A Girl Passed Gas While We Were Making Out

I went out with a girl I just started dating over the weekend.  We got dinner . . . saw the new “Avengers” movie . . . and went to a bar for drinks. Then we ended up at her place, and started making out.  Everything was going perfectly . . . until she passed gas.  Loudly.  Maybe we shouldn’t have gotten Thai food for dinner. When it happened, all she said was, “Whoops!”  Then she KEPT making out with me.  So I made up an excuse that I had to go, because I was super grossed out. I know it happens, but I just couldn’t go through with it.  Should I give her another shot?  Or did I make things worse by bailing?


Kyle, 22



(What gross thing happened on a date that made you never call someone again?)


Would You Date Someone Who’s Dull . . . But Who You Have Really Cool Experiences With? 


For the past few months I’ve been going out with a 35-year-old guy who’s terrific on paper.  He’s smart, successful, great looking, and he has the best body on a guy I’ve ever seen. He makes a lot of money, and whenever we go out, we have really fun experiences together.  We go to nice restaurants, cool events, and he comes up with interesting date ideas.  We’ve actually planned an awesome vacation to Mexico, too. Here’s the problem:  He’s dull.  Like, really dull.  I can’t decide if he’s just a really shy, intense person who keeps to himself . . . or if he’s just boring.  The thing is, I really like the experiences we have together.  And that makes me want to hang out with him.  His personality is definitely lacking, though.  Should I keep dating this guy?  Or is it pointless in the long run?

Alice, 25



(Would you date someone who you had great physical chemistry and awesome experiences with . . . even if they had a dull personality?)


What’s the Trashiest Thing Someone Can Have in Their House?

I’ve been dating someone new, and I finally got to see his place.  He’s 30, and he shares it with a couple friends. Let’s just say that when I saw it, I wasn’t impressed.  It COULD be really nice . . . but he completely ruined it. How did he ruin it?  He has a crappy couch on his front porch.  And to make matters worse, he and his buddies sit on it and drink beer all the time. It’s not even a nice couch.  It’s old, plaid, and looks awful.  To me, a couch on the front porch is THE trashiest thing a person can have.  So I’m dumping the guy, because it’s a total deal-breaker. Am I being too judgmental?  Has anyone else dumped someone because of something trashy in their place?


Fran, 33


(What’s the trashiest thing a person can have in their house?  Or, what ‘trashy’ thing do you have in your house that you refuse to get rid of?)


I Felt Emasculated When Another Guy Ordered Dinner for the Whole Group

I met up with some friends over the weekend, and we had a big group dinner at a Thai place I’d never been too. But my friend brought her boyfriend, and he HAD been there before . . . many, many times.  So instead of asking us what we wanted, he ordered for EVERYONE at the table . . . including me and my girlfriend. It felt weirdly emasculating.  I don’t want some other dude ordering for my girlfriend, let alone ME.  I get that he knew the food and he’d been there before, but I still didn’t like it. Now I understand why a lot of women hate when guys do this stuff for them.  Am I being a baby?  Or do other guys agree that for a brief moment, my man card was taken away?

Jaime, 38


(Men, what did another guy do that made you feel like less of a man?  Or, what will you absolutely NOT tolerate another guy doing around you?)


What Crazy Punishments Did Your Parents Use on You as a Kid?

I feel like the world has gotten overly PC when it comes to punishments for kids.  We’re babying them way too much these days. But I don’t baby my son.  He’s 10 years old, and recently he destroyed his iPad by being really careless.  I refused to buy him a new one, AND I wouldn’t let him go to a classmate’s birthday party last weekend.  One of his friend’s moms heard, and told me he’s going to grow up to resent me . . . and that I should ‘rethink’ my punishment.  Obviously I disagree. When I was little, my dad had an old jukebox . . . and if I was bad, he’d pick me up and put me on top of it.  I was too little to crawl down, so I just had to sit there, cry, and think about what I did.  And I think I turned out okay. Would you listen to another parent who tries to tell you how to raise your children?  If you’ve given parenting advice to someone, what makes you think it’s okay to do that?


Gina, 49

(What crazy punishments did your parents use on YOU as a kid?  And do you use them on your own kids?)


My Wife Talks About Our Sex Life in Front of My Friends

Some of my old college buddies came over the other night, and my wife and I made them dinner. We were all drinking, but I think my wife drank a little TOO much . . . because she started talking about our SEX life. She shared some pretty intimate details, and I got a little embarrassed . . . so I told her to drop it.  But she kept going.  My FRIENDS weren’t uncomfortable or anything, I just don’t want them knowing that stuff about us. She wouldn’t apologize the next day either.  She said they’re close to us, and they don’t care.  Obviously I disagree. Am I overreacting here?  Would other people be upset if their wife or girlfriend shared intimate details with their friends?

Samuel, 39


(You could ask women the same question.  How detailed do you get when you talk about your sex life with your friends?  What personal thing did your significant other tell your friends that embarrassed you?)


What’s the Weirdest Gift You Got on a First Date?

I was set up with a guy, and before we met for the first time we talked a little through text and phone calls. Before our date, I mentioned that I just went on vacation and got a pretty bad sunburn. When he met me at the restaurant, he brought a bottle of aloe vera for me.  It was such a weird gift, but actually, it was pretty cute. He said it was just a joke because I mentioned being sunburnt, but I thought it was sweet. What’s the weirdest gift someone brought you on a date?  Does the aloe vera gift mean this guy is thoughtful?


Maya, 30


Does Your Significant Other’s Ex Ever Make You Feel Inadequate?

I’m a very confident guy.  I’ve got a great job, I’m relatively decent looking, and I’m fit.  Very little can make me feel inadequate. I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about two months, and I just found out way more than I need to know about her ex-boyfriend.  Mainly, he’s a Navy SEAL. I’ve never even met the guy, but I’m already feeling like less of a man.  How can any guy compare to a modern day SUPERHERO?  Not only that, she went out with the guy for three years. I know I shouldn’t feel this self-conscious, but I do.  Am I being completely ridiculous?  Or would other guys feel the same way I do?

Allen, 34


(What about your significant other’s ex makes you feel totally inadequate?  Do you ever compare yourself to them?)


Why Are Women So Passive-Aggressive with Each Other?

I’m a woman, but I’m sort of a “guy” when it comes to friendships.  I hate texting, and I always say what I mean. One of my best friends is completely the opposite.  She’s super emotional, and she texts me ALL the time.  It’s weird.  I feel like I’m in a relationship outside of the one I have with my boyfriend. I went away a few weekends ago, and when I came back, she was super weird.  She started talking about how we need “boundaries.”  Frankly, it came out of nowhere.  We haven’t seen or talked to each other in almost two weeks. She’s not my first female friend to pull this kind of crap.  Why are women always so passive-aggressive about their feelings?  Should I let her be weird and distant . . . or should I just talk to her?

Jenny, 30


Should I Tell My Friend to Break Up with Her Boyfriend?

I went on a trip with my friend and her boyfriend this past weekend, and the whole thing started off great. But on the last night they got into a NASTY fight.  It never got physical, but she ended up staying in my hotel room because they had to be separated. We were talking today, and she told me she wants my honest opinion on whether or not they should be together.  Truthfully, I think her boyfriend is an okay guy . . . but I don’t like the way he talks to her. Is it bad news if I tell her she should break up with her boyfriend?  Should I even give my opinion at all?


Kristen, 30

(Is there any way to be diplomatic when you don’t like your friend’s significant other?  Has giving relationship advice to a friend ever come back to hurt you?)


Would You Think Less of Your Doctor If You Knew They Smoked Pot?

One of my buddies is a surgeon, and he’s my age . . . 35.  I’ve known him since college.  He’s a great doctor, but he also happens to be one of the biggest potheads I know.  He was one in school . . . and he still is. Because I’ve seen what a partier he can be, I refuse to ever let him operate on me.  I know he’s extremely intelligent and a talented surgeon, but I don’t want my doctor to be a pothead. Would you think less of your doctor if they smoked pot?  Is there anything about a doctor’s personal life that would make you trust them less?


Bill, 35


Where Did You Accidentally Lose Your Kid?

Last week my family and I went on a trip to Disney World.  My wife and I have two kids . . . one is four, and the other is seven. The park was really busy, and I let go of my seven-year-old daughter’s hand.  The next thing I knew, she wasn’t there. After looking around for five minutes, I found her standing right where we were walking when I let her go.  She was smart enough to know not to leave the area when she couldn’t find her parents, but still, it was terrifying. Should I invest in one of those “leash backpack” things?  Do they actually work?  Am I a bad parent for briefly losing my daughter?

Archie, 45


(Where did you accidentally lose your kid?  How long did it take before you found them again?)


The Babysitter Flirts with My Husband in Front of Me

My husband and I have a 16-year-old babysitter who watches our two kids from time to time. She’s a nice girl, but lately she’s been annoying me.  My husband is 36 and very attractive, and the girl totally flirts with him right in front of me. I think he’s flattered by it, and obviously I know it’s not going to go anywhere . . . but it still bothers me. Is it stupid to be jealous of a 16-year-old girl?  Should we stop having her watch our kids and find someone else to do it?

Jane, 36



(What would you do if your babysitter had a crush on your husband?  Is it harmless?)


Could You Date Someone Who Has the Same Name as a Family Member?

I met a great girl recently, and we went out on our first date over the weekend.  All in all, she’s pretty great. But there’s one minor thing that’s bothering me.  She has the same name as my MOM:  Sheila.  She doesn’t have a nickname, and it’s not like there’s a shorter version of her name that I can use.  At first I thought it wasn’t a big deal, but it’s becoming a little weird. Is it weird to date someone who has the same name as a parent or family member?

Zach, 31

(If you’re dating someone with the same name as a family member, how do you keep them straight?  Does it ever get weird?)


I Try to Limit the Amount of TV My Kids Watch . . . Is That Even Possible Now?

I didn’t grow up watching TV, and for a while my parents didn’t even HAVE one.  And I turned out fine.  So I tried to do the same thing with MY kids.  We only have one TV in the house, and they can only watch an hour a day . . . two of their favorite shows, and that’s it.  We also have a family iPad, and limit what they can watch on that too.  But obviously it’s not working. Because there are computers, phones, friends . . . and I can’t put a lock and key on everything.  Kids just have a way of figuring out technology and watching what they want. And they always come home from school and complain because they’re not watching all the stuff their friends are watching. Am I making my kids miss out on childhood experiences because I don’t let them watch as much TV as they want?  Do other parents limit their kids with this stuff?

Am I making things WORSE by being too strict?

Ted, 43

(Parents, if you limit how much your kids watch on TV, why do you do it?  Does it really make a difference if they watch 30 minutes . . . or three hours worth?)


What Advice Did an Uber Driver Give You?


The other night I took Uber to a friend’s birthday party, and I’m one of those people who loves talking to strangers.  So I like hearing the stories Uber drivers tell me, because they usually have some good ones. This guy was probably in his 50’s, and asked me about my love life.  I told him I was dating a lot, but haven’t met anyone special yet. So he gave me this piece of advice:  “Don’t marry just for the sake of getting married.  Find a good guy.  You’re a sweet girl, and I don’t want you to settle.” It was funny because the guy knew me for 10 minutes, but he was already offering up some wisdom.  Has anyone else ever gotten weird or interesting advice from an Uber driver?


Valerie, 30


Do You Look Down on People Who Haven’t Traveled Outside the Country?

I’m single and dating a lot, and feel like I meet a lot people who are pretty well-traveled.  And whenever I tell them I’ve never been anywhere outside the country, they look at me funny . . . and seem to think less of me. I’m 33 years old, and I’m going to start traveling more, but I never had the means to do it until now. If you’ve traveled a lot, do you think less of someone who hasn’t been that many places?  Should I be ashamed?


Helen, 33


Should I Tell My Brother Not to Get Engaged?

My older brother has been dating his girlfriend since college . . . they’ve been together eight years, and he told me recently that he’s going to propose.  I acted happy at first, but I actually  don’t think it’s the right idea. She criticizes him all the time, acts overly sensitive about everything, and is a huge worrier. Should I tell my brother how I feel?  Is it my place to tell him not to propose?


