Billboard Magazine’s Highest Paid Musicians

1. Beyonce Knowles ($62.1 million)

2. Guns N’ Roses ($42.3 million)

3. Bruce Springsteen ($42.2 million)

4. Drake ($37.3 million)

5. Adele ($37 million)

6. Coldplay ($32.3 million)

7. Justin Bieber ($30.5 million)

8. Luke Bryan ($27.3 million)

9. Kanye West ($26.1 million)

10. Kenny Chesney ($25.4 million)

Dish Nation claims a second woman is accusing Usher of giving her herpes. She initially sued him for $10 million, but now wants $20 million after allegedly testing positive for the disease. Usher is not commenting on the allegations

Glamour magazine claims The Weeknd took a 12-hour flight from Paris to Los Angeles in order to take Selena Gomez out to lunch the day after her birthday.

Perez Hilton claims Justin Bieber has canceled the 15 remaining concerts on his Purpose World Tour. A source tells Variety; “It wasn’t a decision made overnight. He’s had some time off and was able to consider his commitments.”

Us Weekly claims John Mayer commended Justin Bieber on canceling his tour by tweeting; “When someone pulls remaining dates of a tour, it means they would have done real damage to themselves if they kept going. We’ve lost so many great artists lately. I give Justin [two thumbs up] for realizing it was time to call it. You should too.”

Lady Gaga misses Amy Winehouse. She tweeted: ”We all miss you and your voice Amy. [heart emoji] Good time to remember to treat people that we love with dignity and respect. What a talent.” claims Beyonce has almost lost all of her pregnancy weight.A source tells the site; “Beyonce is amazing, she is clocking hardly any sleep right now, but she’s full of energy and life! Most new moms of twins struggle to even function at this stage, but Beyonce is thriving. I mean, obviously it helps that she and JAY-Zhave nannies and a bunch of staff, but she’s still really hands on and she’s breastfeeding, which means she’s hardly getting a break rest wise — but then, Beyonce has always functioned best on less sleep than most of us mere mortals! You would never believe that Beyonce gave birth to twins just weeks ago. She’s lost nearly all the baby weight, and her body has snapped right back… She looks awesome!” claims Blake Shelton treats Gwen Stefani’s sons as if they were his own. A source tells the site; “Gwen‘s kids are her life and they’re an extension of her. And, Blake loves Gwen so much that it’s very obvious that he loves her kids just as much. If he’s going to be with Gwen, he has to be with her kids; That is the trade off and he is embracing it 100%. Blake treats Kingston, Zuma and Apollo as if they are his own.”

Breitbart, citing a Delphi Analytica poll, reveals that Kid Rock is four points ahead in his 2018 US Senate race in Michigan. He is leading incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow by a 30-26 margin.

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