Today’s Showbiz Highlights 10/06/15


1.  MIRANDA LAMBERT had her hair tinted pink at the “CMAs”, and people think that was a dig at GWEN STEFANI, who’s dating her husband BLAKE SHELTON, and has been known to dye her hair pink.  Blake was at the “CMAs”, and he went to a party with Gwen after the show.

2.  A former prison guard who claims he was friends with O.J. SIMPSON on the inside says that KHLOE KARDASHIAN has been BEGGIN O.J. to take a paternity test to see if he’s her real father.  But the guy says O.J. told him he never had sex with KRIS JENNER.

3.  BURT REYNOLDS and SALLY FIELD stopped being a couple more than 30 years ago, but he STILL regrets letting her get away.  He calls her, quote, “the love of my life,” and says, quote, “I miss her terribly.  Even now, it’s hard on me.”

4.  A 17-second video of SERENA WILLIAMS retrieving her phone from a man who tried to steal it at a restaurant hit the web yesterday.  It’s a little less dramatic than the story she told on Facebook, but she still probably did a lot more than most people would have.

5.  “Game of Thrones” author GEORGE R.R. MARTIN feels bad for people like JUSTIN BIEBER because they became famous so young.  He says, quote, “I have a certain sympathy for the teenage [A-holes] that are running around out there . . .  No wonder these people are crazy.”

6.  BEN CARSON unleashed some new radio ads that feature RAPPING . . . and it’s pretty obvious that they’re targeted at young black men, a demographic that doesn’t typically vote Republican.  When asked what HE thought of them, Carson said, quote, “I probably would’ve taken a little different approach.”

7.  Daniel Craig returns as 007 in “Spectre” this weekend, which is the 24th Bond movie.  It’s up against “The Peanuts Movie”.

8.  Disney arranged a special screening of “Star Wars 7” for a 32-year-old fan with terminal cancer, because he might not live to see the movie in theaters.  He and his wife had to sign confidentiality agreements, but she did say it was, quote, “an amazing experience.”

9.  BINDI IRWIN has earned $230,000 in prize money so far on “Dancing with the Stars” . . . but since she’s a minor, a judge is refusing to okay her contract until he gets releases from BOTH of her parents.  Bindi’s mom signed off, but the judge is a stickler for the rules and wants PROOF that her dad is dead.

That’s All Folks!

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