Santana Wanted to Play the Super Bowl Halftime Show with Journey and Metallica

SANTANA was featured during the Super Bowl in a montage of highlights . . . but he wanted to headline this year’s halftime show with two other Bay Area bands, JOURNEY and METALLICA. He posted a message on Facebook saying, quote, “Dear NFL and CBS . . . I feel compelled to point out to you that the halftime show should’ve included some of the local iconic bands that the world would’ve loved to see perform.

“Bands like MetallicaSteve MillerJourney, and yours truly.  We would have rocked, and done the Bay Area proud.  This is just an invitation for you to consider iconic bands . . . real live music, real live vocals, and give the audience real live chills.”

None of them have done a Super Bowl halftime show. Journey says they would’ve been down, and Metallica WAS in town to do a pre-Super Bowl event . . . and they even joked about not being in the running for the halftime show by creating the hashtag “#TooHeavyForHalftime.” Meanwhile, BRUNO MARS thanked Coldplay and Beyoncé for inviting him to join them, and since he’d just done the halftime show two years ago, he joked that he’d be back for Super Bowl 52.

Urban Quick Hits: Kanye Is Challenging You to Figure Out His Album Title, Plus Future and Ciara’s Battle, and Patti LaBelle on “The Voice”

1.  KANYE WEST has an album title, after weeks of indecisiveness.  He Tweeted, quote, “New album title ‘T.L.O.P.’.”  He then offered free Yeezys to anyone who could figure out what it stands for.  So, everyone is trying.  Here’s a sample of the guesses:


“Title Lacks Originality, People”

“Two Legs One Penis”

“The Life Of the Party”

“Thanks Lamar Odom, Peace”

“Training Lots of Pokémon”

“The Last One, Promise”

“To Limp O Putterfly”

“Tomatoes Lettuce Onions Pickles”

“The Love of Pizza”

“The Life of the President”

“Total Lack of Professionalism” and

(Careful) “Thumb Love, Orifice: Posterior”.


Kanye hasn’t declared a winner yet.





2.  FUTURE is on pace to sell around 135,000 copies of “Evol” in its first week.  That should put it at #1 on the Billboard 200, which would be the THIRD time he’s debuted at the top of that chart within the last seven months. As good as that sounds, Future has his issues too.  His ex CIARA just filed a $15 MILLION lawsuit against him for libel and slander.  She claims he’s acted in “actual malice” by attacking her in interviews and on Twitter, accusing her of being a bad mother, and using their 21-month-old son in publicity stunts.  She claims his negative remarks are damaging her career.

3.  PATTI LABELLE has joined “The Voice” as an advisor for CHRISTINA AGUILERA’s team.

Red Lobster’s Sales Are Up 33% Thanks to Beyonce’s R-Rated Shout Out

At first, Red Lobster didn’t seem to know how to respond to the explicit shout-out they get in BEYONCÉ’s new single “Formation”, where she says she takes her man there if he GIVES IT TO HER GOOD. But now, they aren’t complaining.  Red Lobster says sales were UP 33% on Sunday, over last year’s Super Bowl Sunday.  Also, Red Lobster was mentioned on Twitter 42,000 times in an hour over the weekend, making the company “trend” for the first time in its history. The song was released on Saturday, and while Beyoncé sang a portion of it during the Super Bowl halftime show, she left out the part about Red Lobster.  Still, it’s entirely possible that a lot of people in Denver were so high off the Broncos’ victory that they enjoyed some good relations, which may or may not lead to ‘Super Bowl Babies’ . . . and then treated themselves to Red Lobster. Of course, it’s hard to say how long Red Lobster’s sales spike will continue, but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.



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