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First Responders in Southwick, Massachusetts recently rushed to an apartment after a golden retriever set it on fire. The NY Post says the puppy jumped up on a stove and ate some pancakes before running off. Minutes later, the stove caught on fire before the home’s alarm system alerted emergency responders to the blaze. They arrived within minutes and saved the home The dog is fine.

Survey: “Did you have a puppy that caused an incredible amount of destruction? If so, what happened? How much damage was caused? What look did your puppy have on its face?”


President Trump was recently photographed trying to hold First Lady Melania Trump’s hand while leaving the White House. His hand failed to meet hers. Donald ended up grasping Melania’s coat sleeve instead.

Female Survey: “Has your man ever failed at being romantic? What hilariously awkward thing did he do while trying to be romantic?”

National Pizza Day Is Friday

Generic Evergreen Content For National Pizza Day .. Day #1

Pizza Pizza

A survey by Pizza Pizza and Pizza reveals that 53% of women say cheese is their favorite pizza topping while 51% of men say pepperoni is their favorite. Other findings:

– 30% of people have eaten pizza for breakfast

– 41% of people like their pizza cold

– 46% of men and 56% of women prefer thin crust pizza

Pizza Pizza

A survey by Zagat reveals that the average person eats pizza 3.9 times per month. Other findings:

– Top Toppings: pepperoni and mushrooms topped the list followed by extra cheese, onions, anchovies, spinach and chicken

– 59% of people blot excess oil from their pizza

– only 7% of people like Chicago deep dish-style pizza. 40% like NY-style thin crust

Pizza Perfume: In 2014, Demeter Fragrances launched a pizza-scented perfume.

Demeter CEO Mark Crames said, “We decided to do this pizza scent to test the waters and see how people react to savory scents. There appears to be a younger, edgier customer who would be interested in wearing a pizza scent.”

A one-ounce bottle costs $20. The Daily Meal claims the perfume smells like Dominos Pizza.

rending …
– Variety magazine claims Seinfeld star Jason Alexander is going to guest star on ”Young Sheldon” as a drama teacher, who tries to get Sheldon to act
– Elite Daily claims John Krasinski is going to play Spider-Man in an upcoming animated Marvel movie. The film will hit theaters later this year
– Entertainment Tonight claims Kylie Jenner has named her daughter Stormi



Woman Reunites With Lost Dog After 10 Years: Fox News claims Cindy Suierveld, of Pennsylvania, recently received the shock of her life after she was reunited with her missing Labrador. Abby took off in 2007 when she was just five months-old. Carly got a new dog because she and her family never found Abby. Her mother recently received a call from an animal shelter in New Kensington, Pennsylvania saying they had Abby. A man found her on his porch before calling for help. Carly’s mom, Debbie, tells Fox; “Her teeth are in good shape, her paws are in good shape. Somebody took very good care of her.”

Gifts That Will Most Likely Lead To Romance on Valentine’s Day according to a new survey by the mobile banking startup Varo Money

Romantic dinner 39%

weekend getaway 38%

quality time 32%

fun night out 27%

spa package 20%

Gifts That Will Least Likely Lead To Romance on Valentine’s Day according to a new survey by the mobile banking startup Varo Money

power tools 45%

video games 35%

tickets to a sporting event 27%

shopping spree 15%

jewelry’s 10%

Underwear Survey

A new study by the online clothing retailer Banana Mood reveals that 31% of men wear their underwear two or more times before washing it. Other findings:

– 10% of women wear their underwear two or more times before washing it.

– 4% of men and 2% of women wear their underwear inside out to get more use out of it.

– 26% of women wear a bra five or more times before washing it.

– 6% of women wear a bra ten or more times before washing it

Bedsheet Survey

A new study by Mattress Advisor reveals that the average person washes their bed sheets every 24 days. Other findings:

– the average person sheds 10 grams of skin every day

– single men wait 45 days before washing their sheets

– 45% of people will change their sheets if they expect to make love on a date

10 Worst Cities For Traffic according to the transportation data company INRIX

1 Los Angeles

2 New York City (tie)

2 Moscow (tie)

4 Sao Paulo, Brazil

5 San Francisco

6 Bogotá

7 London

8 Atlanta

9 Paris

10 Miami

Dear Fonseca

I think my husband has gone crazy and lost his mind. He wants to allow our three kids, ages 7, 8 and 10, to take the Tide Pod challenge at home. It’s all the kids have been talking about for the past few weeks. My husband says if we allow them to take the challenge in our home then we can supervise and make sure they will be safe and don’t do anything stupid. He says it’s the same as allowing them to try a cigarette or drink while we supervise them. I 100% disagree and think this is the stupidest idea he has ever come up with. Who’s right – me or him?

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