Does Arcade Fire’s Tour Rider Call for an Art Corner, Specialty Ice, and Fair Trade Gummy Bears?

Bands have always made absurd requests in their tour riders, and there have also been some who’ve had a little fun with them . . . but Arcade Fire’s rider takes the cake. A document supposedly from a recent Arcade Fire tour demands:  “Fair trade gummy bears, mushrooms harvested locally, a craft corner with assorted paints and canvas as a creative outlet . . . “One large Garfield ‘I Don’t Do Mondays’ shirt, one bag of locally produced, sustainable ice, one Victrola Phonograph with 200 watt speakers, one package of organic raspberries, and one bottle Czech Absinthe with sugar cubes.'” They also say loose leaf black chai tea is “REALLY IMPORTANT,” because they won’t drink it steeped from a bag . . . and, quote, “All visible written words must have correct spelling and grammar.” Now, Arcade Fire has been known to take themselves a little too seriously . . . but this is so over the top that it has to be a joke.  And it might be.  The band’s rep says the rider is a phony.

Urban Quick Hits: Flavor Flav Doing the Weather, Kanye Doesn’t Use The Pirate Bay, and Joey Bada$$ on “Mr. Robot”

1.  For whatever reason, Fox13 in Salt Lake City invited amateur meteorologist FLAVOR FLAV to do the weather for them on Saturday.  And if that wasn’t strange enough, he also helped out during a pet segment.  ( has both videos.) He was there because he made an unexpected visit to a local school where his brother works.  He said he told the kids to stay in school, because they’re probably not going to be as lucky as he was. Fox13 also made “Bring the Noise” by Public Enemy their “Song of the Day”, and they grooved to it with Flav.  (Here’s video.  The local news is truly a very special form of entertainment.)

2.  KANYE WEST says he was JOKING when he posted a screenshot of a computer screen that had a tab open for The Pirate Bay.  He says it’s “obviously” not his computer, and adds, quote, “You know, the irony that that was the site that downloaded a million of my albums.”  Well, yeah, we got that part.

3.  JOEY BADA$$ will guest-star on “Mr. Robot”.  He’s playing Leon, a “new close friend of Elliot’s from the neighborhood.”   He comes across as an annoying guy who “often talks excessively to Elliot, advising him, and philosophizing the meanings of life.”

Beyoncé Performed at Her Daughter’s Elementary School Benefit

BEYONCÉ is already embarrassing her four-year-old daughter.  Blue Ivy goes to elemenatary school in L.A., and the schoolheld a fundraiser on Saturday.  And Beyoncé not only showed up in a tiger print mini-dress, she also PERFORMED. Her set featured “Crazy in Love”“XO”, and a cover of “I Will Always Love You”.  (Here’s a video montage, and you can find other clips here and here.)


Madonna Cried Onstage While Talking About Her Custody Battle

MADONNA and GUY RITCHIE have been fighting for custody of their 15-year-old son Rocco.  He’s currently living with his dad in London, and she’s not happy. Madonna had a show in New Zealand on Friday, and she dedicated “La Vie en Rose” to Rocco.  And she cried as she said, quote, “There’s no love stronger than a mother for her son.  And if I talk about him too much, I might cry . . . I hope he hears this somewhere and he knows how much I miss him.”  (Here’s video.)

If you care, Rocco left Madonna’s tour a few months ago, and apparently wants to say with his dad.  Guy thinks Madonna is too stern . . . she thinks his parenting style is way too lax . . . and they both think the other is RUINING Rocco.

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