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Some White Castle restaurants are offering candlelit dinners for Valentine’s Day. Special menus, tableside service and fancy decorations are just a few of the ways the restaurant plans to celebrate February 14th. Those, who are interested in dining with the chain should call their local White Castle to make reservations.

Survey: “Have you ever dated a cheapskate? If so, in what hilariously cheap ways did they try and save money on your dates?”

The Minnesota Vikings believe 99 year-old Millie Wall is their good luck charm. The team invited her to their playoff game against the Saints on Sunday. The Vikes won on a last-second play.

USA Today claims NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell gave Millie tickets to the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. says Vikings fans started a GoFundMe page to send her to Philadelphia for the NFC Championship game on Sunday. The page reads …

“Our hero and inspiration Millie, led our Vikings to an unbelievable and unforgettable victory (sic) against the New Orleans Saints on January 14, 2018. What transpired in the final moments of that game will live on in Vikings lore forever. We owe Millie another day on the gridiron and most importantly, our team needs her. Please support our cause in getting Millie to Philly for the NFC Championship game. If Millie chooses to rest on her laurels and root for the Vikes from the comfort of her couch, all proceeds will go to Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital. Our team needs us now more than ever! Let’s get Mille to Philly!”

Over $700 has been raised

“Do you know someone, who has a strange or funny good luck charm they rub or interact with before their favorite team plays? If so, what is it? How do they interact with it?

Trending …
– TMZ claims an Arizona man has applied for the rights to the term ‘NOprah’ because he does not want her or any other celebrities running for president. The man may place the phrase on shirts, jackets, shoes, pants and other clothing.
– Page Six claims Kim and Kanye became parents on Monday for the third time when their surrogate gave birth. The baby’s name has not yet been released
– NBC claims Kid Rock is going to perform during the NHL All-Star Game on Sunday, January 28th in Tampa.
– CNET claims Tag Heuer is now selling a $197,000 smartwatch. The watch contains 589 baguette size diamonds. The 23 carats of diamonds sit on an 18 karat white gold band.


Passenger Booted From British Airways Flight For Wearing Too Much Clothing:WWWN claims British Airways recently refused to allow a passenger to board because he was wearing too many clothes. Ryan Williams had on eight pairs of pants and ten shirts because he did not want to pay the airline’s baggage fee. British Airways employees in Iceland refused to allow Ryan to board his plane to London. He was arrested after he became rude to staffers. Ryan booked another flight and flew home the next day.


Officer Saves Choking Toddler During First Day On The Job: WGN claims Hobart, Indiana police officer Richard Mayer is being hailed as a hero for saving a choking girl at a fast food restaurant in Merrillville, Indiana. The girl’s mother rushed over to his table and asked him for help. The young girl was choking on an apple so Mayer flipped her over and slapped her on the back. The food dislodged from the young girl’s throat. Mayer’s heroic act occurred during his first day on the job.

Cat Owners vs Dog Owners Survey

Mars Petcare recently questioned 1,000 dog and cat owners to find the differences and similarities between them.

– they found cat people are more creative than dog people

– dog owners earn more than cat owners ($47,000 vs $40,000)

– cat owners are four times more likely to work in a create field than dog owners

– dog owners are more likely to watch horror films than cat owners

– dog owners are more likely to enjoy yoga, dancing and travel than cat owners

– cat owners are more likely to enjoy writing and gardening than dog owners

Health Club Survey

A new survey by Fit Rated reveals that 51% of people avoid health clubs because of anxiety and fear of judgement. Other findings:

– 33% of people feel judged when they go to the gym
– top things people feel judged for while at the gym

weight 59.5%

not looking fit enough 51.4%

my clothing 43.8%

bad form 43%

doing an awkward exercise 33.9%

looking at myself in the mirror 7.7%

taking gym selfies 2.2%

Singles Survey

A new survey by the dating site Elite Singles reveals that 96% of singles prefer a bilingual partner over one with a six pack. Other findings:

– 76% of singles find bilingual people attractive

– 21% of singles say being bilingual demonstrates intelligence

– 40% of singles find singles from other cultures interesting.

Energy Drink Survey

A new study by the University of Waterloo reveals that energy drinks are bad for young adults.

– 24% of young adults have experienced an increased heartbeat after drinking an energy drink

– 24% of young adults have had trouble sleeping after consuming an energy drink

– 18% of people have experienced a headache after downing an energy drink

– 3.6% of young adults have experienced chest pains after drinking an energy drink

Dear Fonseca:

My wife and I got into a huge argument the other night after I suggested we use a surrogate for our second child. I told her I didn’t want her gaining large amounts of weight like she did during her first pregnancy. She got mad and wants to have our second child naturally. She is ignoring the fact she had health problems during the pregnancy. It also took over two years for her body to bounce back. She says I’m being insensitive and robbing her of one of the most important aspects of being a mother. Who’s right – me or her?

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