Tim, 28



(If you didn’t like a sibling’s boyfriend or girlfriend, would it bother you that they got engaged?  Would you ever say something about it?  Or is it not your place?)


How Many Dates a Week Is Too Many?

I’ve been meeting a lot of guys recently, and going on lots of dates . . . like three or four a week.  Over the past month I think I’ve gone out with 13 different guys.  It’s been fun, but I think it’s actually starting to stress me out.  It’s getting tricky schedule-wise, and I think I might be spreading myself a little too thin. I’ve even confused details about one person with another . . . the other day I asked a guy about his siblings, but he didn’t have any.  It was a DIFFERENT guy I was thinking about.

How many dates a week is too many?


Dina, 25



(What’s the most number of dates you’ve been on in a week?  What about in one DAY?  Did your dates ever find out about each other?)


What’s the Worst Thing You Learned About Someone After Dating for Weeks?

I know online dating is risky, because you never know whether people are telling the truth.  I choose to trust people . . . and maybe that’s a mistake. I met a woman online last month, and we’ve been dating for few weeks.  Last night when we went out to dinner, and she dropped a huge bomb on me. She’s MARRIED, and she has two kids.  She’s separated from her husband and trying to get out of the marriage, but still. I couldn’t believe it.  Why would she go that long without telling me?

Eric, 30

(Have you ever intentionally deceived someone you were dating?  What lie did you find out about someone after you’d been dating for a while?)


Why Would a Stranger Intentionally Try to Bring Me Down?

I’m a friendly person by nature, and I’m extremely nice to everyone I meet, even strangers. I was at the grocery store yesterday, and I started a friendly conversation with the checkout person.  At one point she told me how nice I was. I thanked her, and then she said, “You know, the people who look happiest on the outside are usually the most depressed.”  Then she bagged up my food and sent me on my way. It seemed like such a random and unnecessary thing to say.  Was this checker intentionally trying to be rude?  Should I have said something to her about it?

Peter, 37



(What did a stranger do to you that totally brought you down?  Did you call them out for it?)


My Buddy Wears Socks . . . with His Crocs


You know how everyone always talks about how much they hate socks and sandals?  I hate it too.  But I’ve just discovered something even more heinous. One of my buddies always wears socks . . . with his CROCS. Yesterday he was chillin’ around his apartment in shorts and his sock Crocs.  It’s embarrassing. He even wears this crap out in public.  The funny thing is, he’s a good-looking guy, but women see his footwear and are immediately turned off by it. Should I tell my buddy he’s embarrassing himself with this sock-Croc getup?

Kurt, 26



(What outfit does your friend or significant other wear that totally embarrasses you?)


How Long Should I Wait for a Guy to Ask Me on a Second Date? (Rating: PG)


I went on a date with a guy on Monday night, and it went really well for a first date.  We got drinks and talked for two and a half hours. Then he walked me back to my apartment and kissed me at the front door.  We had a lot of chemistry, and we even talked about going on a SECOND date. Well, it’s Thursday and I still haven’t heard from him.  I want to send him a text thanking him for a great time, but I don’t want to seem like I’m ‘pursuing’ him. Since I haven’t heard from him yet, should I give up hope now?  Was it a weird week for us to meet because this weekend is Valentine’s Day?

Jill, 30

(How long should you wait for a guy to text you after a date?  Is it okay to text him first?)


I Found a Pack of Cigarettes in My Son’s Bedroom . . . What’s the Right Punishment? (Rating:

My son is 17 and a senior in high school, and overall he’s a pretty good kid.  He’s smart, he gets great grades, and he plays sports.

I was picking up his room the other day, and I found a pack of cigarettes hidden in his sock drawer.  Obviously, I’m not happy. Back in the day, my dad would have made me EAT the entire pack.  That’s just the way he rolled back then. I’ve confiscated the pack, but I don’t know what the best punishment is to get it through his head that he shouldn’t be smoking.  What should I do?

Dale, 54

(What would you do if you found a pack of cigarettes in your kid’s bedroom?  Or, how were YOU punished by your parents for smoking?)


Should I Set My Friend Up with a Date That Didn’t Work Out?

Over the weekend I went out with a guy who was good-looking, intelligent, and nice.  The thing is, we didn’t really have that “chemistry” you have when you meet someone you’re really into. In fact, during the date I kept thinking about how well he’d get along with a friend of mine.  Luckily the feeling was mutual . . . we weren’t right for each other, and we’re both fine with it.

But now I want to set him up with my friend. Is it weird to set my best friend up with a date that didn’t work out for ME?  And how should I do it . . . should I tell her what happened, or just let them figure things out?  Has anyone dated someone their friend dated first?

Penny, 26

(Under what circumstances would it NOT be okay to go out with someone your friend dated?  Would it be weird if they’d hooked up?  Or even just kissed?)


Is It a Bad Sign If a Guy Introduced Me As His “Friend”?


I went to happy hour the other day with a guy I’m seeing, and we randomly ran into some of his friends. But when they came over to us, he introduced me as his “friend.”  We’re not an ‘official’ couple yet, but it was probably our fifth or sixth date . . .  we’ve been hanging out for three weeks.  Still . . . it stung a little. I didn’t ask him about it because I don’t want to scare him away.  But is calling me a “friend” a bad sign?

Kristen, 31

(Guys, if you just started dating a woman, would you refer to her as a “friend” to other people?  At what point in dating do you have to decide whether or not you’re boyfriend and girlfriend?)


Is It Weird That a Guy Wanted to Make Out After a Lunch Date?


I went on a lunch date with a guy last weekend, and it was only our second real date.  But it went well and I’m starting to like him a lot. Then when we were saying goodbye, we sorta started making out.  We were in public, but it got pretty hot. We’re seeing each other again this weekend, and I’m wondering if that was a mistake.  Is it a bad sign that he went for it after a LUNCH date?  And I went along?

Paula, 32


Would You Quit Your Job to Pursue Something You Love?


I had a pretty intense job that was pretty lucrative . . . I was making a LOT of money doing it. The problem is that I wasn’t happy.  And I enjoy writing a lot, so last month on a whim . . . I quit my job to pursue my passion. My family and my girlfriend were completely shocked.  They couldn’t believe I would give up all the money I was making for a “hobby.”  But I just couldn’t do it anymore. Would you stay in a job you hated just because you made a lot of money?  Or would you rather do something that you love?

Jack, 35

(What’s your current job . . . and what job would you much rather do because you love it?  Have you ever quit a lucrative job to follow your dreams?)


A Guy I’m Dating Found My Love Toy

I’ve been dating a new guy for about two weeks, and we’ve spent a lot of time together.  And over the weekend, we finally did the deed. Except I think I screwed up.  Earlier that morning I’d used my love toy, and left it in my BED without thinking. I even made my bed . . . but somehow I left it under the covers.  So when my guy jumped into bed, he found it . . . and was like, “I think you forgot to put this away.” He seemed pretty cool about it, but still . . . was that a huge mistake?  Does he think less of me now?


Heather, 28

(Guys, what would you do if you found your lady’s love toy?  Would you be okay with it?  Or would it bum you out?)


I Was Way More Into the Super Bowl Than My Husband

I know it’s weird for a woman, but I’ve always been into sports . . . especially football.  And the Super Bowl is one of my favorite days of the year. But my husband DOESN’T really like sports.  And actually, he hates watching football.  A bunch of his friends came over to watch the game, and I was super into the whole thing . . . but my husband couldn’t have cared less.  And he’s from Boston, which is a little weird.

Is it weird for a guy to not like sports?  Don’t all guys like sports in some form or another?

Jane, 43


(Guys, will you admit that your lady is more into sports than you are?  Are you masculine enough to admit you hate watching sports?)


My Daughters Only Send Me a Card on My Birthday (Rating: PG)


My husband and I have two adult daughters . . . one is 30 and the other is 32 . . . so they’ve moved out of the house and have their own lives.  I just turned 62 this week, and every year, instead of getting me a present for my birthday, my daughters get me a card.  That’s it.  Just a card. Oh, and they call me on the phone too.  But still . . . it feels like an extremely weak sentiment.  I get them presents for their birthdays every year.

I’m not materialistic or anything, but it just seems like my daughters don’t care about my birthday.  Am I expecting too much?  Do my daughters even care?

Miranda, 62

(If you’re an older adult, do you still expect to get presents from friends and family on your birthday?  Do you even bother celebrating?)


Should I Split the Bill on the Date, Pay for the Whole Thing . . . or Just Let the Guy Decide?


I’ve been on a few dates recently, and whenever the bill comes there’s an awkward moment where I don’t know what to do. I always offer to split the bill, and occasionally I offer to pay the whole thing.  But guys rarely take me up on either, and almost look surprised.  Inevitably they end up paying . . . even if I insist. Truthfully, I couldn’t care less who pays.  But I just want to know . . . am I making things more confusing by offering?

Tina, 26


(Guys, do you prefer women who offer to pay when you go out on a date?  Does it turn you off when they DON’T offer?  What about splitting the bill . . . is that even a thing these days?)


Do People With iPhones Look Down on People Who Don’t Have Them?

I made some new friends recently, and I was sort of surprised when we exchanged numbers . . . a few of them don’t use iPhones. If you don’t know, the iPhone has a thing called ‘iMessage’ which lets you text other iPhone users without using up texts on your plan. Whenever I see that someone doesn’t have an iPhone, I get annoyed . . . and I think slightly less of them. Is it weird for me to be judgmental?  Do other people do this?

Josh, 36

(Are you particular about the kinds of technology your friends or significant others use?  Why?)


Could You Date Someone Who Has the Same Name as Your Ex?

I just met an amazing man, and we had an incredible first date.  We get along perfectly, and he’s incredibly handsome. The thing is, he has the exact same first name as my ex-boyfriend.  It’s not a typical name either.  His name is A.J. Whenever I say his name, I think of my ex, and things didn’t end the best between the two of us.

I don’t know if I will be able to get over the same-name thing.  Should I give it some time?  Or will it never work?

Jane, 30

(Could you date someone who has the same name as your ex?  What if you were fresh out of the relationship, and met someone with the exact same name?)


Is It Gross to Floss in Public?

I flew home last week to visit my family, and got stuck at the gate next to a guy who was FLOSSING. He was sitting there in plain view . . . and sometimes he’d turn and I’d get an up close and personal view of his nasty teeth. I always floss in private . . . I’ve never even done it in front of my husband, and we’ve been married for twenty years. Isn’t it disgusting to floss in public?  Or is it different when you’re stuck in an airport?


Sally, 50



(What personal hygiene regimens should always be kept private?  What did you do in public, even though you knew it was gross?)


Do Women Prefer Expensive Gifts or Thoughtful Gifts for Valentine’s Day?


I’ve been dating a woman for about a year, and I want to get her something really cool for Valentine’s Day. I know the whole holiday is kind of B.S., but my girlfriend’s been talking about how much she wants an iPad.  I’d like to get her one, but as a Valentine’s Day gift it seems incredibly impersonal. Instead, I was thinking about cooking her a romantic dinner and giving her a massage or something afterward.  Maybe even get her some naughty lingerie for later in the evening. Which should I do?  The dinner . . . or the pricey gift?



Joseph, 29



(Ladies, do you prefer an expensive present for Valentine’s day?  Or would you like something more personal that shows a guy cares?  And guys, same question.)


I Just Found Out My Wife Is a Secret Smoker

I’ve been married to my wife for two years, and when I met her, I thought she was the healthiest person ever. She’s a vegetarian, and generally she takes extremely good care of herself. Well, the other day I noticed a receipt on the table from a liquor store . . . and saw she’d purchased cigarettes.  I went through her purse and found a pack hidden in one of the pockets. She came clean and told me she’s smoked for about five years.  I can’t believe she’s kept this filthy habit hidden from me the entire time we’ve been together!  It’s one thing not to reveal everything to someone you’re dating, but this feels like a betrayal of trust since she’s not who I thought I was marrying.  Does this mean she’s lied to me about other things?  Can I ever really trust her now?


Kurt, 39



(What secret did you find out about your significant other when it was way too late?  Did you stay together and try to work it out?)


