Ed Sheeran tells the Sun newspaper that he is working on his next CD. “I’ve been working on this one since the same time as Plus. Every year I write a song that will go on it. So I have about six, seven at the moment. It’s not necessarily experimental but I don’t think there’ll be any hot radio songs on it this time. It’s a very acoustic record, very acoustic. It will potentially come later, because it’s been about six years in the making and it might be another three or four. So I might put other stuff out before then, just to have something out. Next year I kind of want to do a couple of collaborations, some cool stuff.”

Ed Sheeran tells the Sun newspaper that he wants to record with DJ Khaled and Justin Bieber. “Me and DJ Khaled were talking about doing a song but I haven’t had any time to go in the studio, so I missed this album. But hopefully next year. I’m keeping open.I’m always, always up for working with Bieber. He’s doing a lot of these features (record collaborations) then he’s touring. But when he wants to start making another album, I’d love to be involved. “I’ve got some ideas. I think he’s really talented. And his head’s screwed on properly now.”

TMZ claims Beyonce and Jay-Z have returned home to their Malibu estate with their twins. The children spent an extra week and a half in the hospital being treated for jaundice. Beyonce and Jay-Z are renting their Malibu estate for $400,000 a month

Contact Music, citing The Sun newspaper, claims Chris Martin and Katy Perry were flirty at the Glastonbury Music Festival in the UK. A source tells the sites: ”Chris and Katy were walking hand in hand through the hospitality area and looked like they were really enjoying each other’s company. She was wearing a big coat and hood to hide her face but kept whispering in his ear and laughing. As soon as a fan recognised her, though, she dropped Chris’s hand and they both raced into the Winnebago area. Earlier on they had watched Stormzy together too and met him backstage. They were sticking together for the whole evening.”

Refinery29 claims Mac Miller wished Ariana Grande a Happy Birthday with the following message: “Happy birthday to this adorable pure soul who has reminded me what being happy feels like. Thank you for loving me so good. I think it’s supposed to be ‘so well’ but I don’t care. I love you and can’t wait for all of the adventures.”

Popsugar claims Bruno Mars fell asleep at the BET Awards. It happened during Mary J Blige’s performance.

People magazine claims Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani got ”lovey-dovey” during a recent date at an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. A source tells the magazine; “They were very lovey dovey and he was rubbing her back. They were very polite to everyone and were very cordial when people approached their table and weren’t upset at all when a busboy accidentally spilled a glass of water on the table. It was clear that people in the restaurant were noticing them but they didn’t let it bother them and they rarely took their eyes off each other”

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