Ed Sheeran tells MTV that he has no plans to make another cameo in Game of Thrones. “No one wants to see me come back. I wanted to be a cameo in it, and I’ve done the cameo. I’m cool with it, though. I enjoyed it.

Entertainment Tonight claims Taylor Swift is going to perform at halftime of the college football national championship game in Atlanta on January 8th.

Taylor Swift spoke at her friend’s wedding over the weekend. claims she jokingly embarrassed Abigail Anderson when she told a story about her and her now-husband. “She’s running after him, there’s falling, there’s stumbling. They make it to the bathroom and I hear sounds that I can never un-hear. And then, there’s silence. And then…”

Niall Horan tells The Irish Sun that his solo career will never reach the heights of his career in One Direction. “I know that anything I do, and all of us are like that, anything I do is not going to be as big as One Direction-ever. No matter what, or how hard I try. But I’m just a music lover and I just try and give my money’s worth to ­people and give their money’s worth back to them and just have a laugh.”

The Sun claims Ed Sheeran look-a-like Bryan McGowan constantly gets asked for autographs. He tells the paper; “Usually my strong Scottish accent gives me away that I’m not Ed Sheeran. I’m quite a reserved, shy guy but I do love the attention that I receive. Everyone loves Ed, he’s well known for being a nice guy so I could look like a worse celebrity. I walked past the crowds with my hood up, and people started running towards me. I had about 20 people following me. It was a bit scary at first. I’d rather people come up to me and ask for a picture instead. I get dozens of comments every night, especially if I’m in the pub and people are drunk.”

Female First, citing Heat magazine, claims Mariah Carey is allegedly considering attending a weight loss treatment center. A source tells the sites; “It’s the last thing Mariah thought she’d have to do but she wants to book a stay at a high-end treatment centre in California or New York as soon as her schedule permits. Mariah has realized that she may have a major issue with overeating and it’s impacting her life in a negative way. In the old days, she would have just had surgery – like lipodissolve – and hit the gym for a bit if she’d put on weight, but that’s not enough now. She feels the stress of raising her kids, plus a punishing schedule, has totally destroyed her self-control.”

Justin Bieber tells TMZ that he and Floyd Mayweather are not feuding. “I have nothing against Floyd. We just need to create boundaries and stuff when it comes to certain things. claims Blake Shelton thinks Gwen Stefani is a great kisser. A source tells the site; “Blake loves Gwen, they get along, they laugh and they have a very amazing relationship, but what locked him in and still does is the way she kisses him. Blake, like most people, doesn’t like a bad kisser. If Stefani was bad, it would have been the kiss of death because the physical needs to match the emotional and Blake is very happy with both.”


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