I Had a Weird Sex Dream About My Neighbor . . . and Now I Want to Move


I’ve lived in my apartment building for five years.  There’s a woman about 20 years older than me who lives across the hall and makes me VERY uncomfortable. She’s always touching me and trying to flirt with me, and the other day she “accidentally” grabbed my backside. Well the other night, weirdly, I had a sex dream about her.  And it was GRAPHIC.  I’m not going to go into detail, but it left me feeling dirty and now I know I’ll never look at her the same way again. In fact, my dream was so disturbing that I actually want to move.  Should I confront her about her unwelcome advances?  Or pack up and head somewhere else?

Christian, 24

(Did you ever have an awkward sex dream about someone you’re not even attracted to?  Could you ever look at them the same way after that?  What did you do to get past it?)


My Long Distance Boyfriend Asked Me to Change My Flight to See Him

A month ago I met a really great guy and we hit it off immediately.  We went on four dates, he calls me all the time, and things were going well. About a week ago he was transferred across the country for work.  He’s still calling me all the time, and we talk for hours. Last week we decided that I’d fly out to visit him this weekend.  I bought a plane ticket and everything, and a few days later he called me to break some bad news. He said he only has a bed and a TV in his new apartment, and it won’t be set up by the time I get there . . . so he wanted me to push back my visit a few extra weeks.  He said it’s nothing to do with me, and he made the mistake. Obviously I’m annoyed about this last minute change in plans, and a part of me feels like he just doesn’t want me to come.  Should I be worried about this?

Bethany, 32

(Guys, if you just moved to a new city and a new place, would you want your apartment to be in tip-top shape before you have a girl stay with you?  Does it even matter if she’s willing to come anyway?)


Is It Weird to Split Custody of a Dog After a Breakup?

My ex-girlfriend and I went out for four years.  The second year we were together, we shared an apartment . . . and got a dog. Now, two years later, we’ve broken up.  We’re still friendly, but the question came up about what we should do with our hound. We decided to share custody of him.  My ex gets him every other week. I’ve been dating new women, and when I try to explain this to them they get weirded out . . . and accuse me of using the animal as an excuse to stay connected with her.  Is it really that odd to share custody of a dog we both love?

Tom, 31

(If you got a dog with an ex, what did you do when you broke up?  Is it easier to just give one person the dog . . . and try to forget about it?  Could you handle being in a relationship where a guy shared pet custody with an ex?)


My New Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend Friended Me on Facebook


My new boyfriend of a month told me that somehow, he’s managed to stay friends with all of his exes.  Frankly, it’s a little weird. His most recent ex is a woman he dated for three years, and apparently they still hang out.  He actually wants me to meet her. The other night . . . she sent me a friend request on Facebook.  I haven’t accepted it yet.  I’m sure there are pictures of the two of them when they were together, and I don’t want to see that. Is it weird that my boyfriend’s ex friended me on Facebook?  And is it even weirder that he actually wants me to meet her?

Carla, 34

(Would you be okay with your boyfriend or girlfriend still hanging out with their ex?  Would you accept a friend request from their ex?)


Is It Better to Fade Out . . . Or to Tell a Date Straight That You’re Not Interested?


I’ve been going on a lot of dates lately with different guys.  Many of them I’m not interested in . . . and many of whom ask me for a second date. I always hated when guys would pull the ‘fade out’ after a date . . . where they stop calling and responding to you, and you have no idea what happened. So, I’ve been telling guys straight up that I’m not interested in a second date.  I say there wasn’t any chemistry, but I wish them well and hope they meet someone. A lot of guys seem mad when I tell them.  Is there any good way of letting someone know you don’t want to go on any more dates?

Sarah, 27

(Would you prefer a date to fade away and never talk to you again . . . or would you like to be told straight that they’re not interested in seeing you?)


My Friend Always Likes Her Own Posts on Facebook


One of my Facebook friends is an older family friend, and I didn’t want to accept her request . . . but it would have been awkward if I hadn’t. And now she comments on ALL of my Facebook posts.  She also always “likes” her own comments.  It’s weird. My friends have actually started giving me a hard time about it.  Would it be weird for me to unfriend her?  What do you do about an annoying Facebook friend?

Louis, 32

(Why do some people like their own posts on Facebook?  Is it because they don’t know how to use the site?  What weird things do your Facebook friends do?)


What’s Your Go-To Excuse for Getting Out of a Bad Date?


I had a date on Saturday with a guy I met at a bar a few weeks ago.  And I was really looking forward to it . . . he’s good-looking, successful, and it seemed like we had a lot in common. But when I got there and we started talking, it was terrible.  It was like pulling teeth to get him to talk, and when DID, he was really pretentious. After a few hours and several drinks, I whipped out my go-to way of getting out of a bad date:  I told him I can’t wait to get married and have lots and lots of babies. It freaked him out, and ten minutes later, we parted ways.  Is my excuse an ingenious way of leaving a bad date?  Or is it mean?


Isabella, 30



(What’s your go-to excuse for getting out of a terrible date?  Does it always work for you?)


Do I Have to Respond to Every Guy Who Messages Me on a Dating Website?


I recently signed up for an online dating site, and not to sound full of myself, but I’m attractive and fun . . . and apparently guys have noticed.  In two weeks I’ve gotten over 300 messages. I don’t think I could respond to all of them if I wanted to.  I HAVE responded to the guys I’m interested in, and I’ve ignored the guys who clearly only looked at my pictures. But do I have to respond to guys I’m NOT interested in?  What if they wrote really nice, well thought-out messages to me?

Jean, 32

(Would you rather get a polite rejection to one of your online dating messages . . . or would you prefer no response at all?  What are the basic rules when it comes to online dating?)


My Boyfriend Said, “I Love You” . . . But I Think It Was an Accident


I’ve been dating a new guy for three weeks, and things are starting to get serious.  We’re pretty much already exclusive with each other. We were out to dinner the other night, and I did or said something that he apparently thought was adorable. I forget what it was, but I DO remember his response . . . He said “Aww, I love you.”  But the way he said it seemed like one of those one-off throw-away comments you make to a friend.  So I didn’t respond and quickly changed the subject.   Did he say it accidentally?  Should I bring it up to him?

Natalie, 30



(How soon is too soon to tell someone you love them?  Is it possible to start falling in love after only three weeks of dating?)


Should I Let My Kid Keep a Ridiculously Expensive Gift From Someone Else?

My husband and I both have jobs, and we work really hard.  Even so, we can’t afford to buy our kids all the expensive things they want. It’s good in a way, because it makes our kids less spoiled . . . but my 10-year-old son has been BEGGING me for an iPad.  I keep telling him no. His birthday was a few days ago, so we threw a party for him.  And one of his FRIENDS got him the iPad.  I couldn’t believe it.  My son is SO happy, but I don’t want to accept the gift.  Should I let my son keep it?  Will my son think less of me for not buying him such a fancy gift?

Jane, 48



(What’s the price limit on gifts you give kids that aren’t your own?  Is it rude to show up a kid’s parents by buying a more expensive gift?  What extravagant gift did someone give your kid?)


Is It Weird That My Parents Put Up Christmas Stockings for Their Dead Dogs?


One of the things I loved about going home for Christmas was seeing my parents’ decorations. They always go all out, and they’ve kept pretty much every holiday keepsake since I was a kid.  The stockings were a little weird though . . .  Next to all the members of our family were two stockings for our family dogs . . . who passed AWAY decades ago.  But they still put their stockings up. Is it weird to put up a Christmas stocking for a dead dog?

Greg, 30

(What’s the weirdest Christmas or holiday decoration that your family holds on to and puts up every year?)


Is PDA Rude in Front of Your Family?


I went home to visit my parents over the holidays, and my sister and her fiancé came too. They’ve been together almost two years, and I like the guy.  But he always kisses and caresses my sister in front of us, it’s kind of gross.  I like to see my sister happy, but the PDA thing makes me uncomfortable.  I hate PDA as it is, but it makes things even worse when it’s my sister. Is it rude to show PDA in front of friends and family?  Shouldn’t people keep that stuff to themselves?


Howard, 28

(Would you feel comfortable kissing your significant other in front of your family members?  Isn’t it more respectful to keep that stuff away from your parents and family?)


I Used My Mom’s Handicapped Permit to Park in a Handicapped Spot (Rating: PG)


My mom isn’t that old, but she has a condition that makes it difficult to get around, so she has a handicapped permit in her car.

The other day I was running errands for her, and I used her car to go to the grocery store . . . and parked in one of the handicapped spots. Before I even got out, a guy in his 70’s knocked on my window and yelled at me for parking there. He said the person driving needs to be handicapped, and that I clearly wasn’t.  But I was sitting down . . . so for all he knew, I WAS disabled.  And technically I WAS using the car to help my mom, so . . .

Was it wrong of this guy to yell at me?  Should I have not parked in the spot?



Danielle, 30



(What perk do you use, even though technically you shouldn’t?  Is it wrong for a family member who’s not handicapped to use the permit to park in one of those spots?)


What’s the Weirdest Sentence You Misheard?

Our family is finally back together for the holidays, and things have gone pretty much as expected. There were a few fights and random arguments, but the funniest thing happened when my sister was talking to her boyfriend. We were all hanging out in the living room, and we just caught the end of her sentence:  “I’m a couple months late, but it’s no big deal.” We all stopped what we were doing immediately and asked her if she was pregnant.  She’s NOT pregnant . . . she was talking about something they had to file and how it would be a few months late. What’s the weirdest sentence you misheard a family member or even a stranger say?



Hillary, 24


My Boyfriend Is Spending New Year’s Eve with His Buddies Instead of Me


I’ve been seeing a new guy for about four months, and we’ve been spending a lot of time together.We’ve gone on a vacation already, and we’ve even had our own Christmas plans.  So I assumed we’d be spending New Year’s Eve together. I was wrong.  He’s going out somewhere with his buddies, and he didn’t invite me to come. I’m trying really hard not to seem clingy or needy, but this bothers me a lot.  Should I bring it up to him?

Lisa, 23



(Is it weird not to spend New Year’s Eve with the person you’re dating?  Do any guys value their “buddy time” so much that they’re ditching their girlfriends on New Year’s Eve?)


Do Guys Like Sweaty Sex . . . Or Is It Gross?


Last weekend I had a great night with a guy I’ve been seeing for a few months, and it got pretty hot. Literally . . . it got really sweaty.  So sweaty that it led to some odd noises while we were getting it on. Sex is never the way they show it in the movies, and I get that.  But still . . . I felt a little embarrassed. Is sweaty sex a GOOD thing to guys?  Or did I gross this guy out while I was pouring sweat?

Wendy, 30



(Is sweaty sex a sign that you’re both super into it and hot for each other?  Do any guys think it’s disgusting?  Do you care about weird sounds when you get-it-on?)


Did You Ever Accidentally Say “I Love You” to Someone Random?


The other day I had a phone interview for a job I really want, and it went great . . . right up until the end.  I was getting along so well with the interviewer, that when we were hanging up I said, “Thanks, bye . . . love you too.” I don’t know why I said it.  I think I’m conditioned to say “I love you” to my friends and family before I hang up, and it just came out. I’m so embarrassed.  Should I email them and try to explain things, or should I just ignore it and pretend it didn’t happen?  Did I totally screw up my chances of getting the job?

Dana, 26

(Who did you accidentally say “I love you” to?  What happened after you said it?)


Should I Get a Christmas Gift for Someone I’m Only Casually Dating?

I’ve been seeing a girl for six months, but we’re not serious . . . we’re extremely casual. But even though we’re not ‘official’, she’s important to me . . . and I want to show her that I care.  So I’m thinking about getting her something nice for Christmas. Would that be weird?  I don’t want to muddy the waters, or confuse her . . . but NOT getting her something would seem weird too.  Will getting her a gift make things more complicated?

Henry, 36

(What are the rules about gifts when it comes to someone you’re casually seeing?  Should you not get them a present?  Does getting them a present mean you’re MORE than just casual?)


My New Girlfriend Invited Me to Go to Mass . . . Should I Tell Her I’m an Atheist?


I’ve been dating someone new for a few weeks, and I really like her a lot.  Obviously we haven’t gotten into intense discussions about religion or politics yet. But the other day she invited me to go to Mass with her.  I had no idea that she was even Catholic. I’m an atheist, and even if I wanted to go to support my girlfriend . . . I wouldn’t be comfortable there.  I have no problem with her being religious, and I think she’s great.  Should I go to Mass with her?  Or should I tell her that I’m an atheist and risk messing up the relationship?

