Ed Sheeran tells The Sun that James Blunt has asked him to be a Godfather to his son. “James is like a brother to me, actually I’m not quite sure if I can say this, but I’m going to – he’s just made me god­father to his son. To be honest, I think he’s only done it because he knows I’ve got a good idea of what sort of person he’d want him to be when he grows up – an absolute lad. We’re going to be brothers for life.”

The Independent newspaper claims Seal is going to record a special version of ”Santa Claus is Coming to Town” with the late Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra Enterprises is allowing the pop star to record the song with Frank’s version. It will be released during the week of December 11th

OK! magazine claims Lady Gaga and Christian Carino are planning an extravagant wedding. The magazine claims the spring wedding is allegedly going to feature 500 guests, exotic animals, a white dove release, a fireworks display and a 45-minute performance from Gaga. claims The Weeknd sent Bella Hadid flowers before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. A source tells the site; “Bella loved every minute of the show, and she looked absolutely stunning. The event went off without a hitch, and it was a raging success. Bella was on a high the whole night. Abel sent her a gorgeous, huge bouquet of flowers along with a super sweet note telling her how amazing she is and how proud of her he is.”

E! News claims Janet Jackson and her former boyfriend Jermaine Dupri are spending time together again. A source tells the site; “Janet is single. She is good friends with Jermaine. They share a very close and beautiful bond. He’s been there for her, and she loves that about him. Anything can happen in the future, but right now she has a lot on her plate.”

Kelly Clarkson tells Entertainment Tonight that she wants to record a Christmas duets album. ”I will listen to Christmas music in June, I’m weird. I could listen to Bing Crosby’s record, Mariah Carey’s record, or hell, I love my record. I just love Christmas music. It’s such a classic sound. I know it sounds so weird but I loved that album. I had so much fun making that, all the musicians in it were crazy good. Since I’ve already done a full Christmas album, it’s be fun to pick some of my favorite singers and maybe do like a duet thing. That would be cool! But after doing a classic Christmas album, I feel like it’d be hard to beat, just because of how it all came to be.”

The Sun claims Katy Perry allegedly had dinner with Selena Gomez’s ex, The Weeknd, because Selena once spent the night with her ex, Orlando Bloom. A source tells the paper; “Katy has a long memory and she never forgets. She didn’t like that everyone thought Orlando had cheated on her with Selena in Vegas that time – even though Orlando and Selena said they were just friends, it was very embarrassing for her. Katy is not doing anything wrong right now – Selena has moved on from Abel with Justin [Bieber] but I think she’ll love the idea that Selena will be shocked when she sees Katy and her ex out together. If she does get upset, it’ll be payback for how Katy felt after THOSE Vegas pictures. As Taylor Swift knows, Katy doesn’t forget people who’ve made her look bad, and she thinks revenge is a dish best served cold.”

Caribbean 360 claims Rihanna’s uncle Leroy Brathwaite was recently hauled into court for selling fake Fenty Puma slippers and t-shirts. Rihanna spotted the knockoffs while back home in Barbados. She notified her Fenty and Puma rep before her uncle was charged with falsely representing authentic items. Leroy pled not guilty to the charges. Rihanna’s Fenty line includes clothes, shoes and makeup claims Adam Levine and Blake Shelton have no plans to leave The Voice despite the show’s grueling schedule. A source tells the site; “They both enjoy the job but also get sick of the grind and long hours of the show in the early stages of the show with the blind auditions. But it is not enough to quit because when they get frustrated with doing the show. They then cash the check they get from the show and all things work itself out. They make so much money that it is a bunch of hot air that they are going to leave. And if there was any sense of them leaving, the show would pay them more to keep them around.”

Gwen Stefani tells Yahoo that people questioned her when she started dating Blake Shelton. “I wasn’t even looking [for love] or trying or anything” Gwen then continued of not trying to fall in love again so soon after her nasty split. “I know everybody was like, ‘What are you doing?’ I was the same way! But it just happened, and I just took it.”

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