The Sacramento Bee claims Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds recently visited pediatric patients at the Sutter Children’s Center in Northern California. He performed “Radioactive” as Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young looked on. Dan then signed autographs for the kids

Radar Online claims Britney Spears is allegedly concerned about returning to Planet Hollywood for her residency shows because of the recent Vegas shooting. A source tells the site; “Britney is heartbroken, but she is also legitimately scared to go to Las Vegas to finish her show. As of right now, she wishes she could get out of the remainder of her contract because she does not feel safe at all going back there and doing a show in front of a large crowd. In fact, she has been really freaking out about it. She is already a slightly paranoid person, but this whole thing has gotten her and her family extremely concerned for her safety.”

Andy Grammer tells Bravo that he hopes Taylor Swift and Katy Perry end their feud. “Man, I hope so. There’s no reason for all that. I mean, I’m sure there’s a reason for it, but at this point, let it go! “I don’t think I’m in her (Taylor’s) squad per say but she’s been really sweet to me. She’s tweeted my songs and brought me on stage at her arena shows.”

In her new documentary On the Record: P!nk — Beautiful Trauma, Pink says her life is like one big puzzle “I’d say the hardest part is just trying to figure it all out. I signed up for this when I was 16 and now I have children and I have a marriage. I just want to always make sure that I’m doing right by them. It’s not a simple puzzle anymore — it’s not just me.”

People magazine claims Justin Bieber is in a better place now than when he cancelled his tour several weeks ago. A source tells the magazine; “It was a really bad scene. He was just not himself. He was profoundly unhappy. Exhausted, low energy. He was just miserable. He needed to step back, recalibrate, and then figure out his next move. For a long time, it was just awful, but it’s not anymore. Justin is seeing the beauty around him. He sees that his life is beautiful, that he’s beautiful. He’s young and rich, but that’s not enough. He’s now becoming emotionally and spiritually grounded, and the difference is written all over his face. It’s beautiful to watch.” claims Chris Brown is still hoping for a reconciliation with Rihanna. A source tells the site; “Chris has never gotten over Rihanna, and he says he never will. She’s the standard he holds all other women to, and he still misses her and thinks about her pretty much every day. Seeing photos of Rihanna out with other men stings like crazy, and Chris can’t help torturing himself with thoughts of ‘what if.’ Chris believes that they will be together again one day, some time in the future — that they’re soulmates and meant for each other.” claims Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are supporting Jason Aldean following the shooting at his concert Las Vegas. A source tells the site: “They have reached out to Jason privately to see how he is doing but they are just shattered like anyone else about the whole situation. It’s disgusting and they can’t even put together how something like it happened. It’s horrifying and they really have no words on a situation that has troubled so many people and families. It is something that they would like to help with and they are trying to think of ideas to help the victims and hope to do something in the next few weeks with or without other celebs and singers.”

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