Alex, 34

(Can two people with completely different religious backgrounds make a relationship work?  Religious people . . . would you ever date an atheist?  And vice-versa?)


I’m 30 and Still Hide My Smoking from My Parents


I flew out to visit my parents last week for Thanksgiving, and we had a great time.  But it’s funny how you revert to the parent-child role when you visit your family.  I’m 30, and I’m a smoker . . . but my parents have no idea I smoke.  So to hide it, I kept thinking of creative ways to go out and have a cigarette.  I took the dog for a million walks . . . I waited until they were asleep and smoked on their balcony . . . I thought of stupid errands to do. It seems a little ridiculous to hide it, because I’m an adult, but I didn’t want my parents yelling at me.  Do other people have bad habits they hide from their parents, even though they’re old enough to make their own choices?

Jane, 30


(In what weird ways do you revert to the parent-child roles when you visit your family?  If you’re an adult, do you still feel like a kid when you see them?)


My Family Has Some Pretty Weird Thanksgiving Traditions

Every Thanksgiving my family gets together, and it’s great . . . but it’s a little weird whenever I bring a girlfriend home because of our traditions.

The adult who eats the least of their Thanksgiving meal is always the one who has to clean up and put the food away.  Last year, it was my girlfriend of only six months.

We all also sit down and watch every Thanksgiving episode of “Friends” back-to-back after eating.Then, we decorate the entire place for Christmas, tree and all . . . which isn’t totally weird, but we’re all tired and don’t want to do it.  Is my family the only one with weird Thanksgiving traditions?

Fred, 30

(Obviously you have the wishbone breaking, and watching the Macy’s parade and football.  But what other weird traditions does your family have on Thanksgiving?)


A Guy I Fired Keeps Asking Me If We Have Any Job Openings

A few years ago I had to fire one of my employees because he was completely incompetent.  He wasn’t even a very nice guy.

Let’s just say when I fired him, it was clear this was final and we weren’t happy with his performance at all.

But just last week he sent me an email, and asked if we had any job openings.  I couldn’t believe it.  So I told him we weren’t looking, but thanked him for his interest. I know the economy is terrible right now . . . but isn’t it completely ridiculous for this guy to assume we’d ever hire him back?


Kate, 40

(Would you ever ask a company that FIRED you for another potential job?  Employers, have you ever hired someone back that you fired for incompetence?)


My Boyfriend and I Want to Stay at a Hotel for Thanksgiving . . . Because We Don’t Want My Parents to Hear Us Getting-It-On

My boyfriend and I are flying to visit my parents for Thanksgiving, but my parents recently moved into a condo that’s a lot smaller than their old house.

They still want us to stay with them, but I want to stay at a hotel . . . because I don’t want my parents hearing my boyfriend and I getting-it-on in their new apartment.  Let’s face it . . . we’re gonna do it, regardless.

My mom keeps pressing for us to stay with them, though.  Is it weird to do it when your parents are in the other room?  Should we just book a hotel anyway?

Janet, 34

(Have you ever stayed with relatives and been caught doing it with your significant other?  What happened?  Are you restrained enough to contain yourself and NOT do it when you stay with relatives?)


Is It Weird To Invite an Employee to My Thanksgiving?

I’m the manager at my company, and I get along well with all my employees.  One of them just moved here, and mentioned that he’s going to be spending Thanksgiving alone. I know it’s because he can’t afford a plane ticket to go home, so I’m thinking of inviting him to spend Thanksgiving with my family.

But I don’t want him to feel like he HAS to say yes, just because I’m his boss.  I also don’t want the other employees thinking I’m playing favorites. Is inviting an employee to spend Thanksgiving with me the right thing to do?  Or does it just create more problems?

Greg, 40



(What would you do if your boss invited you to Thanksgiving dinner at their house?  Would you accept the offer?  Or would it be too weird?)


My Son’s Girlfriend Is Coming to Thanksgiving This Year, and She Wants Everything to Be Organic

I started making my shopping list for Thanksgiving, but my son is bringing his girlfriend home for the first time, and she has a special request . .  She wants everything to be ‘organic’.  Apparently it’s part of this special diet she has.  Food is already expensive enough, but making it organic is going to cost even MORE money.  It’s kind of a pain to have to buy organic turkey, greens, etc.  Would it be rude if I asked my son and his girlfriend to pitch in for the cost of the meal?  Should I just buy regular food and tell her to deal with it?

Jane, 60



(Is it rude to make special requests for meals when someone else is doing the cooking?  What’s the craziest thing a non-family member has requested for one of your holiday get-togethers?)


My New Gynecologist Made My Appointment Way More Awkward Than It Needed to Be

Gynecologist appointments are the worst . . . sitting in a chair with your feet in stirrups is extremely embarrassing.  But somehow my new gynecologist managed to make things even MORE awkward. We were talking about my boyfriend, and out of nowhere she decided to give me some advice.  She kept emphasizing the importance of “foreplay” . . . WHILE she was examining me.  Obviously it was weird . . . but was it unprofessional?

Rebecca, 29

(What’s the most embarrassing doctor’s appointment you’ve ever had?  For any doctors listening . . . is there anything that’s off limits when talking to patients?  What are some embarrassing things YOU’VE done?)


A Teenager at a Movie Theater Asked Me If I Wanted the Senior Discount . . . and I’m Only 42

I’m 42 years old, and I’ve been told by my friends that I actually look young for my age.  But I went to the movies with my wife the other day, and the girl behind the counter asked me if I wanted a SENIOR discount.  She couldn’t have been older than 16 I know that when you’re a teenager, anyone over the age of 20 seems like they’re ancient . . . but I still couldn’t believe it.  I told her how old I was, and she didn’t even apologize.  Am I in denial . . . is 42 actually ‘old’?  Or should this kid have apologized for making the mistake?

Jeff, 42

(What rude comment did a teenager or young kid make about your age?  Did it bother you?)


Is Two Months of Dating Too Soon to Show a Guy My Freaky Side?


I can get pretty naughty in the sack, but the new guy I’m dating hasn’t really seen that side of me yet. I’m thinking about surprising him with a little role-playing, but I don’t want him to get freaked out or think differently of me. Is two months of dating too soon to show my boyfriend my ‘freaky’ side?  Do guys want their girlfriends to share their fantasies?



Hailey, 25



(Guys, would you like your girlfriends to be more adventurous in bed?  What would it take for a women to freak you out with her fantasies?)


My Boyfriend Wants Me to Erase All My Exes from My Phone


I’m one of those people who likes to hold on to things, including phone numbers.  Even if I rarely talk to someone . . . or never . . . I like to save their number, just in case. My boyfriend and I have been going out for six months, and the other day he went through my phone and noticed I still have numbers for all my exes.  I wouldn’t call him the jealous type, but he wants me to completely delete all their numbers. One of my exes is still a good friend, and I talk to him from time to time.  Nevermind the fact that I just feel like keeping old numbers and texts.

Was it inappropriate for my boyfriend to ask me to do this?  What if we’d been dating longer . . . like a year?



Lisa, 21



(Is it rude for someone to save the numbers of their exes when they’re dating someone new?  Would you erase your exes’ numbers if someone asked you?)


Why Should I Pitch in Money for the Retiring Maintenance Guy When I Just Moved In?

I just moved into a new building last week, and all my neighbors seem pretty welcoming and friendly.  There’s just one problem so far.  The other day the building manager came to my door to tell me the maintenance guy is retiring, after 30 years.  He said everyone is pitching in $50 to throw him a big party, and he wanted me to take part in it.  But I told him no.  I JUST moved into the building, and I didn’t even know the maintenance guy.  The building manager was pretty offended.  Did I do the wrong thing?  Should I have given him the money?



Jason, 34


(Were you ever guilted you into pitching in money for something you didn’t believe in?  What was it?)


My Wife Is Out of Town, So I Let My Kids Have Ice Cream and Candy for Dinner

I’m a terrible cook.  I’m not ashamed to admit it . . . my wife is significantly better than I am in the kitchen. She left to go out of town for work last night, and I completely forgot about dinner.  At around 8:00, I walked downstairs and found my kids eating ice cream and candy. I told them as long as they didn’t tell their mom, they could have as much ice cream and candy for dinner as they wanted.  I felt bad for forgetting to feed them. I can’t be the only dad who lets their kids get away with this stuff when mom is away, right?  Am I a bad father?



Chris, 50



(Dads:  What secret things do you let your kids do when their mom is out of town, or away?)


My Friend’s Girlfriend Always Watches Sports with Us, and Sings Along with the National Anthem


My buddy and I watch as much football as we can together, but for some reason his girlfriend insists on watching with us . . . even though she doesn’t like football. I know I’m not the only guy with this problem, but it gets worse . . . The past few weeks she’s been doing the most annoying thing:  She sings along with the national anthem. Who does that?  I either listen out of respect . . . or out of curiosity to see if the person singing screws it up.  But obviously I can’t make fun of my buddy’s girlfriend. Does anyone else sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” when they’re watching from home?  Is there anything I can do to get my buddy’s girlfriend to stop?

Burt, 34


I Go to Scary Movies Alone . . . Because My Boyfriend Is Too Chicken to Watch Them


Last week was great for me.  I love scary movies, and tons of them come out around Halloween. But my boyfriend is a total wuss.  I can’t get him to watch scary movies with me at home . . . let alone go to a movie theater. So I saw both “Annabelle” and “Ouija” by myself.  But it wasn’t as much fun not having someone to share it with. Is it weird to go to scary movies alone?  Will any guys admit that they’re too wussy to watch a scary movie?

Becca, 30

(Men: What’s the one scary movie you refuse to watch, and you’re not ashamed to admit it?)


I Left Something at The House of a Halloween Hookup . . . Should I Try to Get It Back.

I went out with my girlfriends on Halloween, and ended up hooking up with a guy I met at a costume party.

He was dressed as Christian Grey from “Fifty Shades of Grey”, and really pulled it off . . . but the hookup was just embarrassing.

We were too drunk, the costumes weren’t sexy by that point, and everything got REALLY awkward.  So I stopped things before they got even worse, and left . . . then realized I’d left my favorite pair of earrings behind. Should I swallow my pride and try to get them back, or just leave them there?

Kelly, 21



(What embarrassing Halloween stories do you have from the weekend?  Did anyone have to take the “walk of shame” in their costume?)


When I Quit My Job, My Boss Said, “We Were Going to Fire You Anyway”


After six years at the same horrible job, I finally gave my two weeks notice last week. I’d been working too hard for the company for too long, with no respect.  But I was polite when I told them I was quitting, and I thanked them for hiring me. And my boss gave me the RUDEST response when I told him I was leaving:  “We were going to fire you anyway.” I couldn’t believe it.  Not only that, he said I could be done immediately, and didn’t even have to stay for two weeks.


Charlie, 34

(What’s the worst thing that happened to you when you quit your job?  Or, what’s the worst way an employee told you they were quitting?)


The Guy I’m Dating Is More Interesting in His Texts Than He Is in Person

I’ve been going out with a guy for about a month . . . and after we met, we started talking a LOT over text. He’s super flirtatious and attractive in his text messages, and I love talking to him that way. But in person, he’s DULL.  He’s a little awkward in social settings, and he’s not really ‘fun’ until he’s been drinking. Is it possible to have great chemistry with someone over text or email . . . but not in person?  Should I keep dating this guy?

Grace, 24

(Is texting a cop-out when it comes to dating?  If you really like someone . . . shouldn’t you TALK to them instead of sending messages?)


My Ex Lied to Me About Smoking . . . So I Sent Him a Huge Box of Cigarettes and a Note That I Was Ending Our Relationship

My boyfriend of two years came over last weekend after he’d been out with the guys.  He was hammered and passed out on my bed. When I put his jacket away, I found a pack of cigarettes.  I asked him about it the next day, and he told me he’s a smoker . . . but he hid it from me because he knows I’m against it. I’ve been livid about this since it happened.  If he lied to me about this . . . what else has he lied to me about? I sent him a package with a carton of cigarettes, and a note saying we’re through.  Did I overreact?  Wasn’t it uncool for him to lie to me about this for TWO YEARS?

