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Time Magazine claims 157 new emojis will be added to smartphones this fall, including red-haired emojis, bald emojis, superhero emojis, a partying face emoji and a woozy face emoji

Survey: “Have you ever sent the wrong emoji to someone by accident? If so, what hilarious or embarrassing thing happened? How was your text message misinterpreted?”

The Winter Olympics started last night. Some Olympians are grumpy because they have gone without lovemaking to prepare for the 2018 Winter games. Sports psychologists encourage lovemaking because it helps athletes deal with the stress associated with competing. Winter Olympians say Summer Olympians are friskier than they are.

Female Survey: “Have you ever gone on a lovemaking strike? If so, why did your partner get cut off? What dumb or funny thing did they do?”

Fifty Shades Trending …
– London hospitals are telling doctors and midwives to prepare for a baby boom in November because ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ is being released today

– OPI has a Fifty Shades of Grey nail polish line.
Colors include: Romantically Involved (red), My Silk Tie (silver-gray), Dark Side of the Mood (charcoal-gray), Shine for Me (blue-gray), Cement the Deal (“cool” gray), and Embrace the Gray (“moody” gray).
– 26% of men say ”Fifty Shades of Grey” books have improved their intimate relationship with their partner
– London’s Rib Room is selling a Fifty Shades of Gin cocktail. It’s made with 41 gins, seven types of fruit and tonic water. The drink costs $24

-Sales of grey wallpaper have increased by 300%
since Fifty Shades of Grey was released (Standard Media)
– 65% of those, who have read Fifty Shades of Grey say it has improved their love life (iVillage)


Pizza Day Trending …
– 70% of parents say that pizza should be removed from school menus or served just once per week (W.K. Kellogg Foundation)
– the average person consumes 23 pounds of pizza a year ( Visual Economics)
– pizza (40%) is the top ‘cheat-meal’ followed by Chinese food (30%) (indoor trampoline park Jump Zone)
– favorite ‘male pregnancy’ snacks: pizza, chocolate and chips. (OnePoll)
– 62% of people would rather give up pizza than lovemaking (
– A survey by Digital Third Coast reveals that pizza is the number one cheat food for dieters (53%)
– You would need to play 4 hours of football to burn off a large pizza.(Pure Gym)
– 33% of people say that shopping makes them feel better than eating pizza.(Ebates)
– 33% of people will eat pizza after a bad day (Upbeat drinks)
– A survey by Fit Rated reveals that 47% of women and 57% of men say pizza is the biggest enticement for them to work out.


Trending …
– People magazine claims Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren are the proud parents of a new baby girl. She Tweeted: “There are no words that will ever be able to explain what just happened to my heart.”
– The Newberg Gazette claims NBC announced yesterday that they took in $414 million in Super Bowl ad revenue
– A new survey by YouGov reveals that only 11% of women want female-friendly Dorito chips. 65% of women don’t want Lady Doritos while 24% are undecided
– Business Insider claims foot traffic spiked by 38% the day after Taco Bell debuted their new Nacho Fries. Foot traffic continues to be steady as curious people check out the chain’s newest offering
– People magazine claims Lucky Charms is retiring their yellow hourglass marshmallow in the spring. No word on a replacement
– ESPN claims the San Francisco 49ers have signed quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to a 5-year $137.5 million deal. He will be the league’s highest-paid QB
– Entertainment Tonight claims the Fox TV singing show “The Four” has been renewed for a second season



Office Love Survey

A new survey by Challenger Gray & Christmas reveals that 33% of office relationships end in at least one person being fired. Other findings:

– 5% of office affairs have led to someone being sued.

– 60% of employers have a policy regarding romantic relationships in the office

– 70% of companies ban relationships between managers and employees

VDAY Survey

A new survey by Groupon reveals that 80% of couples plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Other findings:

– 53% of couples say they do the same thing for Valentine’s Day every year.

– 50% of people say they can predict the Valentine’s Day gift their partner will buy them

– 26% of people find Valentine’s Day traditions dull

– 33% of women say they’ve never been surprised on Valentine’s Day

– 56% of women have never had a romantic picnic with their partner.

Women Prefer Food Over Lovemaking

A new Women’s Wellness survey reveals that 73% of women would rather have an amazing meal than an amazing lovemaking session. Other findings:

77% of married women prefer amazing food rather than amazing lovemaking.

72% of single women prefer amazing food over amazing lovemaking.

68% of dating women prefer amazing food over amazing lovemaking

Infidelity Survey

Ashley Madison, the dating site for married people, recently asked 2,018 people why they cheat.

Biggest reasons…

looking for lovemaking outside of the marriage 61%

affection 44%

friendship 42%
– 54% of cheaters are only seeking a short-term affair

– 50% of cheaters are unfaithful because thelove making in their marriage is unfullfilling

$1 Million Wedding Cake

The Daily Mirror claims cake designer Debbie Wingham is selling a $1 million wedding cake in the shape of a life-size bride. The cake has five flawless white diamonds along with smaller stones on the cake’s headdress. It also has 1,000 pearls and 5,000 hand cut flowers. The cake took 10 days to make and contains 1,000 eggs, 55 pounds of chocolate and 110 pounds of fondant



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