The NFL Playoffs return this weekend. The Palm Beach Post claims 9% of people will look at purchasing a new television in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.

Survey: “Do you know someone, who has broken a TV while watching a sporting event? If so, what (funny thing) happened?”


(NEW FEATURE) INSTANT PHONER: Winter Storm Inga and cold weather have paralyzed portions of America. A massive nor’easter is expected to dump up two deet of snow on the East Coast this weekend.

Survey: “Start a search of your audience to find the person that got stuck in the snow for the longest amount of time. How long were they in their car for? Who rescued them?”

Trending …
– ESPN claims the average ticket price for this week’s NFC Championship game between the Vikings and Eagles is $463 while the average ticket price for the AFC Championship game between the Patriots and Jaguars is $637.
– The Daily Dot claims Kris Jenner underwent earlobe reduction surgery. Page Six says the surgery costs a few thousand dollars
– Gossip Extra claims OJ Simpson has no plans to return to Florida and will instead, continue living in Las Vegas because he enjoys the weather and golf courses.
– TV Insider claims Harry Connick Jr., Molly Shannon and Alec Baldwin will guest star on upcoming episodes of Will & Grace
– Naughty Gossip claims Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon will each get $1 million per episode for season 2 of HBO’s ”Big Little Lies”


Food & Drink Trending …
– The Dinks Business website claims Guinness is launching a non-alcoholic beer called Guinness Zero
– claims Arby’s is now selling Oreo donut holes. The holes are filled with Oreo cream while the outside is made with Oreo cookie crust
– The NY Daily News claims Paula Deen is getting a new show on RFD-TV called Positively Paula. She and her friends will share recipes
– Mediapost claims Cheetos has invented a new dance called The Curl to promote their new Winter White Cheddar Curls. American Idol star Todrick Hall and NFL Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson have posted a video that teaches people how to do the dance



Cat Reunited With Owners Folliowing Mudslide: The NY Post claims Lindsay and Woody Thompson recently lost their home to a California mudslide. They also lost their cat Koshka as they evacuated by helicopter. Several days later, firefighters spotted cat paw prints in the mud. They followed the prints and found Koshka before reuniting her with Lindsay and Woody

Online Dating Survey

A new survey by the dating site reveals that using the word ‘Pilates’ in your dating profile boosts your number of matches by up to 160%. Other findings:

– 11% of Millennials pretend to like exercising in order to impress others.

– 65% of online daters say dating someone who exercises is important

– vegetarians receive 3% more messages than carnivores

– vegans receive 62% more messages than carnivores

Unequal Pay Survey

A new survey by the financial firm Ellevest reveals that 48% of women have to work twice as hard as men to take home half the pay. Other findings:

– 83% of women believe men are often paid more than they are for the same work.

– 58% of men say the playing field in the workplace is fair

Unplanned Expenses Survey

A new survey by Bankrate reveals that only 39% of people have the money to pay for a $1,000 unplanned expense. Other findings:

– 66% of households had a major unplanned expense last year with half of the bills costing at least $2,500.

– 20% of people put unplanned expenses on credit cards.

Social Media LIKE and DISLIKE

A new survey by The Verge reveals that 9.6% of people greatly dislike Twitter. Other findings:

– 9.3% of people dislike Facebook.

– 19.3% of people greatly like Twitter while 41% greatly like Facebook.

Dear Fonseca:

My ex-wife and I got into an argument on Wednesday night after I found out she has been giving our 8 year-old energy drinks before school. She says the drinks make him more alert and attentive in class. His grades haven’t improved. I told my ex-wife that the drinks are dangerous for children because they can increase their heart rate and give them migraines. She disagrees and says they are good for focus. Should 8 year-olds be downing energy drinks?

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