Jane, 29



(What crazy or awesome way did you end your relationship with an ex?  What did you find out about your ex that you never knew after dating for several years?)


Is It Weird to Completely Cut Sugar Out of a Kid’s Diet?

My eight-year-old had a birthday party over the weekend, and we invited a bunch of her friends to come

We had the usual stuff:  Cake . . . candy . . . soda . . . all the things that little kids love to eat. Before the party, one of the kids’ moms called me and asked me to have some healthier options, because her daughter isn’t allowed to have any sugar.  She wants her daughter to grow up eating healthy foods. I agreed to her request, but I think it’s weird.  Isn’t depriving your kid of sugar actually depriving them of the joys of being a kid?  Shouldn’t kids be allowed to eat cake and cookies and candy?


Darren, 43


My Boyfriend’s Halloween Costume Is Way Too Sexy


I’m a huge fan of “The Hunger Games” series, and I begged my boyfriend to go as Finnick Odair.  He’s the hot guy who uses a trident in the games. I’ll be going as Katniss Everdeen, JENNIFER LAWRENCE’s character. I made my boyfriend watch “Catching Fire” with me to get costume ideas.  He’s thinks it’s totally lame, but agreed to do it for me.I saw his costume the other day . . . and it’s sexy.  TOO sexy.  He’s going shirtless with this thing that barely covers his groin, and he’ll be holding a trident. I don’t want any women to hit on him when we’re out at parties.  Is it lame for me to tell him to cover up a little bit more?  Should I be proud that my boyfriend is hot with a great body?

Patty, 22



(Do any other women get jealous because their boyfriend dresses too sexy?  Are any guys dressing in sexy costumes for Halloween this year?  What are the costumes?)


What Embarrassing Thing Did You Buy That You Had to Call Customer Service About?

 I’m going to a bachelorette party next weekend, so I ordered some ‘party favors’ from Amazon last week. I got a huge box of condoms and a naughty love toy.  They’re just gag gifts for my friend. Well, when I got the order, they sent me the wrong stuff.  I had to call customer service to tell them they sent me the WRONG love toy.  It was the most embarrassing phone call I’ve ever had. What embarrassing thing did you order that you had to call customer service about?

Rita, 27


(Also – what’s the most embarrassing phone call you’ve ever had to make?)


What Ridiculous Names Have You Come Up with for People in Your Phone?

Last week, I ended things with a guy I’d been dating for five months.  He was always ambivalent about our relationship, so I had to end it. The thing is, he still calls and texts me sometimes.  I came up with a brilliant way to kill all those happy memories when he gets in contact: I changed his first name to ‘Poop Hands’. Why did I change it to this?  Well, he never had soap in his bathroom, so I always felt like his hands were disgusting.  It’s a great mini-reminder of why he wasn’t right for me. Do other people ‘rename’ their exes in their phones?  What names have you come up with?

Terri, 30

(What are some of the other names you’ve come up with for strangers or other random people in your phone?  What about people you met at a bar or at a club?)


Have You Ever Intentionally Sabotaged a Friend?

For a few years I lived with a roommate, and while we were friendly, we didn’t like each other very much. We were constantly competing with each other, and she wasn’t a very good friend to me.  So, I retaliated. Every Friday I made it our ‘thing’ to go out and get a burger and fries.  After about three months, she’d gained ten pounds.  I was intentionally trying to sabotage her diet . . . and it worked. I can’t be the only woman who’s sabotaged a friend, right?  Aren’t some jerks just asking for it?

Natalie, 20

(Ladies, have you ever intentionally sabotaged a friend?  What did you do to them?)


My Boyfriend Doesn’t Believe Me That Women Have ‘Performance Issues’ Too

My boyfriend and I have a great sex life.  Honestly, I don’t have much to complain about. There’s just one thing:  Occasionally on the weekends we’ll get pretty hammered.  When I’ve had too much to drink, I can’t ‘perform’. I’ve tried explaining this to my boyfriend, but he doesn’t believe me that women have ‘performance issues’ too.  I’m not lying, though!  This actually happens. Ladies, do you ever get performance issues in the sack?  Do you agree that it also happens to women?



Lisa, 24


My Fiancee’s Crazy Wedding Planning Drove Me to Call It Off

I was with my ex for a year, and proposed to her.  Admittedly, we didn’t know each other well, but I’m of a certain age and it’s time to settle down. After the engagement, she embarked on a whole world of crazy.  Her wedding planning was ridiculous, and she staged these stupid engagement announcement photos. Basically, she turned into an obnoxious nightmare.  I knew it was a precursor of what was to come.  So, a week before the wedding, I called it off. I know it was the best decision I’ve ever made.  Was it wrong to wait until a week before to call off a wedding, though?

Kyle, 36

(If you called off your wedding, what was the reasoning behind it?  Do you stand by your decision?)


Is It Weird for a Woman to Go to a Bar Alone?

After I get done working, I like to go to a bar for a nice happy hour drink.  And I don’t invite my girlfriends to come with me because I like to be by myself. I’m single, and I’ve always found it’s a GREAT way to meet men.  When I don’t have friends with me, guys are more likely to talk to me. But one of my friends said she thinks it’s “creepy” and “dangerous” for me to go to bars by myself. Is it weird for a single woman to go to a bar by herself?

Kelly, 27

(Guys, if you saw a woman at a bar on her own . . . would you think there was something wrong with her?  Or does it not matter whether or not she’s there with friends?)


My Friend Always Make Me Talk to Her Kids on the Phone


One of my best friends has two little kids, and ever since she started a family, I don’t get to see her as much.  So I make sure to call her a few times a month to catch up. But every time I call her, she puts her KIDS on the phone, and makes me talk to THEM instead. At first it was cute, but to be perfectly honest, I’m not calling to talk to her kids . . . I’m calling to talk to HER. Not to mention . . . there are only two kinds of conversations I can really have with them.  It’s either impossible to get them to say anything . . . or they tell a long story that goes nowhere and takes of Should I say something to her?

Teresa, 30



(Parents, why do you always make your friends talk to your kids on the phone?  Do you think your friends actually enjoy it?)


Is It Weird for a Married Guy to Talk to Single Women at a Bar?

I was at a bar with a bunch of my girlfriends over the weekend, and a guy sitting near us started talking to one of my friends. He said he was in town on business for two nights, and that he’s married with three kids. He was clearly hitting on my friend . . . but I knew things wouldn’t get any further than that.  Even so, he friended my girlfriend on Facebook afterward. Is it weird for a married guy to flirt with single women at a bar?



Bella, 34



(Is flirting okay if you’re married or in a relationship?  Is it cheating to follow someone on Facebook or Twitter after a night of flirting, if you’re in a relationship?)


I Asked My Ex to Give Me His Thoughts on My Skills in the Sack


I’m still good friends with my ex-boyfriend . . . we dated for about two years, but realized we’re better off as friends. Now I’m seeing someone new, and I’m worried the guy thinks I’m not great in the sack.  I KNOW I’m good, but we’ve had some weird, drunken sex recently. So I asked my ex what he thought about me in bed, and where I could improve.  And he told me flat-out what I needed to do. Is it okay that I asked my ex to critique my sexual skills . . . or is that weird?


Helen, 24



(If you’re still friends with an ex, what things do you discuss that other people might think is strange?) 


Can You Have a Serious Discussion in the Middle of Sex? (Rating: NC-17)

 I’ve been seeing a great girl for five months, and we’ve just been focused on having fun . . . we haven’t talked about getting serious. I do intend to get serious with her, but she brought up the discussion first.  And she mentioned it at the worst possible time. While we were in the middle of getting-it-on. You can’t have a serious discussion with a guy when he’s performing.  You just can’t.  But even so, we talked about it and agreed to be exclusive. Isn’t it weird to bring up relationship stuff when you’re ‘doing it’?  Did she do it BECAUSE we were in the middle of things, and I’d HAVE to give a straight answer?

James, 36



(What serious discussion did you have during sex?  Did it completely ruin the moment?)


The Guy I’m Dating Always Makes Sure He’s Walking Closest to the Street

I noticed something weird about my boyfriend recently:  Whenever we walk anywhere . . . like on a sidewalk . . . he always makes sure so he walks closest to the street. Sometimes he’ll actually move me so he’s the one who walks on that side.  I asked him about it, and he said it was a chivalrous thing his dad taught him to do.  But now I’m starting to think he’s a little OCD. Do other guys walk closest to the street when they’re with their girlfriends?  What’s chivalrous about it?  Is my boyfriend just weird?


Valerie, 30


(Guys, what chivalrous gestures did your dad teach you that the women you date don’t understand?  Also, what advice did they give you to help with the ladies?)



What Weird Things Have You Found in the Communal Laundry?


I live in an apartment building with a communal laundry room, and the guys above me left their stuff in the washer when I needed to use it. So I took their stuff out . . . and found thongs and “Sesame Street” hand puppets.  Neither of these guys works with kids, so I don’t understand why they have the puppets.  As for the thongs . . . there were WAY too many to be a girlfriend’s laundry. I didn’t want them to know it was ME who’d take their stuff out, in case they came down to the laundry room while I was there.  So I put it back and just dealt with the inconvenience. Has anyone else found weird stuff in the communal laundry room?  And how did you deal with it?  Also . . . what are these guys using the puppets and thong underwear for?!

Hank, 24


Is It Wrong to Fantasize About a Dead Person?


My friend and I were having a discussion about which male celebrities we occasionally fantasize about. I love TAYLOR KITSCH from “Friday Night Lights” and the guy who plays Jon Snow on “Game of Thrones”.  They always do it for me. But my friend told me her go-to celebrity guy was . . . HEATH LEDGER.

Isn’t it kind of messed up to fantasize about someone who’s dead?  Is it even OKAY to do that?


Paula, 32

(If you fantasize about a celebrity who passed away . . . who is it, and why did you choose them?)


My Boyfriend Only Wants to Get-it-On in the Morning . . . When We Have Bad Breath


My boyfriend and I have completely opposite work schedules on the weekend.  He still gets up early, but I work at night. And even though I’m usually sleeping when he wakes up, he still always wants to get-it-on . . . every morning.  I hate it because we both have morning breath, I’m tired, and I haven’t showered yet. Why do men enjoy morning sex so much?  Isn’t it kind of gross

Tina, 33



(Guys, if you like getting-it-on in the morning . . . why?  Ladies, do you prefer doing it at night . . . or in the morning?)


Do You Have Rules About Using Cell Phones and iPads When You’re Out?


I’m not really okay with it, but like everyone else, my entire family is constantly on electronic devices.  My 10-year-old and 12-year-old have iPads, and my wife and I have iPhones. So I made a rule:  No electronics at dinner or during family time.  And there are certain hours we set aside to JUST have family time.  We actually take all our stuff and put it into a box so we can’t see it. Do other families have rules about electronics at dinner . . . or when you’re out?  What are your rules?

Michael, 48


Do You Stop Making Out As You Get Older?


I’ve been going out with a guy for four months, and he’s a little bit older . . . I’m in my late twenties, he’s in his late thirties. We spent last weekend together, and the first day we hung out, we were all over each other.  But the second day was a little weird.  All we did was order pizza and watch a movie.  There was no making out, no NOTHING. Is that weird?  We’re pretty comfortable around each other . . . does he think he’s too old to still have make-out sessions?

Serena, 29

(Does making out and being all over each other stop as you get older?  Is it because you become more “mature”?)


A Girl I’ve Been Seeing for Two Weeks Invited Me to a Wedding

I’ve been seeing a great girl for about two weeks, so obviously it’s pretty new, and we’re not serious yet.

But the other day she called and invited me to her sister’s wedding.  I told her I might be busy that weekend . . . even though I know I won’t be. Not only would we be going to a wedding together, which is a big deal . . . but her whole family will be there. Isn’t two weeks of dating too soon for me to go to a wedding with her?  Should I tell her I can’t go?

Jim, 27

(How soon after dating someone did you have a big milestone . . . like meeting their family, going on vacation, or going to a wedding together?)


Why Do Companies Always Make Women’s Sports Clothing Pink?


