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Today is Mistress Day. A survey by Victoria Milan, a dating site for married people, reveals that 38% of female cheaters will see their lover on Valentine’s Day. 35% of cheating women will spend Valentine’s Day with their spouse.

Survey: “Do you know someone, who has confronted or called a mistress? If so, what happened?”


Valentine’s Day is almost here.

Survey: “What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve received? Who gave it to you? How did they surprise you?”

Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day Is The Best Day To Be A Mistress

The Daily Mail claims Londoner Gweneth Lee has had over 100 affairs with married men. The 47 year-old says Valentine’s Day is the best day to be a mistress because her married lovers spend twice as much on her as they do their wives. She tells the paper; ”Married men may make a fuss of their wives on February 14th but they spend a lot more money on their mistresses. In my experience the gift to the mistress tends to cost double whatever they give to the wife, and it is far sexier. I’ve been a wife on Valentine’s Day, when I was married to my late oil executive husband, and all I can say is that being a mistress is a lot more fun. The sad truth is that monogamy is unnatural. Who decided that it was good idea to commit to one person in your 20s or 30s and then stay with them for the next 50 years? Where is the fun in that? Inevitably the sex is going to go stale.”

Fresh Flowers: Viagra can make Valentine’s Day roses last longer. According to the British Medical Journal, researchers in Australia and Israel bought two rose-filled vases before placing a dose of Viagra in one of the vases. The Viagra flowers lasted a week longer than the other flowers.

Date Night: Restaurant owners are happy that Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year because Saturday nights are already their busiest night of the week. When Valentine’s Day falls on an off-night like a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, it gives restaraunts another good night of business.

Trending …
– claims 28.3 million people watched the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics on Friday
– Business Insider claims U.S. figure skater Mirai Nagasu became the first American woman to successfully perform a triple axel in the Olympics. She is just the third woman ever to land a triple axle during the Winter games.
– Time Magazine claims Bermuda’s athletes wore shorts to the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. Temps were in the low 20s at the time they walked into the stadium and held their country’s flag
– People magazine claims Paris Hilton was recently spotted carrying a $65,000 Birkin bag. The bag is encrusted with pink Svarkowski crystals.
– Contact Music claims Jennifer Garner is going to star in a new HBO comedy series called “Camping.” The show is about a controlling wife, who plans a camping trip that goes haywire.
– People magazine claims Idris Elba and Sabrina Dhowre recently got engaged.The couple met on the set of the movie The Mountain Between Us. He is 45 while she is 29


Sports Trending …
– TMZ claims Floyd Mayweather recently paid $25,000 for an oil change for his $3 million Bugatti sports car.
– The Daily Mail claims Floyd Mayweather has purchased a $30,000 Crystal ping pong table
– USA Today claims LaBar Ball is going to begin selling Big Baller Brand bottled water. The water is being bottled by a Lithuanian water company.
– Sole Collector claims Minnesota Timberwolves star Jimmy Butler wore a $20,000 pair of Eminem Air Jordans during his game against the Bulls on Friday.


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend’s box office results.

1. Fifty Shades Freed — $38.8 million

2. Peter Rabbit — $25 million

3. The 15:17 to Paris — $12.6 million

4. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle — $9.8 million

5. The Greatest Showman — $6.4 million

6. Maze Runner: The Death Cure — $6 million

7. Winchester — $5.1 million

8. The Post — $3.5 million

9. The Shape of Water — $3 million

10. Den of Thieves — $2.9 million

Help Wanted – Chocolate Taster

The Daily Record claims Cadbury is hiring chocolate tasters to help develop new products. The part-time job pays $15 an hour. It involves tasting samples and then giving feedback Thousands are expected to apply for the job.

Dream Survey

A new survey by Mattress Advisor reveals that 38% of people dream about traveling and exploring new places. Other findings:

– 15% of men dream about lovemaking

– 15% of women dream about falling in love

– 19% of people have had a nightmare that involved them being chased

Most & Least Romantic U.S. Cities

The on-demand grocery delivery service Instacart is out with their list of the most and least romantic U.S. cities. Based on searches of how much chocolate, champagne and flowers are ordered in each city

Most romantic …







Washington D.C.


Least romantic






San Diego

San Antonio


Pizza Personality Profile

A new survey by CiCi’s Pizza reveals that the average person eats 6,000 slices of pizza over the course of their life. CiCi’s is out with a personality profile that reveals what your favorite pizza says about your personality ….

Spinach … modest, not arrogant, not naughty, likes to contemplate

Hawaiian… not conventional and likes to do things their own way

Supreme… likes to do exciting things, afraid of commitment

Bacon… a trendsetter

Pepperoni… quiet, agreeable and friendly

Dear Fonseca

I am planning to propose to my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Normally, in my family, the guy would ask his girlfriend’s father for permission to marry, but in this case I have no plans to because I don’t respect my girlfriend’s father. He has treated her poorly over the course of her life. Because of this, I don’t respect him and don’t feel that I owe it to him to ask for her hand in marriage. My friends and family are split over whether or not I should ask for permission or not. Personally, I don’t feel I need permission from a guy like this. PLUS, I think asking a girl’s father for permission to marry is a bit outdated. In this day and age, women are empowered and should be free to make their own decisions. If you were me what would you do? Ask for permission or not?

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