy specials.
– The Wrap claims LeBron James is going to produce a remake of the 1990 Kid N Play hip-hop comedy “House Party”. The original film made $26 million
– claims Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer have split up after two years of marriage. The couple has two daughters together

– The Impulsive Buy website claims Pancakes and Syrup Marshmallow Peeps have hit store shelves
– The Miami Herald claims Egypt has banned the Arabic version of Saturday Night Live because the show uses inappropriate (sexual) phrases and insinuations.


Sports Trending …

– Ric Flair
tells TMZ that he wants his daughter Charlotte to wrestle the WWE’s newest star, Ronda Rousey.
– Business Insider claims Floyd Mayweather is in talks for a billion dollar fight that may involve him fighting Conor McGregor in an octagon. Mayweather might use his earnings to purchase an NBA team
– Fox Sports claims Peyton Manning will drive the honorary pace car at the Daytona 500.


VDAY Lovemaking Survey

A new survey by K Y reveals that 60% of people say Valentine’s Day lovemaking doesn’t live up to the hype. Other findings:

– 83% of people say spontaneous lovemaking is better than planned lovemaking.

– 82% of people will get romantic today.

Who Pays On A First Date?

A new survey by the superfund-owned bank ME reveals that only 36% of women say it’s important for a man to pay on a first date. Other findings:

– 41% of men say it’s important for them to pay on a first date

– 64% of people say ‘money modesty’ is more important than good looks (61%)

– 54% of women and 45% of men say it’s important that their partner not be too tight with money

Top 10 Healthiest U.S. Cities according to a new survey by Wallethub based on doctor visits, fruit and vegetable consumption and fitness clubs per capita

1 San Francisco,

2 Seattle, WA

3 Portland, OR

4 San Diego, CA

5 Washington, DC

6 Burlington, VT

7 Scottsdale, AZ

8 Honolulu, HI

9 Irvine, CA

10 Denver, CO

Driving Study

A new study by Continental Tires reveals that 70% of people say their biggest driving pet peeve is other drivers who don’t signal. Other findings:

– 74% of people say their biggest driving pet peeve is people who talk and drive at the same time.

– people say bus drivers are the safest drivers

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