Ace Showbiz, citing, claims Ariana Grande hopes to record a benefit song for the victims of her concert attack. A source tells the site she wants Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus on the song. “Ariana is hoping to record a single that will include some of the big names joining her during the benefit concert. The proceeds of the song will go to the victims of the Manchester tragedy. She is intending for the song to be uplifting with a powerful message of love and tolerance against hate and violence.” claims Gwen Stefani is hoping Blake Shelton proposes. A source tells the site: “Gwen is preparing herself to become Mrs. Gwen Shelton because she feels Blake is going to pop the question any day now, maybe even this weekend. Gwen has never been happier and it is all because of Blake. He is constantly surprising her by doing sweet romantic things for her, they are totally in love, and she feels his next romantic surprise will be an engagement ring!”

The Daily Dot claims Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill is being turned into a musical. Tony award-winning director Diane Paulus will lead the project.

Ed Sheeran tells Contact Music that Russell Crowe was wrong when he said he and Cherry Seaborn were engaged. ”You know, he’s only met Cherry once and I didn’t introduce her… I didn’t say anything. I think he just assumed. But no, we’re not engaged. He emailed me to say sorry.”

TV3, citing Grazia magazine, claims Taylor Swift is falling for Joe Alwyn. A source tells the sites; “Taylor has totally fallen for Joe, who she was introduced to by Gigi Hadid after they did a Vogue shoot together. But both she and her team are keen to avoid the circus that accompanied her relationship with Tom. She’s still reeling from the backlash, including claims that the whole thing was a PR stunt, and wants to be more protective of her personal life this time. Much of their romance has been conducted behind closed doors, but when they’ve appeared in public she’s worn elaborate disguises including wigs, hats and scarves. She’s enjoyed the anonymity of moving around undetected.”

Julia Michaels tells Harpers Bazaar that she suffers from stage fright. “Performing is actually kind of hard for me. I have really bad performance anxiety, which I didn’t know I had until I started singing for people! That’s been really hard to overcome. I get really nervous, and my hands get sweaty and I start to shake, and feel like I’m going to pass out. I feel like I’m starting to become a little bit more confident in it. And hopefully it continues! Because panic anxiety is not fun!”

Jennifer Lopez tells E! News that she is not trying to pressure Alex Rodriguez. “I think we are very happy and just having a good time and don’t put as much pressure as everybody else puts on it.”

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