I’m an avid sports fan.  I love football . . . baseball . . . basketball . . . and pretty much any sport having to do with my college or home state. My boyfriend knows, and bought me a football jersey for my favorite team . . . in PINK. It’s a nice gesture, but I HATE pink.  I’m not girly, and I never wear pink clothes.  And an ex-boyfriend of mine once got me a baseball hat that was . . . yep you guessed it . . . PINK. Why do companies insist on making sports clothes for women in these girly colors with girly fonts?  Am I the only woman who finds it insulting?

Kristen, 30

(Ladies, do you LIKE wearing clothes for your favorite sports teams in girly colors?  Men, do you get embarrassed when your girlfriends or wives wear pink jerseys or sports hats?)


Google-Stalking Ruined a Potential Relationship with a Great Girl


I met a really great girl the other week, and she gave me her name and number.  So naturally I Google-stalked the crap out of her. I didn’t find anything bad.  But we had our date last weekend, and at one point she grabbed MY phone to Google something.  When she started typing . . . her name came up, and she saw EVERYTHING I’d searched.  It was so awkward.

We went through the motions, but the date was pretty much ruined at that point.  Eventually she made up an excuse to end the night early. Did Google-stalking ever ruin a potential relationship for anyone else?  Isn’t it kind of expected that everyone does it?

Henry, 24

(What embarrassing Google search got you in trouble with a friend or significant other?)


How Soon Is Too Soon to Introduce a Date to Your Friends and Family?


I’ve been seeing a guy long-distance for a few months now, and it’s actually going pretty well.  But he did do something kind of strange the first ‘real date’ we had. We met up with his BEST FRIEND for drinks.  I’d only just met this guy, but he already wanted me to meet his best friend? Since then, we alternate weekends.  And I STILL haven’t introduced him to my friends.  But when I visit HIM, we ALWAYS hang out with his best friend.  We’re not ‘exclusive’, so I think it’s interesting. Is it a big deal to introduce your date to your best friend?  Does that mean they’re an important part of your life?

Lindsey, 31



(Which is a bigger deal:  Introducing your date to your friends . . . or to your family?  Or are they equally important?)


Should You Always Ask Before You Flip Through Someone’s Photos on Their Phone?


The other night I was hanging out with the girl I’m dating, and I showed her a funny picture on my phone. She grabbed the phone out of my hands to get a closer look . . . then started flipping through all my OTHER photos. We’re not official, and I have pictures of other women I’ve been seeing on there, so I grabbed my phone out of her hands and took it back. Shouldn’t she have asked me before she just went flipping through the pictures on my phone?  Isn’t that kind of possessive behavior?

Brendon, 27

(What scandalous photos did you find when you flipped through a significant other’s phone?  Did the pictures you found on their phone ever ruin your relationship?)


My Sister Wants Me to Be Her Maid of Honor . . . Can I Turn Her Down?

Fonseca, My sister just got engaged to the guy she’s been dating for about two years, and I’m really happy for her. The one thing I’m NOT happy about is being her maid of honor.  We don’t have any other siblings, and naturally she asked me.  So I feel I’m basically being FORCED to do it.  The problem is I HATE being a maid of honor.  And honestly, I’m terrible at it.  I had to do it once, and the whole experience was awful.  I think my sister’s best friend would be a much better choice.  Can I tell my sister I don’t want to be her maid of honor?  Is that rude? Kristen, 30   (If you’re someone’s only brother or sister, does that mean you HAVE to be their maid of honor or best man?  Has anyone ever chosen a best friend over a sibling to fill those roles?)


Would You Go to a ‘Sunrise Wedding’?

  My boyfriend and I got a wedding invitation for a friend of mine, and it was the most obnoxious, self-indulgent thing I’ve ever read. It said, “Join us for a sunrise wedding!  We’re getting married on November 8th at 6:00 A.M.  Can’t wait to see you there.” I have never heard of someone getting married at ‘sunrise’ before.  Just to get there on time, my boyfriend and I will have to leave our house around 4:45 or 5:00 A.M. Is this ‘sunrise wedding’ completely ridiculous?  Should my boyfriend and I bail? Chloe, 30   (What’s the weirdest time for a wedding you ever went to . . . or received an invitation for?  Did people actually show up?)  


Would You Date a Guy Who Says ‘LOL’ in Conversation?

  I’m from the generation that grew up using emoticons and terms like ‘LOL’ and ‘ROFL’. But now I’m 30, and I refuse to use them . . . and I refuse to DATE anyone who uses them either. But I met a REALLY great guy last month, and on our second date he responded to something I said with ‘LOL’ . . . in an actual CONVERSATION.  Like, he laughed, then actually said it out loud. That was it for me.  I decided not to see him again.  Is that too harsh?  Should I have given the guy a chance?   Karen, 30 (What terminology is completely unacceptable to you?  Have you ended a relationship with someone because you didn’t like something they said?  Is it possible this guy said it out loud as an ironic joke or something?)


There’s a Transgendered Person at My Office Who Just Switched Genders, and I Don’t Know What to Call Him . . . or Her?

  There’s a guy at my office I’ve known as Frank for the past four years, but he’s transgender . . . and currently going through the process of switching from male to female. The name he’s switching to is Fran, and a few people have started calling him that . . . but I keep calling him ‘Frank.’ Should I ask him what name he wants to start going by, and when?  I feel like that could get awkward.  Or should I just call him ‘Fran’ and see how he responds? I know I can get the name down when I know what’s appropriate.  But then there’s the OTHER of issue . . . of using ‘him’ or ‘her’ in emails or conversation. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of situation?     Jim, 50     (If you ever dealt with this at work, how did everyone handle it?  What about the bathroom situation . . . did the person start using the bathroom for the opposite gender?  Was everyone cool with it?)


The Guy I’m Dating Made Total Last-Minute Labor Day Plans with Me

  I’ve been seeing a guy who’s kind of aloof.  He’s really attentive . . . then he’ll pull back a little bit . . .  but then he’ll come back even stronger. Another thing is that he ALWAYS makes last-minute plans with me.  He said it’s because he’s “not a planner.” On Saturday he asked me to go away with him for Labor Day weekend.  I went, but still, I was pretty annoyed that he waited that long to ask me. Why does he always wait until the last minute to make plans?  Does it mean he’s not as into me as much as I’m into him?   Jessica, 20     (Would you dump someone just because they’re bad at making plans?  What’s the best way to deal with someone like this?  Should you make yourself less available?)


Is It Possible to Find a Serious Relationship on Tinder?

  One of my good friends is on Tinder, and she goes on a date with a different guy every other night.  I don’t get Tinder, so I don’t think I could do that.  I prefer meeting men the old-fashioned way.  But my friend insists that Tinder isn’t just for hooking up.  She thinks she’s going to meet her next boyfriend using it. She’s been dating for MONTHS, and none of these guys want relationships.  I keep telling her it’s because they only want to tame her strange, but she refuses to believe it. Is it possible to find a serious relationship on Tinder?  Isn’t it true that it’s just an app for people who want to hook-up? Rebecca, 36     (Did you meet your boyfriend or girlfriend on Tinder?  Were you looking for a relationship when you met them?)


Is Showering with Someone ‘Intimate’? Or Is It Strictly Fun and Sexy?

I’ve been seeing a guy for a month, and the other day he suggested taking a shower together.  But I made up an excuse why we should get ready separately. We’ve already SLEPT together, we just haven’t showered.  I guess think of it as a more intimate thing you do when you’re a couple . . . not something fun and sexy you randomly do with someone you just started dating. Am I the only one?  Do guys think of showering as an intimate experience?  Or do they see it as strictly a sex thing?   Lauren, 24     (Also, when you see someone after a shower for the first time, it’s always weird.  People look way different when they’re completely wet.  Just me?)


I Found Out Some Weird Stuff About My Girlfriend . . . While Cyberstalking Her

  I randomly cyberstalked the girl I’ve been seeing for a few months, and her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages all seemed pretty normal . . . at first. But when I dug a little deeper . . . I found more.  There are a LOT of pictures of her and her ex-boyfriend.  He’s really good-looking, and they’re obviously still close . . .  she was even in some posed pictures on a beach at his FAMILY REUNION. I almost want to say something . . . but then it’ll be obvious that I was stalking her online. Is it weird that I’m jealous of her ex?  Was it a bad idea for me to cyberstalk her so early in our relationship?     Kyle, 28     (What weird things did you find out about someone when you cyber-stalked them?  Doesn’t everyone do it?  Or are some people totally against doing it?) 



What Does Your Significant Other Wear That Embarrasses You?

  I’ve been going out with my boyfriend for about six months, and he’s always dressed incredibly well. I think he’s gotten a little too comfortable around me, though.  When we go out, he’s started wearing t-shirts . . . jeans . . . and CROCS. I HATE Crocs.  I’m willing to overlook them because I like him so much, but man, I can’t stand those things. Is my boyfriend lame because he wears Crocs?  What does your significant other wear that completely embarrasses you? Beth, 30



I Got a Wedding Invitation That Tells Guests What to Wear

  One of my friends is getting married in a few months, and she’s definitely become a bridezilla.  I just got her wedding invitation, and it actually has a DRESS CODE. Women have to wear WHITE.  And men are supposed to wear either a white suit, or some sort of light khaki that’s really close.  Is this a thing now?  I had no idea you could tell your guests what to wear to your wedding.  And how many guys have a white suit?   Can you actually require your guests to dress a certain way in order to come to your wedding?   Eric, 35     (Shouldn’t people just be happy that others will come to their wedding at all?  What’s the weirdest requirement you got on a wedding invitation?  And what’s the point of telling guests what to wear when they’re not in the pictures?)


My Mom Broke the News of My Pregnancy on Facebook Before I Had the Chance

  I’ve been on Facebook forever, and I’ve grown to loathe it.  Truthfully, I don’t know why I’m on the stupid thing anymore. My husband and I found out we’re having a baby three months ago, and yesterday, we broke the news to a few friends and family members.  I was about to put the news on Facebook . . . and saw my MOM did it first. She totally stole my thunder!  What makes it even more annoying is that she doesn’t think she did anything wrong.  Was it wrong of my mom to make the announcement on social media before I could? Jill, 40     (Did someone ever steal your thunder by announcing your news on Twitter or Facebook?  What was the announcement . . . and how did you handle it?) 


I Was Invited to My Friend’s Bridal Shower . . . But Not to Her Wedding

  I’m at the age where all my friends are settling down and getting married.  This time it’s a good friend of mine I’ve known since college.  We’re not GREAT friends, but we’re close enough that she invited me to her bridal shower five months ago. So for the past five months, I’ve been waiting for her wedding invitation.  It NEVER came.  She invited me to her bridal shower . . . but not her wedding. Shouldn’t she return my bridal shower gift?  What was the point of inviting me to the shower, but not the wedding? Melanie, 32 (Should she confront her ‘friend’ for not inviting her to the wedding?  When did someone not invite you to something that you should have been invited to?)  


While I Was Getting-It-On with My Girlfriend, I Fantasized About My Third Grade Teacher?

  My girlfriend and I have a great sex life, but sometimes I catch myself thinking of other women when we’re doing it . . . and the latest fantasy took the cake. For some reason I thought of my THIRD GRADE TEACHER.  I used to have the biggest crush on her . . . but I’m 36 now, so it seemed really weird. And it DOESN’T mean I’m not attracted to my girlfriend, I swear.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who fantasizes about random people like that . . .     Troy, 36     (What weird person did you fantasize about when you were getting-it-on?  Did it take you out of the moment?  That goes for you too ladies . . . will you admit you fantasize about other men?  Who do you think about?) 

Can You Have Too Many Framed Pictures of Friends and Family Around Your Place?

  My girlfriend’s apartment is like a weird shrine to her friends and family.  She has an entire wall of framed 4 by 6 pictures of various friends, and the times they spent together. Then she has two bookshelves and a bureau covered in framed photos of her family. I don’t get it.  Is there such a thing as having TOO many picture frames?  And what’s the point of having tons of photos of people who are still alive and kickin’?  Shouldn’t you save that stuff for photo albums? Owen, 25     (What are the weirdest decorations you’ve seen in someone’s apartment?  And if you knew someone who didn’t have ANY pictures of family or friends framed in their place . . . wouldn’t that be weird too?)


