Contact Music claims Johnny Depp got Paul McCartney to star in ”Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” by sending him a text message. The film’s co-director Espen Sandberg is quoted by the site as saying; ”So we needed another rocker and on top of our list was Paul McCartney. And Johnny said, ‘Well, I have his number.’ And of course Johnny has Paul McCartney’s number. So he started texting him. And it went back and forth. And then [Paul] said yes. So we were super happy.”

”Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ opens Thursday

Tom Brady has signed an endorsement deal with Aston Martin. Sports Illustrated claims Tom will now drive a $200,000 Aston Martin and will design his own limited edition sports car. Only 12 Tom Brady Aston Martin’s will be produced. Each car will cost in excess of $300,000

Fox claims Jerry Seinfeld is auctioning off his 2009 Lotus. He special-ordered the car in Kawasaki green and originally paid $76,120 for it. The car could sell for as much as $100,000

Contact Music claims Alan Thicke’s widow Tanya is upset with his sons Brandon and Robin because they want to turn the family ranch into a pot plantation. Her lawyer released a statement saying; ”Since Alan died, his sons have been haranguing her to let them turn America’s dad’s homestead into a massive pot plantation. When she said no, they filed this bogus lawsuit and smeared her in the tabloids. They’re just trying to bully a woman whose only crime is loving their father with everything she had for 17 years.”

A second Mamma Mia movie is currently being developed and could be released as soon as next summer. The first movie was released in 2008 and made $610 million at the box office. ”Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again” will feature ABBA songs that did not appear in the first film. The original cast is expected to return.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers recently got a group of high schoolers out of their final exam by retweeting them.

One student Tweeted: ”@AaronRodgers12 our teacher agreed to not give us a final in sports lit if you retweet this! PLEASE RETWEET SHE IS YOUR BIGGEST FAN!”

Aaron responded: ”I’m sure a sports lit final is very important, but here you go….#PayItForwardFriday

Sharon Osbourne tells Female First that if she had a celebrity dinner party it would include lots of A-listers. “I’d invite Jackie Collins, who is a friend of mine who passed, and I would love to see her again because she threw amazing dinner parties. Very glamorous and Hollywood. I’d have Simon Cowell because he’s very social and funny, and his partner Lauren Silverman. I’d have Brad Pitt, because he’s just fab, Elizabeth Taylor and Elton [John].”

The Daily Mirror, citing The Daily Mail, claims Michael Jackson’s friend Mark Lester remembers the moment that Michael was put off by women. The papers quote him as saying that Michael found Madonna naked in his bed. “When he entered the room, she was in bed, threw the covers off and was completely naked. He took one look at her and screamed and ran away — not something I’d have done!”


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