Top Tours of 2017 according to Billboard magazine

1. Bon Jovi $31.2 million
2. Ariana Grande $14.4 million
3. Stevie Nicks $13.5 million
4. Drake $13.3 million
5. Red Hot Chili Peppers $10.1 million
6. Maroon 5 $6.2 million
7. Billy Joel $4.6
8. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers $2.8 million
9. Twenty One Pilots $2.7 million
10. Neil Diamond $2.1 million

Train’s Pat Monahan tells People magazine that he loves karaoke. “My go-to tracks are ‘Sweet Child of Mine,’ which is ridiculous and also ‘Don’t Stop Believin’. Also, anything from Prince and I’ll try some Queen if I have some friends doing it with me.”

Ace Showbiz, citing Radar Online, claims Jay-Z and Beyonce’s sister Solange are at odds over Beyonce’s delivery. A source tells the sites; “Solange has really been with Bey a hell of lot, doing prenatal yoga classes with her and rubbing stretchmark oil all over her. Jay’s insisting it’s his job to be there during the birth and wants Solange outside in the waiting area. It’s turning into a real standoff and bringing up a lot of past ill will, which is probably why neither of them have thought about asking what Beyonce wants! Now Jay and Solange are back at it and 2014 heir relationship has turned into a real power struggle. Beyonce has already decided that the twins will be born at Cedars, and she wants Jay-Z to have a house for them to return to when they leave, not a hotel. She wants everything to be perfect and things keep going wrong. And this move near the hospital will make her delivery so much easier, she thinks.” claims Selena Gomez is falling in love with The Weeknd. A source tells the site; “It’s getting better and better between Selena and Abe each and every day. As they learn more about each other their bond and love grows, Selena says she has to pinch herself sometimes, to check that she’s not dreaming! Abe loves absolutely everything about Selena — her beauty, talent, intelligence, her body.”

W magazine claims Calvin Harris and Katy Perry are recording a new song for Calvin’s upcoming CD ”Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1′. He’s also recorded with Ariana Grande, Pharrell and Nicki Minaj.

Nick Jonas tells Racked magazine that he has one big fashion regret. ”Certainly. I mean, I think we all had an Ed Hardy phase, where you had the hat, and the T-shirt, and the shoes — and the jeans, if you were lucky! Head to toe. Dark times. But we gotta go through the fire to come out knowing what to wear without looking insane.”

Jerusalem Online has posted some of Aerosmith’s backstage demands. They include organic cashews, pink lady apples, non-alcoholic German beer, cashew cheese, almond milk, goat milk, wine, peanut M&Ms, organic honey and pretzels filled with peanut butter

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