Kelly Clarkson tells Entertainment Weekly that she wants to record with Pink. “I’m a huge fan of Pink. I haven’t had the chance yet to work with her. I think if you project it enough, it might happen, right? I love her because she has done the whole singer-songwriter record she recently did, she does pop, she loves rock. I think [we have] similar musical influences.”

TMZ claims Justin Bieber became desperate to win back Selena Gomez after she revealed she had a kidney transplant. A source tells the site: “Justin didn’t know how much she still meant to him until he realized she could die … and that made all the difference.”

Metro UK claims Britney Spears opened the Britney Spears Campus at the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation on Saturday.

She donated $1 million from her Las Vegas shows and told a crowd: ”I’m just really excited to be standing here for our new NCCF campus. We started fundraising in 2014 and we’ve raised $1 million to build this amazing facility to support the kids and the families everywhere. I’m so thankful to everyone for their generosity in making this a reality and making this happen.”

Female First claims Diddy changed his name again on Saturday. He Tweeted: “I decided to change my name again! My new name is LOVE aka Brother Love. #TakeDat.”

Sam Smith tells NME magazine that he wants to make a guest starring appearance on Will & Grace. “I’m obsessed. I wanna meet all of them. I wanna be in an episode. That would be my dream. Please put this in the interview.”

Lance Bass tells Variety magazine that he received unwanted advances from men and women while in ‘N Sync. “I grew up in the entertainment business and I’ve experienced my share of unwanted advances from both men and women who saw me as a target. The experiences left me shaking and confused each time. I hated being put into that position, but I was too afraid to say anything. First because I was not out, and second because I didn’t want to affect the jobs of the hundreds of people who depended on me working. The people who perpetrate these horrible acts know this. They rely on it. For my young mind, the stakes were overwhelming and silence seemed to be the only option. So I remained silent.”

TMZ claims Kim and Kanye recently met for dinner in Malibu where Kanye brought his own Italian food to a sushi restaurant. He wanted to eat what he likes while Kim wanted sushi

The Half Bay Moon Review claims The Weeknd has adopted a male Doberman Pinscher.

Imagine Dragons star Dan Reynolds tells Marketplace Weekend that he would have been a detective if he had not become a musician. ”I’d like to get involved in some sort of homicide, a detective role to some degree. I’m not looking to use a gun. I don’t think I could ever fire a gun at someone or take someone’s life. I think that sounds too overwhelming for me, but the thought of helping a family or helping someone who has a loved one that has lost their life, to kind of figure out what happened there. I know it sounds like a 14-year-old-boy, you know, but I’m kind of a 14-year-old boy in a 30-year-old’s body. So I think that would be fascinating.”

Blake Shelton tells People magazine that his clothing line is better than Adam Levine’s Kmart collection. “No, that was children’s clothes or something. It looks like children’s clothing to me. This is a men’s clothing line we’re doing here, these are grown man sizes; he’ll have to gain a little weight to fit into these clothes. Eventually we’ll do a line of T-shirts that’s got the collar stretched out and a couple of holes on the side and sell them for $200. See how that goes. That’s the Adam Levine branch of the BS line.”

Blake Shelton tells WDSY that he and Gwen Stefani are not close to marrying. “I don’t think we’re close to calling a wedding planner. But I’ve never been more excited just looking ahead into my future and my life, where it is right now. It’s pretty exciting, I’ll tell you that.”

The Springfield News-Sun claims University of Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly is pushing for Bon Jovi to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.He Tweeted: ”He’s always supported us, now let’s help get him into the @RockHall! Vote @BonJovi for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

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