FONSECA MUSIC NEWS 10/04/17 claims Blake Shelton gifted Gwen Stefani with a $60,000 necklace for her birthday. A source tells the site; “Gwen was surprised by Blake today with an amazing vintage Cartier 12.50 carat diamond collar necklace set in 18k white gold. “The sparkler Blake picked out himself set him back over $60,000. Gwen was floored when she received the sweet, generous birthday gift. She fought back the tears as she opened the box and can’t wait for the next special occasion with Blake to wear the gorgeous new jewelry.”

Shawn Mendes wants to have his heart broken. Just Jared quotes him as saying; “I have mildly [suffered for love], not as much as I make it sound like. I need to get my heart broken so I can write another album. I don’t think I’ve ever had my heart broken. I’m lucky, but that means it has to happen. But that’s good, I can’t wait for it to happen because I’ll probably get some good songs out of it.”

The Iowa Department of Transportation recently used an electronic sign and Taylor Swift’s lyrics from “Look What You Made Me Do” to highlight distracted driving. The sign read; ”246 traffic deaths this year. Old Taylor can’t come to the phone…she’s driving.”

Female First claims Katy Perry was recently performing in New York when she paid tribute to the victims of the Vegas massacre. She told fans; “I want to take this moment right here for Las Vegas tonight. Listen, I know it’s been a tough day, but music is special. It’s magic. It’s something that unites us. There’s a community here that we need to take care of, that we need to surround, that we need to lift up. I know that we all feel very disconnected sometimes, but music brings us together and it should never be a place of fear.”

The NY Post claims Justin Bieber is having trouble renting a Beverly Hills mansion. A source tells the paper; “Justin wants to rent a big estate, but many of the owners of the big Beverly Hills properties, which are for rent, have clubbed together to agree that nobody should rent to Justin. You would think that they would want the cache of having him at their homes – and Justin is offering $100,000 a month for places that aren’t anywhere near worth that. But he and his entourage have a reputation of trashing his rental homes and then being difficult where it comes to paying for the repairs.”

InTouch Weekly Magazine claims Selena Gomez may make a documentary about her battle with lupus. A source tells the magazine; “She’s making a documentary about her health issues. Selena will talk about her journey, give viewers insight into lupus and clear up any misunderstandings. Since having the transplant, Selena’s a changed woman and appreciates how lucky she is. The whole experience has been life-changing

Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds is from Las Vegas where the recent massacre occurred. He tells Variety magazine that he does have a fear of performing on stage. ”I really try to put that out of my mind, always. We have really thorough security at all our venues, we have the infrastructure to be able to put in metal detectors and we always go the extra mile in that. Of course, I’ve had the thought creep into my mind to have some sort of fear, but I refuse to let anyone take away the most beautiful part of humanity for me — which is music and gathering people together. Even though we have a high level of security at our shows, we said, “Let’s bump up the security even more.” We’re going to do everything in our power to make our concerts a safe space.”

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