Kelly Clarkson tells Female First that she and her husband recently had a double date with Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. “You know, we’ve already (double dated) at her house, which is magnificent. And her family was there. It’s a real testament of how she’s such an awesome girl – it’s because of her family. Her family was super rad and down to earth. They’re really, really cool. Her house is insane. I walked in and I literally felt like the ‘Pretty Woman’ scene when you don’t belong in the store. I was like, ‘I have a nice house,’ but [with] hers, I was like, ‘Damn!'”

Pink tells the BBC that she is glad her break from the music industry is over. ”I didn’t realize it had been so long. I was doing bake sales and kindergarten! When I came back, the record company sat me down and told me that once you are over 35 and a female pop star radio probably won’t play you. I’m so glad I proved them wrong. It’s nice. My son used to cry when I sang and now he’s a little older he just looks away and my daughter, prefers Sia!”

TMZ claims Charlie Puth has purchased a $9 million Beverly Hills home. The home has a pool and a fountain.

Ed Sheeran tells Entertainment Tonight that despite what people think, he and Prince Harry are not close friends. “I get asked this all the time like I know the Royal family. I’ve met Harry once! And that was in 2011 at his grans’ Jubilee, and it was like, ‘Hey.’ ‘Hey’… I barely know him! I feel like all Americans ask English people like, ‘Hey, do you know the queen?’ And like, well I have met her, that is quite a true fact, but I don’t know Harry that well.”

Ed Sheeran tells Entertainment Tonight that Beyonce changes her email every week. He discovered this after recording a remix of ”Perfect” with her. “I have an email address I email. Beyonce’s email address actually changes every week.” claims Justin Bieber recently serenaded Selena Gomez at a hotel bar.

A Los Angeles source tells the site; “Justin and Selena have met up at the Montage several times in the past few weeks. Every time they look so incredibly happy. A few times, he’s come in to the Garden Bar with her to play the piano while singing to her. They seem to be reliving some of their old, special memories and she looks like she loves it.”

Jon Bon Jovi says he is working on new music. “We’re going to put out a couple of new songs to share with you for the new year. I think they’re pretty good. Just two tracks to support what we hope to be sharing with you in 2018.”


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