The Star claims Selena Gomez and Brad Pitt have allegedly secretly been calling one another. A source tells the magazine; “Brad’s a huge fan of Selena. They’ve stayed in touch ever since the Golden Globes last year. Of course, it was the worst possible time for him to start a new romance, but the spark was definitely there and she was hugely attracted to him as well. Brad really admires how courageous Selena’s been throughout her health crisis, and she’s equally proud of him for getting sober.”

Contact Music claims Justin Bieber’s new girlfriend Paola Paulin was allegedly screened by his Pastor Carl Lentz. A source tells the Sun; ‘Carl has emerged as more than his pastor – he is Justin’s mentor, best friend, father figure and older brother, adviser and spiritual guru in one. Justin does not make a move without consulting him. In the past Justin has been ‘led astray’ or let’s say gone off the rails behavior wise in different relationships. Carl wants to help Justin rebuild his life in a solid way and the woman he is with – his romantic partner – has a big influence on him. Justin beyond values what Carl thinks and does not make any big decisions without checking with him … From now on anyone who wants to be seriously in Justin’s life has to get the stamp of approval from Carl and yes, it’s like an interview. Justin will not seriously date anyone – even casually date someone – who does not go in for Hillsong and Carl. She has to embrace it entirely.”

Perez Hilton, citing TMZ, claims American Express is suing Iggy Azalea for racking up a $300,000 bill. That’s $250,000 more than her limit

AV Club claims Maroon 5’s new CD ”Red Pill Blues” is also a reference to an online community of men, who claim feminism is destroying humanity. Maroon 5’s spokesperson released a statement saying; ” The title references a term popularized in The Matrix. It was neverthe band’s intention to reference anything else. The band is shocked that this has even come up.”

Vanity Fair claims Katy Perry recently did an American Idol press conference while wearing a $2,850 rainbow sequined dress. She also wore a pair of her own red leather pumps. They are part of her shoe collection and feature microphone heels.

Demi Lovato has no problem tweeting someone she finds cute. She tells the BBC; “If you find somebody attractive, you can just hit them up or, like, slide into their DMs and be like, ‘Hey, what’s going on?'”

Ariana Grande tells Coveteur magazine that calling off her tour following her Manchester bombing was not an option. “I don’t think I’ve been through anything as traumatic as [what] we’ve been through. So…[tour] can be a lot. Calling it off and going home was not an option. The message of the show was too important. For the crew and everyone involved, it’s become more than just a show for us. We are really grateful to be here and really grateful for this show.”

The Blast claims Kings of Leon is going to donate proceeds from their Las Vegas concert tonight to charity. They released a statement saying; “All net proceeds from their October 6 Las Vegas tour date at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino will be donated to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee’s Music City Cares Fund. The donation to the CFMT fund will be directed to support Las Vegas nonprofits helping with immediate and long-term needs of the Route 91 Harvest festival shooting victims.”

Pink tells the Sun newspaper that she and her husband Carey Hart don’t always get along. ”I just try to laugh as much as possible. And we go through moments where honestly I look at him and I think, ‘I’ve never liked you at all, there’s nothing I like about you, I’ve never liked you, I’ll never like you again’. And then five minutes later I’m like, ‘You look really good in those jeans’. And then two days later he’s helping me off the ledge and telling me things that only he could tell me because he’s known me that long. And then the next day I want to stab him with a fork. So yeah.”

Apple Insider claims the Carpool Karaoke episode with Linkin Park and Ken Jeong is going to air on Facebook next week. Bennington’s widow Talinda gave her blessing to air the show

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