My Husband Said My Natural Scent Is “Musky” . . . and He Wants Me to Wear Perfume

  The other day my husband asked me why I didn’t wear perfume.  I said it’s for old ladies, and I prefer scented lotion. Then he said scented lotion isn’t “strong” enough . . . and that my natural smell is a little “musky”. Was my husband being a jerk?  Should I wear perfume to make him happy, even though I hate it? Jessie, 34   (Do any men still enjoy the smell of perfume?  Guys, what do you like or dislike about the way your special lady smells?)


Should You Wait Until Your Relationship Is ‘Official’ to Start Sexting?

  I’ve gone on three dates with a guy I like, and we’ve made out . . . but it’s never gone further than that. Lately, our texting has gotten a little more flirtatious and suggestive.  But when it starts getting TOO sexy, I put a stop to it. We’re not officially boyfriend and girlfriend, and until we are . . . there will be NO sexting for him. It’s not that I’m never going to sext him, but he has to earn it first.  Am I being prudish?  Or am I being smart? Tina, 28     (Should you wait until your relationship is official before you start sexting?  Do men think less of women who sext too soon?)  


Should I Tell My Friend I Don’t Like Her New Boyfriend?

  My friend has been dating a new guy, and the other night she wanted me to meet him for the first time. I didn’t like him at all.  He was cheesy . . . full of himself . . . and he flirted with the waitress in front of us. He’s nice to my friend, but I don’t think he’s right for her.  She really wants to talk to me and get my opinion on him. Should I lie and tell my friend I like her boyfriend?  Or should I tell her the truth? Mary, 30     (Do you have a friend whose significant other you can’t stand?  Do you put up with them?  Or does your friend know you dislike them?)


I Read My Girlfriend’s Journal and Found Out She’s Cheating on Me

  I’ve always been a slightly jealous person, but I tried very hard not to be that way with my new girlfriend. She’s been acting a little distant and weird lately, so I did something bad . . . I read her journal. My suspicions were right.  She is acting weird.  And it’s because she’s CHEATING on me. Should I confront her about it?  Or if I do, will I look bad . . . because I snooped through her personal property to find it out? Tom, 45     (Have you ever read a significant other’s journal?  What’s the craziest thing you found out from snooping through it?)


Why Did My Boss Unfriend Me on Facebook?

  I’ve worked at my company for five years, and a year or two ago my boss friended me on Facebook. I didn’t want to accept his request, but I did it because, well . . . he’s my boss. The other day I noticed something odd: He UNFRIENDED me.  I have no idea why he did it. I feel like this doesn’t bode well for me.  Is my boss going to fire me?  Should I ask him why he unfriended me on Facebook? Daniel, 40     (Bosses: How often do you observe your employees’ social media pages?  Is it smart . . . or stupid . . . to be friends with your boss on Facebook?)


My Dog Keeps Stealing a Girl’s Underwear . . . Should I Tell Her?

  My roommate’s been dating this girl for a few months, and she stays at our place a lot.  The only problem is I have a dog, and she LOVES stealing this girl’s underwear . . . and CHEWING on it. Sometimes I put it back in her overnight bag, so she has no idea.  But sometimes it’s so chewed up, I have to throw it out. Should I tell my roommate that my dog has been stealing his girlfriend’s underwear?  I don’t want him to get mad at me for touching her underwear to put it back . . . but I don’t want either of them to think I’M taking it.   Peter, 21     (What embarrassing object or piece of clothing did your dog steal from someone else?)


What Movie Did You Cry at That You Shouldn’t Have?

  Like the rest of the country, I went to see “The Guardians of the Galaxy” over the weekend.  I went with a guy I just started seeing, and it was great.  I love action movies, so it was the perfect date movie. But toward the end, there’s an emotional moment . . . and I got so caught up that I actually CRIED in the theater. I felt like an idiot for crying at such a silly movie.  And I think my date was a little concerned about it. Is it bad that I showed emotion so soon into my relationship with this guy?  Will he think I’m weird for crying at a movie? Dana, 30 (What movie did you cry at . . . even though it’s not a sad movie?  And what scene made you cry?)


Which Is More Intrusive: Texting . . . or a Phone Call? (Rating: PG)

Maybe I’m old school, but I like phone calls.  If someone doesn’t answer their phone, you can leave a message and they’ll call you back. Text messaging is different.  Whenever I get a text message, I always feel like I have to respond immediately. If I don’t respond right away, I forget about it, and sometimes I don’t even respond at all . . . which people think is rude. Which is more intrusive: a text message . . . or a phone call?     Tom, 45   (Do you have to respond to text messages right away?  Or is it okay to let them linger?  What amount of time can you wait to respond to a text before it’s considered rude?)


Should Men Wear Cutoff Shirts If They Have Bad Arms?

  Whenever I’m at the gym, I see guys who cut off the sleeves of their t-shirts. It seems like they’re showing off . . . but quite a few of them have flabby, unattractive arms, which to me defeats the purpose.  It also seems like they’re getting more sweat on the machines. Why do guys think it’s attractive to wear cutoff shirts?  Are they showing off . . . or does it somehow make working out easier? Natalie, 24   (What clothes should people NOT wear unless they have great bodies?  And what kinds of clothing are ALWAYS unattractive . . . no matter how good-looking the person is who wears it?)


A Woman Yelled at Me for Putting Headphones on My Baby

  My wife and I love to take silly pictures of our 10-month-old daughter and throw them up on Facebook. So the other day I took a picture of my girl with giant headphones on . . . she looked hilarious. But one woman freaked out and left a comment about what an irresponsible parent I was, for letting my baby to listen to music through headphones. Obviously my daughter wasn’t ACTUALLY listening to music.  What is it with people freaking out and judging you online these days?  It seems like no one can take a joke anymore.  Should I even bother fighting back? Harold, 40 (Is it okay to let your kid listen to music through headphones?  What’s the stupidest thing someone yelled at you about over social media?)


My New Female Friend Immediately Told Me Details About Her Sex Life

  I just met a woman who I thought could be a great friend.  Well . . . I thought wrong. The second time we ever hung out, she went into intimate detail about her sex texts with some guy.  I heard specifics that I can never un-hear. Hanging out with a new female friend is almost like dating.  Now I don’t know if I want to hang out with her anymore. How soon is too soon to talk about your sex life to friends?  Should I ‘break up’ with this woman? Maureen, 35     (Ladies and guys, do you tell your friends extreme specifics about your sex lives?  Shouldn’t you keep certain things private?  Would you be upset if your significant other told their friends the intimate details about your sex life?)


My New Female Friend Immediately Told Me Details About Her Sex Life

  I just met a woman who I thought could be a great friend.  Well . . . I thought wrong. The second time we ever hung out, she went into intimate detail about her sex texts with some guy.  I heard specifics that I can never un-hear. Hanging out with a new female friend is almost like dating.  Now I don’t know if I want to hang out with her anymore. How soon is too soon to talk about your sex life to friends?  Should I ‘break up’ with this woman? Maureen, 35   (Ladies and guys, do you tell your friends extreme specifics about your sex lives?  Shouldn’t you keep certain things private?  Would you be upset if your significant other told their friends the intimate details about your sex life?)

July 30th, 2014

My Boyfriend Never Has Soap in His Bathroom

  I’ve been going out with my boyfriend for two months, and I’ve stayed at his apartment a lot lately. Obviously I have to use the bathroom at his place from time to time, and I noticed something gross. He doesn’t have hand soap on his sink.  Ever. He has soap in his shower and on his kitchen sink, though.  Why doesn’t he have any soap in his bathroom?  Is he not washing his hands after doing his business. Leanne, 30 (Do guys not think about cleanliness when they have house guests?  Shouldn’t everyone have soap on their sinks?)

July 29th,2014

Who Should Text First When You’re Dating . . . the Girl, or the Guy?

  I’ll never understand the rules of texting and dating. I’ve been seeing a guy, and the majority of the time . . . I’M the one who initiates our texting conversations. The thing is, he responds right away, and we’ll usually talk for 30 or so minutes over text.  We see each other a lot, too.  But he never calls me. When you’re dating someone, is it the guy’s job to always initiate text conversations?  Is it bad if the woman is always the one who does it?   Lisa, 25   (If a guy rarely initiates text conversations with a woman, does it mean that he’s not interested in her?)

JULY 29th 2014

Is It Bad That the Woman I’m Dating Had a Box of Condoms Ready for Us?

  I’ve been dating a woman long-distance for the past two months.  And we’re not exclusive yet, but we’re getting closer. I stayed with her last weekend, and we finally did the deed.  But right before, she told me to grab a condom out of the box in her medicine cabinet. When I did, the box was open and there were quite a few missing packets.  So I couldn’t help but wonder about her. Is it good or bad that the woman I’m dating was prepared with a box of condoms?  Should I read into it that there were a bunch missing? Gary, 36     (Does having an opened box of condoms make you look bad?  Or prepared?  And if you’re not exclusive with someone yet, is it okay for them to sleep with other people?)

July 28 2014

How Many Texts in a Row Makes You Seem Needy or Annoying?

The other day I was texting with my best friend, and I put my phone down for 15 minutes because I had some chores to do. I came back to THREE text messages from her.  First she made a random comment . . . then she asked why I wasn’t responding . . . and finally then she asked if I was MAD at her. I couldn’t believe it.  If this is how she is when she texts guys, I can understand why she’s single.  Sending three texts in a row is WAY too needy. Are there rules when it comes to texting?  How many texts in a row is too many?   Jenny, 24     (Is it rude to stop replying in the middle of a text conversation?  Also, do you have to reply to texts when the other person doesn’t even ask you a question?)

July 25 2014

My Girlfriend Always Keeps Her Eyes Closed When I ‘Please’ Her

As a guy, I know that we often fantasize about other women when we’re getting-it-on with our girlfriends.  It’s totally natural. I was fooling around with my girlfriend, and I decided to make it all about HER, if you know what I mean. When I was in the middle of my ‘service’, I looked up and noticed she had her eyes closed.  She kept them closed the ENTIRE TIME. Was my girlfriend fantasizing about other men?  Why would she keep her eyes closed the whole time?   Hank, 32     (Guys, would it bother you to know your girlfriend is thinking of other men while you get-it-on?  Ladies, who do you fantasize about?)

July 24 2014

Is it Weird for Guys to Use Emoticons When They Text Women?

I met a girl I really like last weekend, and we’ve been texting nonstop. But I’m not really sure about the ‘rules’ when it comes to texting women.  I assumed they like things to be ‘cutesy’, so I typically use a few emoticons. Well, she just called me out about how many emoticons I’ve been using.  And now I’m totally self-conscious about it. Is it unattractive for guys to use emoticons when they’re texting?   Frank, 36   (What are some things men and women do in text messages that are unattractive?  Should you even use emoticons if you’re not a teenager?)  

July 23 2014

I Got in Trouble for Checking My Phone After Getting-It-On

This week, I finally slept with the woman I’ve been dating for two months . . . and it was AWESOME. But when we were lying in bed afterward, I got a text message.  And I when reached over to read it, my girlfriend FLIPPED OUT. She said it was “insensitive” of me to look at my phone after we “made love.” Was it wrong for me to check my phone after my girlfriend and I did it?  How long are you supposed to wait?     Paul, 23   (What’s the worst thing that someone did after the two of you slept together for the first time?) 

July 22 2014

My Boyfriend Never Sleeps with His Shirt Off

I’ve been spending more nights with my boyfriend recently, and things have mostly been fine.  But I noticed something weird the other night:  He NEVER sleeps with his shirt off.  Ever. I’ve dated a lot of men, and they’ve always slept shirtless.  My boyfriend says he doesn’t do it because his “skin is too sensitive.” Don’t most men sleep with their shirts off?  Isn’t that one of the perks of being a guy?     Rita, 32   (Guys – do you prefer to sleep shirtless, or with a shirt on?  Why?  What weird things do you wear to bed?)

July 21 2014

My Mom Talks to Herself in Public

  My mom is a successful businesswoman who always has a million things going on.  And because she does so much, she’s developed some pretty weird habits. We’ll be out shopping or something, and she’ll just start talking to herself.  It’s like she’s making mental notes . . . OUT LOUD.  She said it’s to keep everything straight in her head, but she sounds like a crazy person. Is it weird that my mom talks to herself in public?  Does anyone else do this?   Sarah, 18 (What weird habits do you have, that you end up doing in public?  What’s the most embarrassing thing you caught yourself doing?)

