Radar Online claims some at ABC were not impressed with Katy Perry’s hosting of the MTV VMAs. An alleged American Idol insider tells the site; “They are paying her $25 million and she was a total dud on the VMAs. No one ever auditioned her for the new Idol job and they are freaking out that they hired someone who is terrible on live television.”

TMZ claims Selena Gomez’s Instagram account was hacked yesterday. The hackers immediately posted nude pictures of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. One caption read: “LOOK AT THIS LIL SHRIMPY.”

Radar Online claims Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry are allegedly not on great terms. A source tells the site; “Jen wishes Matthew no harm, but she has zero desire to socialize with him. She made a real effort to stay in touch the first few years after they all separated, but it became clear Matthew had to find his own path in life and he wasn’t someone Jen felt she had anything in common with. It saddens Perry that Jen’s such a snob who’s more interested in prestige and money these days.”

The Star claims Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall may be planning to marry. A source tells the tabloid; “Bryan broached the subject of marriage before, only Sandra fended him off. But once a third child came into the conversation, he was able to wear down her resistance. Bryan loves Sandra’s kids Louis and Laila so much, and his desire to raise another little one with her likely swayed her.” claims Chris Pratt and Anna Faris had been fighting for a while before they split up. A source tells the site: “The break up was a long time coming as they had been fighting a lot for a while, but it’s still devastating for [Anna]. They ended up just fighting whenever they were together, and somewhere along the way they just fell out of love.”

The NY Daily News claims Paris Hilton’s dogs live in a two-story dog house. The paper quotes her as saying; “My dogs live in this two-story doggy mansion that has air conditioning, heating, designer furniture, and a chandelier. Loves it.”

ESPN claims an anonymous man won $242,000 by betting on Floyd Mayweather to beat Conor McGregor. In order to win the money, the anonymous bettor laid down a $1.2 million bet.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla are the proud parents of a new baby girl named August.

They wrote a letter to her that read: “I hope you take time to smell all the flowers and put all the leaves you want in your bucket now. I hope you read your favorite Dr. Seuss books so many times you start inventing your own stories about the Vipper of Vipp. I hope you ride the carousel with Max until you’ve tamed every color horse,” the letter read. “I hope you run as many laps around our living room and yard as you want. And then I hope you take a lot of naps. I hope you’re a great sleeper. And I hope even in your dreams you can feel how much we love you.” claims Bachelor star Corinne Olympios hopes her new TV shows will distance her from her DeMario Jackson scandal. A source tells the site; “She wants the past to be the past and doesn’t want to be remembered only for this incident so she is completely stepping away from it all. She hopes for the best for Demario but she doesn’t want to ever talk to him again and would like the incident to be ancient history. She actually wishes none of it ever happened in the first place.”

Ric Flair’s fiance Wendy Barlow says he is continuing to recover from heart surgery. The NY Post quotes her as saying; “I can honestly say I have witnessed a miracle,. He is doing very well for a man who has been through so much. He will begin physical therapy shortly and will be stronger than ever and back out enjoying all the fans sooner than you would think.”

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