James Corden tells Entertainment Tonight that he was depressed after doing Carpool Karaoke with Bruno Mars. ‘I mean, it’s a bit like picking your children, you know what I mean? But in terms of the one I’ve enjoyed doing the most, I think it was probably Bruno. Like, I really, I got a bit depressed afterwards … Because I’d been looking forward to it for so long and I’m such a fan. When we were done, I was like, ‘Oh. I’m not gonna get to do that again,’ you know, and so that was incredible.”

TMZ claims Taylor Swift’s butt grabbing lawsuit against former radio DJ David Mueller continued yesterday with Taylor’s lawyer saying she is only seeking $1. Mueller and his attorney continue to deny that he ever inappropriately touched her

US Weekly quotes Taylor’s lawyer Douglas Baldridge as saying; “Today Ms. Swift is taking a stand for all women. Today a woman has reported being sexually assaulted and now she is being sued for a case of workplace sexual assault. She has been in tens of thousands of meet-and-greets, including going out in the crowds, and she never had this happen. If a person cannot stand up and serve as an example to other young women that have been sexually assaulted, then who can?”

The NY Daily News claims Mueller testified; “It’s a humiliating experience to be accused of something that despicable.”

Taylor reportedly said; “That dude just grabbed my a–”

Inside Edition claims some of Taylor’s fans have been lining up as early as 3:45 a.m. to get a seat in the courtroom. The judge has banned Swift clothing and memorabilia claims The Weeknd wants kids with Selena Gomez. Sources tell the site: “He has thought about starting a family with Selena at some point down the line, maybe in a few years and he has told her that he would want to have a girl because nothing would be better for him then to have a cute little Selena look-alike bouncing around. He’s mentioned to her many times that two of her would always be better than one.”

Adam Levine tells Entertainment Tonight that he and Blake Shelton are back to disliking one another now that The Voice has started taping again. “Once we started hating each other again, I started getting people on my team, he started getting people on his. It’s almost how we show each other we love each other, by hating each other. [It’s] dysfunctional.”

Unreality TV claims Chris Brown recently commented on an Instagram picture of Rihanna in a bedazzled bikini with feathers. He posted a side-eye emoji to let her know that he was looking at the pictures.

Fans react ..


“Why did Chris Brown comment under Rihanna’s pic on IG? Get a job, stay away from her!”

“I want Rihanna & Chris Brown to get back together. I know it sounds crazy, but it feels right.”

Shawn Mendes tells People that a cream he bought in South America inspired him to develop his own cologne. ”It was kind of tropical-smelling, but it wasn’t extremely fruity. It had this musky kind of smell to it. Everyone who walked by when I was wearing it really liked it, so I wanted to kind of base [my fragrance] off of that. I included [that scent of Maple] because I was hoping it would give it a homemade, Canadian smell.”

ABC claims Justin Timberlake and Selena Gomez are going to star in Woody Allen’s new movie Wonder Wheel. The plot is being kept a secret. The movie is set in Coney Island, New York in the 1950s.

Top 10 Highest Paid DJs of 2017 according to Forbes

1. Calvin Harris ($48,500,000)

2. Tiesto ($39,000,000)

3. The Chainsmokers ($38,000,000)

4. Skrillex ($30,000,000)

5. Steve Aoki ($29,500,000)

6. Diplo ($28,500,000)

7. David Guetta ($25,000,000)

8. Marshmello ($21,000,000)

9. Martin Garrix ($19,500,000)

10. Zedd ($19,000,000)


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