July 18th 2014

I Burped During My First Kiss with a Woman

  Over the weekend, I invited the woman I’m dating to come over to my place for dinner and a movie. We sat on my couch . . . watched the movie . . . and ate Thai food.  I don’t know why, but I went in for our first kiss after we finished eating. And it was great . . . until I BURPED.  While we were making out.  She made an excuse that she had to go about a half hour later, and she hasn’t responded to any of my texts since. Has that ever happened to anyone else?  Have I completely ruined things with her?   Greg, 27   (Ladies, would you stop seeing a guy if his regurgitated Thai food gasses ruined the moment?  What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened during your first kiss with someone?)

July 16th 2014

Is It Lame for a Guy to Drive a Smart Car?

  I went out with a guy for the first time over the weekend, and he picked me up at my place. I’m not high maintenance or materialistic, so I generally don’t care what kind of car a guy drives.  But this was ridiculous. He was driving a bright red, convertible SMART CAR.  Those things are just not manly . . . I felt like I was getting into a clown car.  And a couple times when we were stopped at a light, I could tell people were making fun of us.  I felt a little embarrassed for him. Is it lame that the guy I’m dating drives a Smart Car?   Wendy, 23

July 15th 2014

My Girlfriend Lays Out in Our Front Yard in a Skimpy Bikini

This summer has been great for seeing my girlfriend in her bikini . . . she pretty much lives in that thing.  Most of the time she just lays out in our front yard. The thing is, her bikini is REALLY skimpy, and guys walking and driving by are constantly gawking at her.At first I didn’t mind, but it’s gotten to the point where people stop and stare . . . it’s a little embarrassing.  I’ve realized that I’m not comfortable with random strangers thinking nasty things about my girlfriend.  I want to be the only one to see her goods!  Would it be out of line for me to tell her she can’t lay out on the front lawn anymore? Peter, 27   (Ladies, do your boyfriends have ‘rules’ for what you can and can’t wear in front of other men?  If not, would you tolerate any rules like that?)

JULY 11th 2014

The Guy I’m Seeing Freaks Out Over the Dumbest Things


  I’ve been seeing a guy for about a month, and he has a weird habit that I noticed right away. He gets angry over the STUPIDEST things.  We were jay walking, and a car almost hit us . . . so he FREAKED OUT at the driver, even though it was our fault. Then we grabbed dinner at a trendy new restaurant, and he complained the whole time about how loud it was. And when we were driving home, he saw a car going the wrong way and SCREAMED at them out his window. Is it bad that I’m seeing that side of him so soon?  Should I be worried? Paula, 30   (What did you notice about someone you were dating early on that was a red flag?  Did you keep seeing them, or did you end things?)

JULY 10th 2014

Was I Wrong to Let My Four-Year-Old Play with Sparklers on the Fourth?

  I have two kids . . . an eight-year-old and a four-year-old . . . and they’re generally well behaved.  So on the Fourth of July, I gave them some sparklers and let them go nuts. But one of my friends was horrified.  She said my four-year-old is way too young to play with sparklers and fire.  I don’t know what the big deal is, I was watching them the whole time. Was I wrong to let my four-year-old play with sparklers on the Fourth?   Gerry, 43   (Did you let your kids hang around fireworks on the Fourth of July?  What dangerous things do you let your kids play with?) 

JULY 9th 2014 

My Wife Always Dresses Our Kids Up in Humiliating Outfits

  My wife and I have two kids:  A one-year-old girl, and a three-year-old boy.  They’re great kids. But for some reason, my wife dresses them up in humiliating outfits.  For Easter they had ridiculous bunny costumes . . . and for the Fourth, she bought them these horrid stars and stripes uniforms. My son is only three, but I can tell he hates it.  And I don’t want these pictures to embarrass them when they’re older. Why do people dress their kids in cutesy, humiliating outfits?  Should I tell my wife to stop? Marvin, 40     (Which parent in your household is in charge of buying your kids their clothes?  Do you agree with the clothes they buy?)

July 8th, 2014

Should I Date a Guy if We’re Seeing the Same Therapist?

  I’ve been going to a psychologist for about two years, and I always see the same cute guy in the waiting room.  We talk whenever we cross paths, and the other day we finally decided to meet for drinks. Everything went really well, and there was a lot of chemistry . . . it’s obvious we’re both interested in being more than friends.  But would it be weird to date a guy who’s seeing the same therapist? I’m not worried about my psychologist telling him anything about me . . . or vice versa.  She’s a professional.   I’m just wondering if I should go out with a guy who has so many issues, he has to see a therapist. I know therapy is a pretty common thing these days . . . am I being a hypocrite?  Is hitting it off with someone a good enough reason to switch therapists?     Trisha, 34

July 7th, 2014

Is It Annoying When Women Run the Faucet in the Bathroom?


  I’m dating a guy who lives in a small apartment, and his bed is right up against the wall that’s shared with the bathroom. We just started dating, and I don’t want him to hear what I do in there . . . so I turn on the faucet when I use the bathroom. But every time I come out, he tells me I don’t NEED to turn the water on, since it’s really no secret what I’m doing in there.  Plus he doesn’t want me wasting water. Is it annoying when women run the water to hide what they’re doing in the bathroom?  Or is my boyfriend being obnoxious? Holly, 30   (Ladies, besides running the water . . . what tricks do you have to hide the sounds you make in the bathroom?)

July 3rd, 2014

My Husband Won’t Sleep with Me Because I’m Seven Months Pregnant

  I’m seven months pregnant, and I’m constantly bloated . . . cranky . . . and tired.  I’m also very FREQUENTLY AROUSED. But whenever I put the moves on my husband, he won’t let it go anywhere.  He says it’s because he doesn’t want to mess with the baby, and once I have it, things will be different.  I think it’s because he’s just not attracted to me right now . . . and I get it.  But the thing he doesn’t understand is that pregnant women need some love too. Is my husband being completely insensitive to my needs?  Are there other men who absolutely REFUSE to touch their wives when they’re pregnant?   Penny, 40  

July 1st, 2014

The Girl I’m Interested In Only Has Selfies on Her Instagram.

  I met a girl recently who I’m really attracted to, and we’ve become friends on Facebook and Instagram. I was really intrigued by her at first . . . but now I’m not so sure.  Her entire Instagram profile is only SEXY SELFIES. It bums me out to see an entire page of pictures she’s taken of herself.  I expected to see pictures of her out with her friends, but now she seems like a total narcissist. Should I take this woman out on a date . . . or is this proof that she’s too into herself? Ivan, 30 (Is it weird to only have pictures of yourself on your social media?  Would you be turned off by someone who takes a ton of selfies?)

June 30,2014

The Guy I Just Started Dating Has Tinder on His Phone

  I’ve been going out with a guy for a month, after we met at a bar and immediately hit it off. But I was using his phone to show him something over the weekend, and saw that he has TINDER.  It’s that app where you go through and find local people to hook up with. I asked him why he had it, and he said his friend downloaded it to his phone as a joke. Is it weird that he still has Tinder on his phone?  Should I believe him that he doesn’t actually use it? Mandy, 25


June 26, 2014

Do I Have to Give Up Alcohol Just Because My Wife Is Pregnant?

  My wife and I found out a few months ago that we’re having our first baby, and we’re really excited. But apparently there’s a thing where just because the woman is pregnant, the MAN has to ‘be pregnant’ too.  And for some reason, my wife is expecting that of me. She got mad at me for going out with my buddies and drinking.  She said if SHE can’t drink, that means I can’t drink either. Is my wife being unreasonable?  Why do I have to give up doing things I love just because she’s pregnant? Michael, 36     (Ladies, do you expect your husbands to give up certain things that you can’t do because you’re pregnant?  Is that a reasonable request?)

June 25,2014

My Gynecologist ‘Recommended’ I Freeze My Eggs Because I’m Single and in My 30’s

 Fonseca Crew, I’m 35, I’m not married or in a relationship, and I still enjoying dating . . . but it’s because I haven’t really found a guy I want to settle down with. I was at my gynecologist appointment the other day, and my doctor ‘recommended’ that I freeze my eggs . . . because the older I get, the less fertile they become. I don’t even WANT children.  I was so offended, and it felt like such a rude assumption on her part. Was it rude of my gynecologist to assume I want to have children?  Is there a stigma that single women in their 30’s should settle down and have kids soon?     Kelly, 35

June 24,2014

I Hooked Up With a Guy Too Close to My Time of the Month

I’ve been dating a guy for a month, and we finally hooked up the other night.  At the beginning, everything was great. But right in the middle of things, well . . . my monthly visitor came.  It was a total buzz kill and ruined the moment. Now I’m nervous I freaked him out.  He’s 36, so I’m sure he’s mature enough to handle it.  Even so, should I have avoided hooking up when I knew I was close?  Should I be embarrassed? Gina, 34 (Guys, would you care if a woman got her monthly visit while you were doing it?  Ladies, do you wait to sleep with guys if you know you’re nearing that time of the month?)

June 23,2014

The Guy I’m Dating Just Got Out of a Seven-Year Relationship. Am I a Rebound?


Fonseca, I just started seeing a wonderful guy.  He’s handsome, smart, successful, and we click.  I’ve never met anyone like him.  He’s also extremely attentive and chivalrous. After weeks of flirtation and dating, he dropped a bomb on me:  He just got out of a seven-year relationship.  Not only that, but he’s known the woman for 18 years, since college.  They ended their relationship two months ago. I’m a little annoyed he didn’t tell me about this when we first started seeing each other.  Why would he hide this from me?  Am I a rebound for him?  Should I cut him loose?   Lily, 36

June 20, 2014

I Hooked Up With a Guy . . . and He Thanked Me Afterward? WHAT DO YOU THINK?

  I’ve been seeing a guy for a few weeks, and over the weekend we finally got down and dirty. We didn’t go all the way, but we definitely got hot and heavy.  Without getting too specific . . . things happened. Then while we were cuddling afterward, he THANKED ME.  I know he’s a polite guy, but still, it made me feel cheap. Was it rude of him to thank me for doing something sexual?  Was he actually ‘thankful’ for it? Danielle, 30   (What’s the worst thing a man or woman has said to you after you hooked up?)  

Can I Put My Bridesmaids on a ‘Wedding Diet’? This one was good!

  I’m getting married in six months, and I already know the dresses I want my bridesmaids to wear. My friends are attractive, but a few of them need to lose a little weight to fit into these dresses.  I want my wedding to be absolutely perfect. I want to put them on a clean-eating diet for the next few months so they can wear the dresses and feel great. Will my friends be offended if I ask them to eat better before the wedding?  I really, really want them to wear these particular dresses.  Should I ask them? Caitlin, 29   (Previous or future bridesmaids, what’s the craziest thing a bride asked you to do to prepare for her wedding?  Did you do it?)

Do You Have to Pick a Side When Two Friends Break Up? We liked this one….The calls never ended!!


  I knew my two best friends back in college before they were a couple.  But they’ve been having so many problems lately, they’ve decided to break up after five years of dating. They’re not even speaking anymore, and it’s awkward . . . because I know them both really well, and I feel like they want me to ‘pick a side.’ Do you have to take sides when two of your friends break up?  How do you choose? Matt, 26

Is Two Weeks Enough Time to Be ‘Officially’ Dating Someone?

 I met a guy at a bar two weeks ago, and there was this insane chemistry I can’t explain, even though we only talked for 15 minutes. We were checking each other out the whole night, and eventually we exchanged numbers.  Unfortunately he lives about five hours away . . . but last week I drove to stay with him. It was the most amazing weekend ever, and now we’re in a relationship . . . but obviously I’m wondering if we rushed things. Is two weeks enough time to be ‘officially’ dating someone?  If he wasn’t serious, he wouldn’t have invited me to stay at his place, right?  I want to know what the guys listening think. Gina, 34     (What’s the craziest thing you did when you were in that ‘infatuation’ phase with someone?  Did it backfire?) EMAIL US FONSECASHOW@YAHOO.COM direct-mail-success
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